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Classic FX Bundle

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J. Metzger

December 2, 2022

Good for transient smear if that’s your thing .

I ended up with this plug in when I purchased the classic fx bundle for the Roland dimension d plug in I didn’t receive. After trying the galaxy tape echo I noticed that it sounded off time compared to the uad Roland space echo , and lacks the depth . I wish I owned the uad Roland 201 version instead , which echos are on the beat instead of a flutter the sounds like smeared transients .

UAD User

November 29, 2022

Has UAD removed the Roland Dimension D plugin for this?

I demoed the Roland Dimension D a month or so ago and absolutely loved it. Super authentic to its vintage gear version. After my demo expired, I clicked the shopping cart to buy it, but was redirected to this. Not only that, I can't find Dimension D anywhere on the site. The Dimension D plugin hasn't been removed from the current collection, but there seems to be no way to purchase it without be directed here. I fully agree with another reviewer — this is obviously not the same. If this is actually replacing the Roland plugin, I will be very upset. UAD: Please address this issue.

J. Metzger

November 28, 2022

Not the Roland

So I demoed the Roland D and liked it . Purchased the classic fx bundle to find out it doesn’t even come with the Roland d but instead uad’s studio d , which doesn’t have the depth the Roland branded version has .

J. Metzger

November 27, 2022

Thought I was getting the Roland ?

I demoed the Roland dimension d and really liked how musical and sample accurate it was . So I purchased the classic fx bundle thinking I was getting the Roland dimension d plug in and ended with the uad version . I could tell right away the depth I was getting with the Roland was missing . I was so disappointed I emailed uad about it and they basically told me they were sonically the same , but I know that isn’t true because i have ears and could tell right away that the uad version smeared the transients and lacked in depth . I feel ripped off .

未. 直井

November 25, 2022



h. josemans

November 15, 2022

Great and really super Tape Echo to use when appropriate to use!

Great and really super Tape Echo to use when appropriate to use!

W. Krol

November 14, 2022


So magical

A. Viktorovich

November 14, 2022

Well.Simple and sounds!

Simple and sounds!

T. Hışır

October 26, 2022

Great definition, not many options

Could have been made with different modulation options but still solid

D. Ryan

October 15, 2022

Gives Dimension!

Not sure what's not to love with the SD chorus. It widens everything. I know there's all sorts of methods to do this now days, but this is a beautiful time tested sound. Plugin nails the sounds.

J. Harris

October 13, 2022


I love discovering new tools to work with. The Studio D will come in handy

G. Gilmour

October 11, 2022

More stars needed..!

Excellent service pedal.. Rich and can be glorious..!

V. Baranov

October 8, 2022

I use it in every project!!!

Best-in-class chorus and tape echo plugins!!!

C. George

September 16, 2022

Killer Plugin for Producing Rock and Metal

This is a magical plugin when I am producing rock and metal songs. It adds depth and creativity to my rock and metal productions by adding subtle shifts of the vocal, guitar or keyboard tone and width. Love that it's dirt cheap too!

A. Smith

September 8, 2022

That extra warmth on your channels

Great for adding that extra warmth on any of your channels. Recommended!

t. holmes

September 5, 2022

Cut above the rest

I own other emulations of the hardware but these are simply better. The tape delay acts like a tape delay and not a plug-in and the chorus is lush and sounds great on most instruments. I find myself getting lost enjoying playing the Rhodes with the tape delay particularly, it’s very musical and is definitely worth having alone

M. Park

September 1, 2022


Best classic Tape Echo!

C. Wagener

September 1, 2022

Nutze ihn nicht nur für Gitarren sondern auch bei Trap Songs auf den Stimmen. Könnte nicht mehr ohne.

k. teawan

September 1, 2022

So good

Such a good item

B. Langham

August 29, 2022

Love this

Easy to use and sounds great

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