Precision Multiband

Precision Multiband


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Intuitive compression, expanding, and gating for mixing and mastering.

The Precision Multiband plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is a specialized mastering tool that provides five spectral bands of dynamic range control. Compression, expand, or gate can be chosen separately for each of the five bands for unparalleled flexibility, and the plug-in’s simple controls make it the ideal tool for the novice, as well as the seasoned mastering engineer.

Use the Precision Multiband plug-in for everything from complex dynamics control to simple de-essing. Its two filterbank modes provide tons of uses whether you’re crafting a drum bus for maximum punch, or putting the final touches on the entire mix. The Precision Multiband plug-in is also a top choice of Grammy-winning mastering engineers such as Emily Lazar (David Bowie, Foo Fighters) and Paul Blakemore (Esperanza Spalding, Arturo Sandoval).

Now You Can:

Reach inside your mixes and fine tune with five bands of compression, expansion, and gate

Breathe life into stale samples with the Expander section

Glue a drum or vocal bus together with flexible compression section

Easily de-ess vocals and tame unruly drum overheads with the Gate

Key Features

Five bands of Compression, Expansion or Gate
Gain, Ratio, Threshold, Attack, Release & Bandwidth
Filterbank modes: Linear Phase & Minimum Phase
Bypass, Solo, Mute, and Parameter Copy for each band
Visual display of dynamics and EQ response
Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

Customer Reviews

Precision Multiband

Overall Rating

R. Barley

April 27, 2014

Very intuitive plug, needs sidechain!

I use multiband for a variety of reasons, both live and in studio, for mix and finalization. It all just depends on the need. All in all I like this plug, with one caveat: it needs the ability to accept sidechain on individual bands. To my knowledge the C6 is the only other multiband compressor that lets you sidechain. It's incredibly useful for situations where equally important voices are competing for frequency space. (For example, using a vocal to compress the 950-5kish range of a string section to handle the violin fundamentals that like to hang around around vocal intelligibility.)

If that feature is added into future updates of this plug I'd give it a 5.

E. Bragg

January 6, 2014

Powerful tool

Extremely flexible. Each band (of 5) can be either soloed, or have its effect on the mix muted. This plug is very clean & usable. Nevertheless, one must still be careful. But because of the MB gates, expander, & built-in band leveling (effectively E.Q.) functionality, this device is QUITE versatile and powerful. Be aware, it does chew up a lot of UAD card CPU.

Some use this device in mastering. I find it a bit aggressive for this use; however, it can provide good results on the 2-buss w/ practice & light settings. I prefer it for specialized channel / group tasks where nothing else works. I wish it had an external side chain; otherwise, the plug-in seems perfect & adds little color, if any.

P. Paslack

June 21, 2011

I always use this during the mastering in Logic and come to very good results with
"gentle" settings

D. Horoschak

June 19, 2011

Great for loudness maximizing without adding to many extra artifacts. The degree of control and type of metering really help get everything dial-ed in and sounding great.

S. Smith

June 17, 2011

So many noble efforts by highly respected developers have been laid to waste by this plug-in! Nothing comes close to the intuitive ease of use -- and most of all the sound -- of the Precision Multiband!

I can get it to tickle or whup-butt as needed, and it goes right where I tell it to, gets the job done, and has a smoke, before I finish thinking about it.

I guess this one just works the way I do, because it's like an extension of my ear/brain system. I feel very much in control of results.

B. Marolla

June 17, 2011

This thing just makes it all better... The first port of call in my mastering chain to settle my freqs. A great multi band processor is so hard to find, but this one would have to be the best on the market. Transparent compressing is perfect for mastering and required to stay on top of the game.

D. Sredensek

June 17, 2011

Very easy to use but you must be very carefully with this. In some cases, may make a litlle distortion like sound. So if you work with caution, it does its job very good.

D. Ralph

August 23, 2007

Probably one of the most perfect mastering plugs you can really buy.
I've used a few MBC in my time, the one i use most is Logics Multipressor.
First things first, what do i hate about it? Actually not much! Not being able to change the crossovers via a drag is miopic (suddenly gets embarassed, can you change it like that?) Having to type in numbers is too clinical, sometimes you just wanna drag it and see if it sounds good!

Overall that is very much my view on this plug; clinical, more clinical than a room full of proctologists.
However, thats not a minus point, it's just simply it's personality.
Most of the time i 2bus through the 33609 because i'm still in awe of how it manages to reduce dynamics so beautifully, but at times i do like to have a little more spectral control, which is of course where the MBC truly comes to life.

So if it's a multiband compo you want get this one! It's pretty much as good as i have heard, just think of it more like a tool that processes sound rather than a piece of musical equipment.

J. Hohmann

August 19, 2008

I want to share an interesting experience with the precision multiband with you. Last weekend I had 2 blind musicians in my studio. One female singer and a guitarist. The singer had unbelievably fine ears. She was able to hear different length of guitar cables and recognized the shorter cables to sound more open. When we had recorded their song, we mastered the song with my Drawmer S3 and then with the Precision Multiband. They were talking about differences in 1 dB steps, when they turned the gain knobs at the S3.

They said the S3 sounds warmer and fatter especially in the bass, but they prefered the Multiband. "We cannot describe", she said, "but we like the mix with the Multiband more". Hands down, this story ist really true!!!

I really wish Universal Audio would make other multiband tools with such characteristics in the bass. The optimum would be the openess of the Multiband and the bass section of the Drawmer S3. The bass is also the problem of every other multiband compressor. If you have ever compared the Drawmer S3 with a software multiband compressor, you will know what I am talking about.

R. Smith

December 27, 2012

Does not work at 96k

If you work at 96k then do not purchase this plug in. It will not work at this sample rate.

C. Hilding

June 30, 2011

3 words: Vital For Mastering. This is an incredibly transparent, 5 band Mastering Compressor with EXTREMELY good GUI and controls and features such as soloing bands while tweaking. Did I mention the EXTREMELY good GUI and EXTREMELY transparent sound? You must have this!

C. Sammarco

July 16, 2012

Your plugs ins as a whole are great and this one is good compared to most, but the Vengeance Multi Band Compressor has this one beat. The Vengeance is much thicker / fuller and glossier. I am a bit dissapointed with this purchase.

A. Thapar

September 24, 2013

not impressed

Produces too many unwanted artefacts, especially when gating low end. Izotopes ozone and alloy have much cleaner multi band dynamics processors.

T. Makitalo

September 17, 2006

PM Is one of my most wanted plugins ever, I couldn't even dream someday to get my hands on something that sounds like this little dream machine =)
When combined to Precision EQ and Limter this is all i need in the future mastering projects.
This is awesome plugin when used in mastering or as an track FX and i use it on all my mastering projects.
Thank you UA and UAD software team for making this dream possible !

C. Soulos

May 29, 2011

Not use much, don't like much.
Expensive for the sadly poor workflow of this thing.
The amount of times I've tweaked the wrong knob and wasted a good amount of work means this is gathering dust.
Looks really good, love the demo video, but not as wonderful in real life.
Got bitten by the hype.
I hope UAD remodels the interface one day.
And I don't really like what it does to the sound of my mixes, adds a bit of distortion, so, I suppose, even if they change it, I won't be using it.
I'll never get my money back so no love lost.
I wish I knew what it was good for...
I prefer the Steinberg Multiband. Because it' performs equally as good and completely free to Cubase users and easy.

s. jørgensen

November 27, 2015


there is so much latency in this plug that i can go and brew a coffee by the time audio is heard after playing something...
total waste of money in my eye´s, so much for the <2ms guarantee on my apollo 16!

J. Batdorf

December 31, 2012

Bounce To Disk Glitches

I bought this a few years back and as much as I like what it does, I can't use it. When I bounce to disk in DP, there is always a glitch. It took me a while to figure it out but this plug in is the culprit. I tired using it again the other day on my newest project and every mix had glitches. I use a Mac Platform, 2 x 2 GHz Quad, and the latest DP 8. It's not this computer or this DP. My last two computers and the earlier versions did the same thing. I was hoping it was something that could be fixed. It wasn't cheap and I can't use it. No other plug in does this! ):

S. Gilroy

May 23, 2014

Senior citizens multiband

This plugin was used exclusively during WWII like 80 years ago so it must be cool. They haven't changed a thing since.

C. Nieto

December 27, 2015


I can not even use this plug, because it has a long latency problem, please solve this, if not throw my money away

H. Culoma

January 13, 2015