Sonnox® Oxford Limiter v2

Sonnox® Oxford Limiter v2


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A dramatic update to one of the world’s favorite professional limiter plug-ins.

The Sonnox Oxford Limiter v2 plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces lets you increase the volume, density, and presence of your tracks without losing all-important transients or dynamics.

Featuring the latest generation of Oxford Limiter's inter-sample peak (ISP) detection — introduced for the first time on the UA platform — this powerful plug-in is an essential tool for engineers looking for an uncolored, precise limiter for their masters.

Now You Can:

Get maximum loudness without losing essential transients and dynamic impact

Increase density, presence, and clarity on group buses and masters

Audition and apply TPDF dither for 24-bit and 16-bit output word lengths, with four types of variable noise shaping

Prevent distortion during post-master processing stages such as MP3/AAC encoding

A World-Class Mastering Limiter

A World-Class Mastering Limiter

Conventional limiting in mastering applications has a number of benefits. However, there are less helpful consequences, such as a loss of clarity and detail of transients. The Sonnox Oxford v2 plug-in delivers the hottest levels possible while keeping your dynamics intact.

Goodbye Inter-Sample Peaks

Goodbye Inter-Sample Peaks

Inter-sample peaks are introduced by post-master lossy compression, like mp3 conversion, and sub-optimal listening devices The Oxford Limiter v2 is the only UAD plug-in for loudness enhancement that incorporates the most modern standards for inter-sample peak detection and correction, going way beyond standard brick wall limiters.

Final Fit and Finish

Final Fit and Finish

A final stage processor must provide a comprehensive set of dithering options so that the engineer can monitor in real-time the effects of dithering, and then apply it to their final mixdown. The Oxford Limiter v2 provides both 24 bit and 16 bit output word length selections, using high pass TPDF (Triangular Probability Density Function) dithering, plus four types of variable-depth noise shaping.

Key Features

Professional mastering-grade peak limiting with attack, release & variable soft-knee
Enhance section to increase perceived loudness without gain pumping effects
Recon meter shows reconstructed rather than sampled signal
Auto Comp fixes reconstruction errors without losing overall loudness, while conforming to the industry's true peak measurement standard (ITU-R BS.1770-4)
Comprehensive high-quality dither and noise shaping options
Four variable-strength noise shaping modes for use with highly dynamic program material
Great library of factory presets to get you started

Customer Reviews

Sonnox Oxford Limiter v2

Overall Rating

O. Gonzalez

January 22, 2021

Great sound. Great for mastering

This plugin gives the final touch for the song, making it sound professional and ready for readio / streaming.

T. Jones

January 19, 2021

Great limiter

It is my go limiter.

K. Babic

January 18, 2021

Its much more than a Limiter least, with this plug at the end of a chain, you can exactly listen to what the comps are doing before. Love it...

H. Wang

January 16, 2021



B. Tari

January 13, 2021

I really love it!

Without it there is no master.

T. Wilson

January 10, 2021

A must have!

Simply amazing! Great for getting your master right where it need to be.

J. Napolitano

January 9, 2021

Oxford Limiter

Absolutely love it gives me a nice clean wide master always comparing my mastering limiters this is now my go to one

. Adams

January 8, 2021

Rad limiter with lots of features

I love this limiter! You have to really beat it up before it starts to sound smashed and the “enhance” feature brings back the feel of the transients. It has a permanent home on my 2bus.

d. milasinovic

January 4, 2021

Limit like a pro

Smooth and transparent

P. Nortey

January 2, 2021

Smooth and Nice

The first look of it looks complicated but once you start getting familiar with it it’s the best Limiter on the market period

C. Uquillas

January 2, 2021


Great plugin !

S. Vasiľ

December 30, 2020

Best for mastering and subgroup

Enhance is super option, create "paralel" sound effect, bass is tight (SHARC DSP) and sound loud, winner

C. Waldron

December 26, 2020


One of the cleanest limiters on the market. Does the job. period.

P. Boshart

December 26, 2020

Top notch

If your looking for that extra something on a master this is a great piece to get you where you want to go. Smack it and crank it / to subtle enhancements it’s my new go to for finalizing on my master buss. I finally found something replacing a go to from the other guys I’ve used for many years. You will have to learn to listen again as this has simple controls but can really alter your sound. Close your eyes, and listen when you’re tweaking!

Y. Kim

December 26, 2020

good level

Raise the track level without any distort !!!

a. fields

December 25, 2020

Perfect Plugin

Best limiter i have used

M. Szreder

December 25, 2020

No more limits!

Why I was thinking that purchase can wait? How wrong I was... Do yourself a favour and get one.

R. Monkz

December 16, 2020

Love it

Best limiter around so far i tried!

R. Monkz

December 16, 2020

Love it

Best limiter around i evet tried so far

M. Barbieri

December 15, 2020


Simply the limiter i was looking for.