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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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The only authentic emulation of Neve console summing — exclusively for LUNA.

A major ingredient behind thousands of influential, chart-topping records, Neve 80 series consoles are without equal. These classic analog desks — made famous in the Sound City documentary — deliver three-dimensional nonlinearities and analog heft that infuses your mixes with vibrancy and color.

Developed in partnership with AMS Neve exclusively for LUNA Recording System, Neve Summing Extension emulates the entire summing circuit of an iconic Neve 80 series console — including its coveted 1272TM bus amplifiers — giving your LUNA mixes all the color of Neve's most cherished analog desk.

Easily add width, depth, and character to your mixes with the first authentic emulation of Neve analog summing

Sum individual channels or your entire mix through Neve's iconic 1272 line amplifiers

Harness the complex nonlinearities and musical clipping of Neve's classic 80 series console

Use per-bus Headroom, Trim, and Impedance controls for subtle tone sculpting over your entire mix

Genuine Neve Summing for your Mixes

Genuine Neve Summing for your Mixes

Far beyond a “summing plug-in,” Neve Summing is an Extension built into LUNA's mixer that emulates every characteristic of both the source and bus channels — including original Neve 80 series’ console fader taper and pan law. This workflow eliminates the need to manage multiple plug-in windows. Simply use the per-bus Headroom control to add color and dynamic enhancement, then season even more with the selectable Impedance switch.

Why Neve Summing?

Why Neve Summing?

When audio sources flow through the transformers and custom-built op-amps of a classic Neve 80 series desk — in particular its coveted 1272 line amplifiers — random analog nonlinearities combine to produce harmonic magic. These summed signals add character, depth, and dimension, for a more cohesive and vibrant mix.

Authentic Down to the Last Detail

Authentic Down to the Last Detail

For more than two years, UA dissected and studied multiple vintage Neve 80 series consoles and their components — poring over original service manuals and gaining crucial insight into its Class A transformer/transistor circuitry. UA's team of engineers impeccably emulated all of the original hardware's nonlinearities and clipping characteristics, yielding results that are virtually indistinguishable from the original console.


Authentic Neve Summing LUNA extension offers instant classic analog console sound without managing multiple plug-in windows

Emulates the entire summing circuit of an iconic Neve 80 series console, including its coveted 1272 bus amplifiers

Offers the 1272 selectable impedance as well as customizable headroom per bus

Adopts Neve console fader taper

Customer Reviews

Neve Summing

Overall Rating


F. Hasan

November 24, 2023

just amazing!

best summing ever!!!!!

U. Behboudi

November 15, 2023

The best summing

I never heard a plugin like this One. Punch and clarity


October 30, 2023


So, I've been using the api summing for a year and prefer the mid push. But today I tried the neve on a Master sub... jeez .. I couldn't match it with anything else.. it provides a depth and sizzle that is magic. It increases the width and 3d effect. Rarely do I write a review.

L. Ruiz

October 26, 2023

Esto es unico!

Existen Plugins exclusivos y únicos, este es uno de ellos! al igual que Ocean Way Studios, Summing Neve, hace que todo suene mejor, sedoso, profundo y congruente!. antes usaba Nebula y emulacion de consola de Alex B. cuando compare el sonido, es mucho mejor Neve Summing!! gracias y felicitaciones Uad Team!!

J. Keen

October 26, 2023

the tool to glue it all together

I use this for each track grouping or on individual tracks to define a mix further to make it all come together and shine. Get this plug, you won't regret it.

S. Ford

October 11, 2023

Game Changer!

Having this to sum my entire mix is a game changer. Makes the mix make sense, the wides wider, whilst imparting that classic console sound we love from our favourite records. So simple to use, and the ability to A/B with one click is brilliant!

J. Gomez Gill

October 5, 2023

Magical and silky

I wanted to try this on LUNA but I had my doubts. As soon as I turned it on I had that feeling that I no longer wanted to remove it from my mixes. 100% recommended.
TIP: In the drum and bass group, use low impedance, it gives a lot of weight to the recordings without muddying them. Keep in mind to lower 3 db in the trim.

T. Nourse

September 30, 2023

Neve Summing

Summing i a great tool and Neve Summing work well with all my applications. Worth every penny.

Y. Jaehoon

September 17, 2023

Very good

Sound is very good!

C. Gharbi

September 15, 2023

Neve summing

Très satisfait du produit Uad une valeur sur merci à toutes l'équipe

L. Brown

September 12, 2023



R. Novak

September 8, 2023

Never without

On every bus, simply essential.

C. Arias

September 5, 2023


This extension may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely what I needed to add that glue and cohesiveness to my mixes. It’s subtle, and it adds color and body… but I suppose that’s the point. I’m finding myself running all my mixes through the neve summing plugin now.

M. Vinten

August 7, 2023

Instant joy

The "sound of headroom" has decreased on my tracks and given them space, depth, and clarity. Subtle and i love it.

R. Martin

July 14, 2023


Save your money.

P. Rogosky

July 12, 2023

Adds richness

The Neve Summing adds a richness and complexity that when taken away I couldn’t live without. So I bought it. Definitely recommended.

S. Dejkalo

July 8, 2023

Great Plugin!!

One of the best!!

B. Bell

June 28, 2023

Nice shine and glue

Neve Summing has 2 options, high end or low end, both work great. You can add "shine" to the high end or add some nice low end punch.


June 17, 2023


Works with Luna only. Even those who are not good at machines can add Neve saturation. It feels a little stiff, but it doesn't feel like the compressor is too much, which is typical of plug-ins. Isn't this the maximum point of hardware modeling with plug-ins?

D. Eckholm

May 11, 2023


I was not sure how much of a difference this plugin would make since i have not used summing plugins before, but after just some testing i felt in love with this one. The silky smooth and warmth it gives to a track is just lovely.

Recommend as your first summing plugins and sometimes the only