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Precision Maximizer

Precision Maximizer

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Regular Price: $199.00


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UA’s original “secret weapon” processor for a professional mastering shine.

The Precision Maximizer for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is an easy-to-use dynamic impact processor that magically increases perceived loudness, without destroying your track’s all-important dynamic range.

For years, the Precision Maximizer has been a go-to for Grammy-winning mastering engineers like Paul Blakemore and project studio engineers looking for a quick polish on a rough mix. By merging Universal Audio’s analog/tube know-how and its digital mastering expertise, the Precision Maximizer is an essential tool for every mixer’s toolkit.

Now You Can:

Easily maximize mixes and masters while retaining dynamic range

Add tube-like presence and sizzle to your sources

Quickly enhance impact, warmth, and energy to mixes and masters

Tweak the Shape control for extra harmonic content

Key Features

Maximizes with minimal dynamic range change
Enhances impact, warmth, energy and presence
Shape” contours harmonic content
“Single” or “3-Band” with Limit modes
Input and Output controls
Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

Customer Reviews

Precision Maximizer

Overall Rating

F. Carvalho

November 14, 2019


After trying it in different mixes and masters I can say this thing is magical. It's very good to achieve loudness with good quality. Also adds some warmth to anything you put it on.

V. Volchenko

November 13, 2019

Precision maximizer

Плагином очень доволен, хорошо насыщает спектр сигнала обертонами. Лимитёр в составе прибора работает достойно. Часто применяю плагин в мастер-шине.

G. Herrera

August 1, 2019

Ear Candy

A fun way to get the most out of my mixes just before Limiting, loudness is like candy to my ears..

B. Sullivan

July 23, 2019

Exactly what I needed!

This is the icing on the cake! My master buss will never be the same! The Precision Maximizer gives my mixes/masters the lift it needs to have that industry sound! This plugin is fantastic!

j. minsuk

July 8, 2019


This plug in is amazing.
Is a magic.
Fat, warm, big.

G. Scharmer

July 7, 2019

Vielseitiges Produktionstool

Lange überlegt und letztendlich keinen Cent bereut (75). Obwohl schon älter super vielseitig einsetzbar und sehr "musikalisch". Mit Studer, 1176 und EMT140 ein "go to"


May 10, 2019

Much needed instrument

This plugin is a must have for working proffecional. Your product will sound at pro masted levels


May 10, 2019


Love this plugin. It helps bring the final touches to the mastering of the mixes. Soli! is all i can really say

h. hyakkoku

January 24, 2019

It is very musical because it increases the sound pressure while keeping the original sound alive.

R. Fernandez

January 21, 2019

Awesome !!

This is a fantastic plug in, totally recommended.

F. Brendel

January 20, 2019

Great Piece of Software!

If used slightly on the master it really helps the signal pop out of the speaker!
Totally recommended.

P. O'Connor

January 14, 2019

Take it to the Max

Super useful plugin for pushing up the level of your master output. Simple interface and much easier to use than the alternatives out there. If your levels are too low, take it to the Max !

D. Deneyer

January 13, 2019

My favorite secret weapon

My favorite secret weapon for the loudness without compromise,unmatched, one of my favorite plugins.

d. la rotta diaz

January 12, 2019

El complemento perfecto para mastering

Es lo mejor para incrementar la mix, esas que les falta una mayor pegada, hace que al masterizar le des un toque mas de energía, mejorando la calidad del sonido.

UAD User

December 15, 2018

Amazing for EDM

This thing is awesome on the master. I use it as the last plugin in my chain, and it just does the best job out of any limiter I have for beefing up the track and getting the LUFS at competitive levels.

T. Engel

July 23, 2018

Am Schluss ein Muss

Zum Maximieren im Mix - oder Master- Bereich. Für mich besser als Ozone 8. Super Sound.

T. Varga

July 14, 2018

Just great

One of the best sausage fatteners out there :)

M. Kraski

June 30, 2018

The Secret Weapon

I don't how it works but to be honest...I really don't care. It just shoots problems out of your mix. A real secret weapon...!

J. Jordanov

June 27, 2018

Great plugin!

Simple to use, with great result! Will be back for more.

F. Burgt

April 13, 2018


I never got why people use these tools until recently. I read an article in sound on sound using PM in combination with the sonnox inflator. Both doing not excessively much, so I tried the demo. I like them individually but together they're great. The somewhat harder sound of the inflator combined with the kind of warmer (also rounder distortion) of the PM, I like the PM also for what it does to the low end in the 3 band mode. Now,... I would serieusly miss them when they're not on my mixbus. You will need to play a bit to see which sequence and which amounts work best for you. Try it!!!