Sound Machine Wood Works®

Sound Machine Wood Works®

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Easily transform your acoustic’s piezo pickup into a multi-miked acoustic.

The Wood Works plug-in for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces gives you exceptional studio microphone sound from any piezo-equipped acoustic guitar. Now you can easily track multi-dimensional acoustic tones in real time — even in situations that would challenge physical microphones.

Wood Works also allows you to “re-mic” your guitar tracks as you mix — refocusing or radically reshaping them at any stage of the mix, even if your guitar was recorded in a less-than-perfect environment or a live performance.

Now You Can:

Record your acoustic guitar direct, in real time with microphone quality sound using Apollo Twin, DUO, or QUAD

Use any UAD-2 hardware to re-voice pre-recorded acoustic guitar, transforming its resonance and character

Record stunning acoustic tracks in noisy environments and onstage without bleed

Mix multiple mic voicings for rich, complex tones without re-tracking

Key Features

Gives true microphone quality sound to direct recordings of acoustic guitars
Provides the rich resonance and vibrancy that is missing from unprocessed acoustic guitar pickups
No time consuming set up; provides consistent premium sound every time you monitor or record acoustic guitar
Provides creative options to re-voice the source acoustic guitar's resonance and other acoustic properties
Freedom to re-mic as you mix, changing and adding microphones as needed to fit your production
Straightforward controls for virtual neck and body microphone level and pan, and input and output levels
Voicings matched to jumbo, dreadnought, and studio (small body) guitars

Customer Reviews

Sound Machine Wood Works

Overall Rating

(85 reviews)

M. Phillips

March 22, 2020

Sound Machine

I do a ton of Mobile Recordings where the acoustic is going DI. 9 times out of 10 there are terrible electronics inside the guitars, making it near impossible to get the instrument to sound decent. This is absolutely a saving grace in those moments, and when dialed in correctly, its difficult to tell the difference in a mix.

M. Phillips

March 22, 2020

Sound Machine

I do a ton of Mobile Recordings where the acoustic is going DI. 9 times out of 10 there are terrible electronics inside the guitars, making it near impossible to get the instrument to sound decent. This is absolutely a saving grace in those moments, and when dialed in correctly, its difficult to tell the difference in a mix.

R. Hanson

March 3, 2020

New To UA Apollo

These Plugins are amazing. I have been impressed with what is available and am going through the leaning curve that comes with something new. With all the options available I only hope I live long enough to really understand all the possibilities. Enjoying the ride.

S. Lednev

February 4, 2020

Sound Machine works cool

Great plugin. Now even a cheap electro-acoustic guitar can sound very good

D. Thompson

January 15, 2020

Not that great.

Honestly I've found this plugin to not really deliver what I'm looking for when it comes to making acoustics sound more acousticy. It's not very configurable, and the out of the box sounds rarely work with plugged in acoustics that I've used. It's very expensive too, and not in my opinion worth the money.

K. Péter

January 14, 2020

hundred times lifesaver

This plugin is good for almost any line-in recorded acoustic guitar, but it helps for pickup-recorded concert violins, ukuleles too :D

G. Cox

January 6, 2020

Not for me..

Gotta love reviews that state if you leave a "bad" review you are either stupid or unrealistic. In a way I would fall under both. New to UAD and had totally fallen in love with each and every plug in thus far (unrealistic) so I purchased without taking advantage of the trial period (stupid). Bought this hoping I could cheat a bit while home recording but I find nothing usable about this plug in.

D. Watts

November 29, 2019


anyone who is giving this a bad review either doesn't understand it or has ridiculously high and unrealistic expectations. This is a great plugin and turning awful DI guitar tones into something useable. It's brilliant for if you have someone recording vocals and acoustic at the same time.

s. lee

October 4, 2019

steve lee

makes the guitars easier to place in your mix

D. George

July 12, 2019

Wood works!!!!

I hate plugged in acoustic guitars.... this plugin has literally saved the performance for me on a few live recordings. It breathes back a little “real” into a DI acoustic. Very useful!

g. mankin

March 24, 2019

A useful tool

I’ve been mixing music for a live performance TV show. Lots of acoustic instruments, often taken direct only since it’s live. This plugin has added more of a mic’d quality to steel and nylon-string guitar, dobro, oud, even upright bass (though it’s less effective there). It’s not perfect - but it is a big improvement over the sources I have to work with. Does it sound just like a good mic? Of course not! Does it sound better than a piezoelectric pickup? Absolutely! Buy it when it's on sale if you have the need for it.

K. L

October 4, 2018

kills acoustic guitars

one can use eq and multiband eq for better results. a toy.

J. Cory

July 12, 2018


This plugin has saved many of my productions where recording direct acoustic guitar was the only option. Definitely take the time to dial in the sound to achieve great results! Thank you for this :)

E. Ramazanoiglu

July 5, 2018

Saves my ass

I used this on the Noel Gallagher track Dead In The Water to make a DI work well in the mix. I constantly use this to rescue live recordings where the mic (if there is one, is unusable) A very handy tool!

m. łuczak

June 26, 2018

suprer sound

super sound

K. Hazell

June 19, 2018

simply amazing

need to trial this software will purchase for sure I did

L. Colan

June 9, 2018


This plugin is remarkable. Library strings, guitars and basses suddenly appear 'in the room' as a miked up player.
I'm blown away by it. It's immediately made it's way into my work flow. As others have pointed out - use it on an Aux Send.

J. Fritsch

February 5, 2018

The only serius alternative for recoring piezo mic

A very close to reality when recoring guitar using piezo together with Sound machine! I never record guitars with piezo mics since the sound is allways disapointing. Sure it is convinient to record with piezo, but the afterwork is more or less endless and the result allways disapointing. The sound machine Wood works changed the rules complitely. The result is amazing. This is five out of five!

P. O'Connor

January 28, 2018

Great sound from direct piezo recording

This is the only way I’ve ever found to record straight from a piezo, and get full acoustic guitar sound. And the versatility of sound is something you definitely can’t get any other way.

M. Keilhauer

January 14, 2018


Tut mir leid UAD, aber dieses Plugin ist das viele Geld wirklich nicht wert. Der Sound aus dem Promovideo ist nicht hinzukriegen. Ich bezweifele, das der wirklich mit dem Wood Works fabriziert wurde. Ich finde sogar das unbehandelte Signal der Piezos klingt besser. An eine Mikro Abnahme der Gitarre hinzukommen ist aus meiner Sicht nicht möglich. Hier war ich von der Qualität und dem Preis-Leistungs Verhältnis echt enttäuscht. Habe mich hier leider zum Kauf entschieden ohne vorher den Demo Zeitraum genutzt zu haben, weil ich bisher immer voll zufrieden war mit den UAD Plugins. Sorry Guys - not your best Job !