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Three flavors of legendary 1970’s analog modulation and delay from Japan.

Based on iconic Roland/Boss units from the ’70s, the Classic FX Bundle gives you three distinct analog units that changed the sound of modern music.

From the subliminal shades of the Studio D Chorus to the ultra‑thick Brigade Chorus or the sci‑fi textures of the Galaxy Tape Echo, this trio of retro analog classics will bring your mixes to life.

Use the Galaxy Tape Echo to add subtle tape delay or colorful cacophony to drums, vocals, guitars, and synths

Harness the Galaxy Tape Echo’s distortion, wow and flutter, and pitch shifting, for organic time‑based effects

Use the Studio D Chorus to enhance tracks and add pop and interest

Add subtle spatial effects to instruments and buses with the Studio D Chorus

Give thickness, width, and shimmer to guitars, vocals, drums, pianos, and more with the Brigade Chorus

Sculpt subtle detuned textures or all out warble with the Brigade Chorus' vibrato circuit

Included Plug-Ins

Galaxy Tape Echo Plug-In

Galaxy Tape Echo Plug-In

In 1973, Roland created the RE‑201 Space Echo* — a tape delay/spring reverb system that created warm, warped, unabashedly analog echo effects. From subtle tape textures to mindbending chaos, this iconic contraption is heard on classic Pink Floyd and David Bowie, as well as seminal dub sides from King Tubby, Scientist, and Lee “Scratch” Perry. The Galaxy Tape Echo plug‑in expertly captures the inspiring hardware, giving you its gritty distortion, musical delays, sci-fi pitch shifting, and so much more.

Brigade Chorus Plug-In

Brigade Chorus Plug-In

Revered for its warm, organic modulation and chewy pitch-shifting vibrato, the BOSS CE‑1 Chorus Ensemble* was the first ever production stompbox chorus. Introduced in 1976, this heavy-duty pewter box quickly dazzled players and producers with its luxuriant, dreamy textures. The Brigade Chorus plug‑in emulates every inch of this legendary pedal, expertly capturing its legendary bucket-brigade circuit to deliver captivating chorus shimmer and wobbly vibrato that works on nearly any source.

Studio D Chorus Plug-In

Studio D Chorus Plug-In

Introduced in 1979, the Roland Dimension D* chorus is famous for injecting spatialization, and sweet, subtle modulation. Used as a “secret sauce” by everyone from Brian Eno to Stevie Ray Vaughan, this legendary rack piece is an ideal example of functional simplicity. The Studio D Chorus plug‑in is an exacting emulation of this sought-after rack unit, deftly capturing its musical bucket‑brigade circuit, the key to its complex range of sounds and textures.

*The Brigade Chorus, Galaxy Tape Echo, and Studio D Chorus plug-ins are not affiliated with, sponsored, nor endorsed by Roland or BOSS. The Roland and BOSS names, as well as the CE-1 and Chorus Ensemble, RE-201 Space Echo, and Dimension D model names, are used solely to identify the classic effects emulated by Universal Audio's product.


Combines iconic ’70’s analog modulation and delay units into a single, cost-saving bundle

Expertly modeled, end-to-end analog circuit emulations by Universal Audio

Provides, depth, movement, texture, and special effects to tracks and mixes

Includes Artist Presets from Steve Levine, Richard Chycki, Neil McLellan, Ken Lewis, Joe Chiccarelli, Ivan Barias, and Dave Isaac

Customer Reviews

Classic FX Bundle

Overall Rating


t. tooley

July 11, 2024

Galaxy Tape Echo

So much echo my walls are reverberating!

G. Pigman

June 14, 2024

Jot to the Ears

Beautiful, simple and a delight to add echo and reverb to give tracks full depth and dimension.

Not to mention, its green !

J. Worth

June 11, 2024

A useful tool !

The Brigade Chorus plugin works well.....easily adjusts the pitch and also slightly delays the pitch and then mixed back into the original guitar signal... creating the sound of a several guitars simultaneously creating a wider, thicker and richer sound. A useful tool indeed !

D. Lewis

June 10, 2024

Amazing! And Warm!

This plugin sounds amazing with guitar and vocals!! It’s being used in one of my betas as we speak!

E. Carlsson

June 10, 2024


Amazing width and depth

G. Costa

June 8, 2024

Old Style!

Once you've understood it, it's very useful.

O. Morris

June 8, 2024

Galaxy Sound

Great Sounding Plugin

B. Sullivan

May 31, 2024

It does what it's supposed to do!

Another vendor gave me this plugin for free, but it was not good. I can always count on UA to produce a nice plugin! And I got it at great price with a UA coupon!

B. Sullivan

May 31, 2024

It does what it's supposed to do!

Another vendor gave me this plugin for free, but it was not good. I can always count on UA to produce a nice plugin! And I got it at great price with a UA coupon!

I. Jacobsen

May 27, 2024

It works!

No frills, just an amazingly vivid chorus.

B. Spence

May 25, 2024

“Go to” Chorus

Great chorus for price, was using a different vendors plug in but lacks depth of this chorus.

a. cristofalo

May 24, 2024


useful for Hi fi

a. cristofalo

May 24, 2024

very useful

very useful

C. Simpson

May 20, 2024

Very Nice

Can’t really beat the value when it’s on sale. My favourite chorus plugin by far, very smooth and it sounds much more natural than most chorus plugins.

C. Beckham

May 19, 2024

Studio D Chorus for the WIN!!!!!

Been searching for a chorus to use in sidechaining for bass to help with creating a wider bass effect and this does the job really good.

J. Burrows

May 19, 2024

Really Good Plug-In

Sweet sounding plug-in. Sometimes a part needs a little extra something. This can make it just sound better.

M. Fulwider

May 17, 2024

Get the EP-34 before going for this tape echo!

Ok, don't get me wrong, this is a cool tape delay! If you had never used the EP-34 you would love it! But, the EP-34 IMHO is just WAY cooler sounding. Wait for a big sale on this one to add it to your plugin library! It has its own flavor that can add in certain situations!

J. Love

May 15, 2024

Good Choice

This was a good choice for me. It does what I wanted it to do. Mostly used subtely on acustic guitar but nails the job every time.

R. Johnson

May 14, 2024

It’s okay

Wish there was a mix knob

G. Schumacher

May 14, 2024

Super nice

Not really a chorus but more of a doubler/widener feel. Chorus always hits me as a little flangie, but this is smooth. Love it when needed, like on a vocal that needs some body.