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  • 4.9/5

The inspired tone of the legendary British console EQ, taken to the next level.

Based on the vintage EMI TG12345 desk from Abbey Road Studios, the same one used to record Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and The Beatles' Abbey Road, Chandler Limited’s Curve Bender EQ isn’t just a recreation of the legendary hardware. It takes the sonics of the vintage EMI unit, and blows it up into powerful mastering EQ.

Developed by Softube for UAD hardware and UA Audio Interfaces — the Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ plug-in is endorsed by Chandler Limited and is an exacting emulation of this ultra‑boutique EQ.

Shape and color your mixes with the only authentic emulation of Chandler Limited's best-in-class EQ

Give your tracks vintage warmth and character

Boost frequencies in your masters with powerful, character-filled EQ curves — without ever sounding harsh

Harness plug-in-only features Mid/Side and Channel Linking to tweak width and punch

Take a listen

Take a listen
An Iconic Circuit

An Iconic Circuit

Using an advanced algorithm, Softube expertly emulates the Chandler Limited Curve Bender’s filter inductors — the key to its legendary sonic character. “Inductor-based EQs have a sound that is unachievable by any other method," says Chandler Limited founder, Wade Goeke. "They sound fat, with thick low end, slightly aggressive mids, and smooth highs.”

Expanding a Classic

Expanding a Classic

The original EMI TG12345 desk EQ offered nine fixed filter points. The Chandler Limited Curve Bender expanded these to a whopping 51, with more gain options, a slightly more flexible Q, Mid/Side capability, and added high and low‑pass filters. These enhancements have made the Chandler Limited Curve Bender EQ equally at home in high-end mixing or mastering studios.

Mastering and More

Mastering and More

Although it’s primarily designed for the mix bus, the Chandler Limited Curve Bender EQ plug-in can be used in myriad tone-shaping scenarios. Put it on your mix bus and add air, complexity, weight and mojo with juicy inductor-based flavor. The Chandler Limited Curve Bender plug-in’s ultra-flexible filters can even clean up infrasonic rumble, DC offset, and high-frequency noise. Or place it on your drum or vocal bus for tons of old-school spice and attitude that is unachievable any other way.

Key Features

Exacting emulation of this modern classic EQ for mixing and mastering, fully authenticated by Chandler Limited
Based on the vintage EMI TG12345 desk used to record The Beatles and Pink Floyd
Models entire Chandler Limited Curve Bender electronic path including transformers and circuit nonlinearities
Plug-in-only features include Mid/Side functionality and channel linking
Includes Artist Presets from Howard Willing, Kevin Kadish, and Tony Maserati

Customer Reviews

Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ

Overall Rating


W. Manuel

March 7, 2024

Master Bender

If you ask me, this is basically the Bugatti amongst EQs.

It's sonically so 'fast' and leaves an exquisite sheen over any source. Best believe it's not just useful for a mastering job. It can master any source individually as well, because WHY NOT!

Money well spent!!

L. Leonard

February 29, 2024

Must have in your arsenal

Great to use just for coloration.
Just put it on your master buss!!

P. Giacalone

February 6, 2024

Excellent recreation - I own the hardware

As I said, I own the hardware version of this EQ and this emulation is incredibly close. As with all hardware vs software there's something in the non-linear distortion (particularly in this piece with the germanium circuits) that is more magical in the hardware. But they did an excellent job of capturing the overall sound and feel of the unit., I have been coupling this with the Capitol Mastering Compressor for in the box mastering and it's a fantastic combination.

S. Studio

January 31, 2024

The Best

Best EQ

Y. Elkayam

January 14, 2024

Beatles sound and more!

Wow this eq really sculpts the sound beautifully. It’s got a character that is unique, rich and warm. Often I’m creating content for my business and need to move quickly. This plug in gives me that type of impact with less effort. Highly recommended.

Yonatan Elkayam

T. Long

January 12, 2024


Love the clarity of this eq. Had some distorted guitar that I was looking g to increase the clarity and not necessarily the volume of the track.
The Curve Bender broke it down with excellence.
I highly recommend it.

m. olivier

January 12, 2024


Beautifull EQ

R. Salay

January 7, 2024

Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ

Absolut fantastic mixing and mastering plugin!..Very clean ,chirurgical and soft colored EQ with ideal add expensive frequencies to auio material!..Every knob move is little ,but important on final thought!

F. Hasan

December 31, 2023

Must Have!

Really good sounding eq on mixbuss!

P. Molenaar

December 28, 2023

Chandlet Limited Curve Bender WOW!

I call it a great smooth EQ. Using it for AC guitars and on the master bus. I think it's not a boombastic EQ but subtle and smooth and therefore a true game changer and I recomend it !

P. Molenaar

December 28, 2023

Chandlet Limited Curve Bender WOW!

I call it a great smooth EQ. Using it for AC guitars and on the master bus. I think it's not a boombastic EQ but subtle and smooth and therefore a true game changer and I recomend it !

D. George

December 25, 2023

A fully featured version of a classic EQ

A classic equalizer from EMI and Abbey Road, now recreated as a modern EQ perfect for your recording, mixing, and mastering needs. This one should be an essential part of your musical tool kit.

C. Gutierrez

December 15, 2023


Beautiful EQ with the perfect flavor. Love it on a bunch of different sources! Not just the 2bus or the master bus.

N. Trotter-Mayo

December 12, 2023

Amazing, Game Changer for Mixing and Mastering

I have almost all the UAD Plug-ins and this one is really a game changer. It along with the Zener Limiter to create the best combo for finishing my bus mixes in Luna. I put both on each bus mix (i.e. Vocals, Guitars, etc) start with one of the closest presets to what I'm mixing, fiddle with the knobs and everything pops! Crazy good. Must have!

R. Schudel

November 22, 2023

Great sounding EQ for Mastering

Especially for adding low and high frequencies

R. Mannucci

September 28, 2023

This is the 1

This plug-in is the 1 !!!

A. Rosell

August 13, 2023

Always on the mixbus

Extreme power and I always use it on my mixbus to polish and put glitter and bottom to my mix.

C. Hallowes

July 8, 2023

So much to love

This is such a great sounding EQ. It also makes me appreciate the effort UAD go to in their visual UI. Whenever I put it on a take a minute to just look at it. I actually get a buzz from looking at what appears to be a real unit in front of me. And yes, as always, it sounds incredible.


June 25, 2023

The Analog Color & Warm of a legendary Mastering EQ

I was looking for an "analog-like" EQ that would add color and gentle saturation without altering the Mastering Work. I believe I finally found it! I've been using many Mastering tools over the years : Plugins like Manley Massive Passive and Variable Mu had me very satisfied with the results since I have the Hardware version and I still think they are pretty close. The thing with a Mastering Equalizer is that it seems they always have to be subtle... some say transparent (I don't like this word). Being used to those so said transparent EQ either in the Digital domain as in the Analog World, I was looking for something more INTENSE to really add color but not being agressive as many plugins do. The Chandler Curve Bender is a game changer ! According to my friend and partner in audio production, who is also an addicted Analog Gear collector and specially an anti-plugin guy : "THIS one doesn't sound like a plugin : it really sounds analog ! it adds color, details, depht... The mix sounds wider and the saturation when you turn up the output gain sounds really nice !" And he adds : "turn it up ! more !!!" LOL ... He is now convinced with the plugin Version haha !

R. Evans

May 24, 2023


Great bus eq, or on individual tracks, really nice, subtle eq.