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Unison Enabled

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Three flavors of legendary Ampeg bass amps, exclusively for UAD-2 and Apollo.

When it comes to bass amplification, Ampeg reigns supreme. Their B-15 and SVT amplifiers have stood the test of time as the ultimate in not only power, but in tone. Developed by Brainworx, the Ampeg SVT-VR, SVT-3 PRO, and B-15N Bass Amplifier plug-ins offer three flavors of the legendary Ampeg recipe — exclusively for UAD-2 hardware and
Apollo interfaces.

Track and re-amp with three flavors of the immortal Ampeg Heritage bass amps

Fine-tune your sounds with an onboard FX Rack that contains a noise gate, filter controls, and more

Audition different high-end Recording Chains with a selection of mics, cabinets, and outboard gear

Stay in tune with included Brainworx bx_tuner

Included Plug-Ins

Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier

The Ampeg B-15 bass amp defined the sound of recorded electric bass, from Motown sides with James Jamerson to classic Stax records with Donald “Duck” Dunn. Featuring Unison technology for Apollo interfaces, the Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier plug-in lets you track through an exacting emulation of this 30-watt, 1x15, all-tube brute that laid the foundation for ’60s and ’70s rock, funk, and soul.

Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amplifier

Introduced in 1969, the SVT is the result of Ampeg’s desire to create the, “biggest, nastiest bass amplifier the world has ever seen.” Mission accomplished. Now you can track through or re-amp with an exacting emulation of the classic 300-watt all-tube behemoth and its equally legendary 8x10 cabinet.

Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier

Lauded for its punch and versatility, the Ampeg SVT-3 PRO plug-in combines the classic tone of the original SVT, with a tighter, more modern sound. By expertly emulating its tube preamp, solid-state power section, five-position midrange selector, and 9-band graphic EQ, the SVT-3 PRO plug-in is a powerful tone tool with a dizzying array of sonic possibilities.

Unison<sup>™</sup> Technology for Apollo Interfaces

Unison Technology for Apollo Interfaces

With UA’s groundbreaking Unison technology, each Ampeg amp in the Heritage plug-in bundle gives you the unique impedance, gain staging, and circuit behaviors that are essential to each amplifier’s iconic tones.

Key Features

Three legendary bass amps for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces
Unison™ technology for the tone, touch, and feel of the classic Ampeg bass amps
Modern tones and textures with the Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier
Huge classic rock sounds with the Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amplifier
Soulful tube combo tones with the Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier
Onboard FX Rack that contains a noise gate, filter controls, and more
Bundle includes the Brainworx bx_tuner

Customer Reviews

Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

Overall Rating


D. Chevalier

January 22, 2024

New to me and very impressive

I have most of my Ampeg experience with the old SVT and the B-15, but I took advantage of a UA sale and added this plugin. I like it very much and find the much more granular EQ a real asset when recording a 6 string bass.

D. Chevalier

January 22, 2024

This is THE sound, albeit without the gusts of air from the 8x10 cabinet

I have tenure on the planet and remember very well the volume and the air punch of the real SVT into an 8x10 cabinet. I also remember lifting them out of a van. This SVT has all the right sounds, without the weight, but so far no plugin pushes you across the room like an 8x10 cabinet

D. Chevalier

January 22, 2024

Sounds like the real thing, recommended

The B-15N is one of those Ampegs that has its very own sound. My amp room is full and my wallet is poor but I needed a number of different bass amps for a recent project and this one sounds like my memory.

L. Brown

January 16, 2024

Sounds like the real thing. A+

Sounds like the real thing. A+

A. Pasco

January 15, 2024

Great sound

Great sound from this plugin!

A. Pasco

January 15, 2024

Great sounds

Great sounds!

C. Bruce

January 9, 2024

Unison rocks

Unison gives this plugin a rounder and overall better sound then using it in your DAW

J. Anderson

January 7, 2024

Next best thing to a real B-15

I can't afford the $2,500 for a real vintage B-15N, but after using UAD's version on many of my recordings, I'm super pleased with the results.

K. Arvai

January 3, 2024

Ampeg SVT-VR

I didn’t try yet, but my bass player friends said: good choice! I believing them.

P. Polanski

January 1, 2024

Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amplifier

Classic vintage vibe and soul. Amazing sound!

A. Seserman

December 30, 2023

How can I buy it?

There is no buy button on the page

j. Stewart

December 19, 2023

Great amp sim

This thing is nice ! Sounds fantastic and I use it way more than I thought I would . Don’t hesitate, just buy it . Another fantastic product from UAD .

T. Degude

December 14, 2023

A real amp!

As an Ampex user, this is the most realistic emulation plug in!!!

H. Ruus

December 12, 2023

Unfortunately.... a bit disappointed

I have the Ampeg SVT plugin and thought this one would sound more old school with a swampy Motown sort of sound... but it doesn't. It's actually more trebly direct and not so soft
Definitely not what I was looking for.
All other plugins I have bought have been spot on and wonderful...
Wish I could trade this one for something else

J. Olszewski

December 11, 2023

Very nice plug-in, bass sounds very nice


December 10, 2023

Complementary to the SVT PRO…

… all very musical and realistic to quickly change the ambiance of your Bass tracks.


December 10, 2023

Wide choice of presets…

… all very musical and realistic to quickly change the ambiance of you Bass tracks.

V. Ferrera

December 10, 2023

Very good

To similar to the original!

A. Zerbi

December 7, 2023

For serious fun

Well balance presets. What I needed to have a good tone out of the box.

G. Johannessen

December 4, 2023

Perfect Ampeg emulatiion

Finally I got this on sale. I use it together with Toontrack EZ-bass When composing. Gives an instant good sound and vibe as I stribe to make arrangements that consist of a regular pop/rock band.