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  • 4.4/5

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Intuitive compression, expanding, and gating for mixing and mastering.

The Precision Multiband plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is a specialized mastering tool that provides five spectral bands of dynamic range control. Compression, expand, or gate can be chosen separately for each of the five bands for unparalleled flexibility, and the plug-in’s simple controls make it the ideal tool for the novice, as well as the seasoned mastering engineer.

Use the Precision Multiband plug-in for everything from complex dynamics control to simple de-essing. Its two filterbank modes provide tons of uses whether you’re crafting a drum bus for maximum punch, or putting the final touches on the entire mix. The Precision Multiband plug-in is also a top choice of Grammy-winning mastering engineers such as Emily Lazar (David Bowie, Foo Fighters) and Paul Blakemore (Esperanza Spalding, Arturo Sandoval).

Reach inside your mixes and fine tune with five bands of compression, expansion, and gate

Breathe life into stale samples with the Expander section

Glue a drum or vocal bus together with flexible compression section

Easily de-ess vocals and tame unruly drum overheads with the Gate

Key Features

Five bands of Compression, Expansion or Gate
Gain, Ratio, Threshold, Attack, Release & Bandwidth
Filterbank modes: Linear Phase & Minimum Phase
Bypass, Solo, Mute, and Parameter Copy for each band
Visual display of dynamics and EQ response
Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

Customer Reviews

Precision Multiband

Overall Rating


m. otonbaev

February 25, 2024

Precision Multiband


m. otonbaev

February 25, 2024

Precision Multiband


J. Aguilera

February 14, 2024

Everything you didn’t know you needed

Just like the title reads, make life easier for yourself and just do it already. Why struggle with the rest when you can ride with the best?

M. Kozlowsky

January 10, 2024

Very good multiband compressor

Sounds great but the look needs to update

M. Mungari

December 30, 2023


when will it become native???

Q. Phùng

November 30, 2023

Very good!

Sound sounds more balanced

R. Raynal

September 8, 2023

Great, but need a bigger UI

It works great, but the UI is too small. The Precision series needs a graphic update to meet the standard industry. On a modern setup, it's so tiny that I have to practically put my nose against the screen.

I. Finney

July 15, 2023

Essential Mastering Tool

An industry-standard mastering and tracking tool with absolute clarity.

A. Phillips

April 11, 2023

easy to use

sounds great overall shaping easy to use . it comes together in no time yeah.

A. Phillips

April 11, 2023

easy to use

sounds great overall shaping easy to use . it comes together in no time yeah.

J. Barron

January 30, 2023

Great MB compressor

I only bought this plugin because WZRD BLD used it on his mix bus as a precursor to Bus compression. I can say that I like what it does in evening out the frequencies on a mix. Sure other MB compressors could probably do the same job but the added benefit of off loading processing to my Apollo makes it a good purchase for me.

J. Zapata

January 22, 2023

Lo esperaba

Muybuw o

A. Ogarev

January 16, 2023

Precision Multiband


E. Gonzalez

December 30, 2022

Quick, accurate dynamics and eq!

After using this plug on many, many projects I have fallen in love with it. The work flow is super fast because you have dynamics and eq-based dynamics adjustments in one window. You can solo each band to quickly find problem areas and can adjust everything whilst in a band solo allowing forensic-level frequency screening. Highly recommended. UA…. MAKE THE WINDOW RE-SIZEABLE, please.

Z. Abresch

December 28, 2022

Effective and transparent

Another transparent dynamics plugin from Precision does not disappoint. Get yer frequencies under control. A solid set of basic presets to start from is helpful because the interface leaves a lot to be desired and is confusing.

K. Dobracki

December 11, 2022

Sharp as razor!

Solid and precise! Shame the window is not resizeable :(

J. Seabrook

November 15, 2022

The Good & The Bad

Quick hits to start:
#1 - This unit sounds great.
#2 - The interface is inconvenient so I don't want to use it.
Let's start with the interface. It's too small. The GUI dimensions are tailored for a smaller screen size, and so on larger displays if feels small and cramped. I would suspect it's due for a GUI overhaul like the precision channel strip (which I LOVE), and I would then LOVE this unit.

Because, it really does sound great. I plan to spend some time to see if I can get used to the small interface because it really does do a good job at it's role. Dynamic EQ? You bet. Multiband Compressor? Punchy and controlled. Everything I run through this I can gently nudge or pummel into submission and it always sounds better. Combine gates and compression over multiple frequency ranges? Yes please.

But man, that small display...

B. Bachhuber

August 15, 2022

Master piece on Master Bus

I´m still learning the tool, but my first tries with this made me happy.

Z. Abresch

June 15, 2022

Let "Big Smile" preset give you just that

This thing sounds incredible, even though you can't "hear" it due to its incredible transparency. I am still learning my way around all of the controls but just the "Big Smile" preset alone makes this thing worth every penny. Glues a mix together. Gives vocals a certain realness. An all-around fantastic piece of digital kit that does what it says on the box.

D. Taranov

January 19, 2022

Just might be the best multiband compressor out there

This thing is just perfect for precise taming any unwanted frequency range. It's fast but transparent and super easy to use. A must-have!