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Easily transform your acoustic’s piezo pickup into a multi-miked acoustic.

The Wood Works plug-in for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces gives you exceptional studio microphone sound from any piezo-equipped acoustic guitar. Now you can easily track multi-dimensional acoustic tones in real time — even in situations that would challenge physical microphones.

Wood Works also allows you to “re-mic” your guitar tracks as you mix — refocusing or radically reshaping them at any stage of the mix, even if your guitar was recorded in a less-than-perfect environment or a live performance.

Now You Can:

Record your acoustic guitar direct, in real time with microphone quality sound using Apollo Twin, DUO, or QUAD

Use any UAD-2 hardware to re-voice pre-recorded acoustic guitar, transforming its resonance and character

Record stunning acoustic tracks in noisy environments and onstage without bleed

Mix multiple mic voicings for rich, complex tones without re-tracking

Key Features

Gives true microphone quality sound to direct recordings of acoustic guitars
Provides the rich resonance and vibrancy that is missing from unprocessed acoustic guitar pickups
No time consuming set up; provides consistent premium sound every time you monitor or record acoustic guitar
Provides creative options to re-voice the source acoustic guitar's resonance and other acoustic properties
Freedom to re-mic as you mix, changing and adding microphones as needed to fit your production
Straightforward controls for virtual neck and body microphone level and pan, and input and output levels
Voicings matched to jumbo, dreadnought, and studio (small body) guitars

Customer Reviews

Sound Machine Wood Works

Overall Rating

(76 reviews)

T. Abraham

April 15, 2016

Barely Useable, I'd pay $50 max

I really wanted this plugin to work. I mix a fair number of live concert recordings and piezo guitars are virtually impossible to make sound good, never mind real. This plug works about 20% as well as I hoped. There is a phasey, ringing artifact to all the models. There are only a couple of the models that don't sound dreadful (as in, I'll keep the piezo, this sounds worse). With alot of tweaking, blending, and other fakery, I'd say this plugin can make a piezo recording sounding slightly better. But at $300, this plugin does not deliver the goods. Please make this better, it could be amazing, but it's not there yet.

E. Shapiro

March 21, 2015


Slightly better than a piezo DI-ed but not very usable. The body does an okay job and has a woody character but the neck sounds harsh and fake. Used on a practice with full band in the same room and had better results micing the guitar and dealing with the bleed. I guess it's okay for rough mixes but I would never use for a session. A 57 on a real guitar just works better.

G. Griffith

March 9, 2015


This one doesn't deliver usable results for me. I spent a long time demoing this with different guitars, and the results just scream "processed" no matter how long I tweak. The sound has this constant artificial/generated harmonic ring to it that results in painfully (audibly) obvious simulation to me. Something just sounds "off" about the space. It will work in a dense mix or used lightly on a parallel bus (the best result I found), but I think this would give me a headache if used on an acoustic-driven album. Without an expensive microphone emulation to offer (like Ocean Way), it's just as easy to set up a microphone as it is to add this plugin to your chain; I'm sure even the most modest studio can muster better results with the former.

T. Liljegren

April 24, 2015

Turn your Martin D35 sound like a dull Dobro?

Yeah! That's what this plug-in does to my acoustic steel string.

I was sceptical when I read about it, but UA use to surprize me quite often so....

Demoed it - inserted it on an pietzo-recorded ac-guitar channel and it all got totally spoiled.

Didn't matter how the neck and body knobs were blended.

$300 for this one is throwing the bucks in an open fire.

This is the lousiest plugin released by UA of all time.

H. Bleeker

March 4, 2015

Great in Combination with Ocean Ways

This Plug in Works great. I copy the Piezzo-Track and run one of them through the Woodworks and the other one throug the Ocean Ways in re-mic-mode. Then just combining both signals with some panning. Works great

L. Hughes

March 3, 2015


Maybe it's just me, but this thing sounds awful. Tried it on a nylon that I recorded with a nice mic setup and DI. I couldn't get this thing to improve the DI feed and as clinical as a DI sounds, I always preferred it without processing. It certainly never came anywhere near the mic recording. This one's not for me.

T. Schuster

October 15, 2015

This is a mix tool, not recording.

This is an amazing tool like most things UA produces. Take a recording of a acoustic guitar or really any wooden acoustic instrument. Buss it too an aux track with this plugin on the insert and mix it in. I usually have it about 6-8db lower than the dry track. It adds realism and attack. You might need to eq to fit your mix. It's not meant to record threw...and yea it does sound really bad when you throw it on the insert of the track. But the lack of wet/dry mix in the plugin should be a red flag that it needs to be auxed and mixed in.

T. Monti

March 29, 2015

Way to lame

I can't get this plug to do anything that the demo shows. I really wanted to buy this one just based on principle. I
ve demoed it twice. Just doesn't work. I wish it did. lIf it worked the way it didi in the demo I'd own it now, it just doesn't. Try it first. I can get no difference in sound and I can't get the neck/body, In/out to make any changes, no matter how much I move the knobs.... No change. I am a major fan and have been on board since forever. This is really disappointing.
I have been looking for a reason to buy it...... Can't find one. after 2 demos.

UAD User

March 21, 2015

Stray from presets!

This is not one of those plugins you can just plop a preset on and have it sounding good... and your settings will most likely change from song to song. I find that putting a little compression beforehand helps with consistency. Good if you have a terrible sounding room or you are trying to avoid bleed but I will always choose a mic over DI on acoustic in the studio. If you are an singer/acoustic guitarist who likes to record live I highly recommend, you will solve your bleed problem but it does take some work to achieve the right sound.

Y. Peretz

March 8, 2015

You should buy a mic instead...

It doesn't sound like the real thing...
So... get a mic . I'm sure that even with sm57 you'll get better results.

J. Rostrup

March 6, 2015

Ocean Way familiarity

Like the OWS plugin, you need to figure it out. In most cases blend is key.

16 tone settings x neck and body makes 32 + pan + blend with your project.

There is bound to be a setting that's really weird sounding, or maybe that weird
"really-old-one-chord-blues-humming-guy" sound is just what you need to get creative.

More quality plugins like this one thanks.

R. Richard

November 28, 2015

Better that some of these reviews

After reading the negative comments here, I was prepared to not like this. And at first I wasn't impressed either. Being lazy, I threw it at the first few acoustic guitar tracks I found lying round. Not good. I wonder if that's what some of the previous users did as well. Finally I tried it out the way it was meant to be used -- on a piezo pickup (an L.R. Baggs iBeam in a Larivee L-05) direct into my DAW. Very good! The same guitar also has an L.R. Baggs Element, which doesn't need this kind of help. Even so, I appreciate having 16 sounds to choose from. I do find that I usually want less of the effect and am mixing the plugin output with some of the the dry signal, which gives even more flexibility. In V2, olease add a wet/dry mix control.

J. Wall

October 2, 2015

What a bargain

Wow! Only $300 to make your DI'd acoustic guitar sound even worse. The demo, as mentioned above sounds terrible and I'm pretty sure any of us out here could use stock plugins to do the job better than this "specialty" plug. Boo :( Putting out substandard software like this (at astronomical prices) tarnishes UA's reputation for quality.

A. Han

July 9, 2015

Expectation failed

I felt relief to know that this plugin was not designed by Universal Audio.
I do trust everything that Universal Audio designs.
When i first saw the advertisement of this plugin, I thought "UA did something cool again!"
As I was demoing, It just didn't feel right. It just doesn't sound good.
Then I found out that this plugin was not designed by UA. It's a good thing. I still can trust UA.

B. Herle

April 9, 2015

Got some nastyness...

I can't imagine being able to achieve a good result by using this alone. It's got some nasty phasyness going on seemingly with every setting. That being said, blending it with the clean DI track I found it to be helpful in giving it some realism, but that was after spending a lot of time getting a somewhat usable sound out of the plugin first. Not sure if I'd pay much to have this plug in my collection...

C. Roets

March 21, 2015

Very useful but does not replace a mic

I found this plugin really useful in a live situation where the alternative would have been a crappy piezo-ish sound, I also found the sound to be more natural than the obvious alternative from a line ...some number less than 7 company. I do however think this does not and will never recreate the sound of a half decent condenser mic even with a bit of ocean way magic, but to be fair this plugin was probably never designed to that anyway.

R. Parr

March 7, 2015


Just ran the demo version very very impressive, worked great for chording & single notes, truly opens up more possibilities for recording. A must have plugin!

p. meeks

March 5, 2015

Outstanding Plug for guitar

Even though only out for a day or so to us, this is an outstanding tool. I have been testing it out forward and backward, not to mention the experimentations..... Being the fact that I can use the plug-in after recording my accoustic guitar / guitars, has given me the abilty to pick and chose the sound as never before when I use this plug-in.

Not only can I record my accoustic and keep that track as it is, I can then buss that track once or even twice as I have, and put a different instance setting from the Sound Machine on each track buss. Then mix all of them, verb on one buss, then a bit of delay on the other buss, plus using the pan controls and moving the imagaing between. Pre-amps of sorts and other dynamics....all I can say is WOW!

J. Grefsrud

December 27, 2015

For what it is, brilliant!

I see this product, not as a substitute for miking a guitar, but as a saviour of piezo-recordings. It is absolutely not as good as a proper microphone-recording.
But if you take this out of the equation, and your left with this or a piezo-recording, it's soooo much better. Add an IR-reverb of a lively room, and this thing saves your a**.

F. Morisset

March 4, 2015

Beautiful and easy

Build with love for sure ! Good bye mike position and other headaches,
Take your time to find the right strings set- up ( really sensible point, it can make a big difference) and here we go!

Already on the headline of my next shopping list.