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Unison Enabled

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Four iconic Marshall amplifiers, modeled by Softube and bundled to save.

Developed by Softube — and available exclusively for UAD hardware and Apollo interfaces — the Marshall Legends Bundle features thorough emulations of four iconic Marshall amplifiers.

From the versatile Bluesbreaker 1962 combo and high‑powered Plexi Super Lead 1959, to the more modern Silver Jubilee and JMP 2203 plug‑ins, you get iconic Marshall tube tones as well as powerful multi‑mic sounds for professional sounding guitar tracks.

Use your Apollo with Unison technology to track through exclusive Marshall amp emulations — with no latency

Re-amp previously recorded tracks with any UAD hardware

Dial-in perfect studio amp tones with different mic combinations, types, and placements

Fine-tune your guitar tones with over 100 presets by legendary AC/DC engineer Tony Platt

Included Plug-Ins

Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962

Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962

The first emulation of the amp used on the iconic 1966 album, Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton, the Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 plug‑in is more than a blues machine. Its open‑back 2x12 cabinet and dual KT66 power section thrives in pop and country settings as well, delivering chimey clean tones, throbbing tremolo, and rich distortions.

Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959

Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959

The amp that defined the sound of rock. Paired with an era-correct, broken‑in Marshall 1960BHW 4x12 cabinet, the Plexi Super Lead 1959 plug‑in delivers the same snarl, sustain, smoothness, and raunch as the original amp. Softube engineers expertly emulated all of the Super Lead’s idiosyncratic “ghost note” overtones, for a wealth of high‑powered tube textures.

Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555

Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555

The Marshall Silver Jubilee plug‑in expertly models one of the most tonally versatile Marshalls ever made. Its Clean, Rhythm Clip, and Lead preamp modes offer a ton of textures, from dense crunch to singing sustain. And combined with the half power Pentode/Triode switch, you can dial in silkier, less aggressive tones.

Marshall JMP 2203

Marshall JMP 2203

Introduced in 1975, the Marshall JMP 2203 ushered in a new era of Marshall rock dominance. Renamed JCM800 in 1981, the JMP 2203 plug‑in offers varying degrees of intense, modern‑sounding crunch and bold clean tones thanks to its touch sensitive high‑gain preamp and accompanying 1960B 4x12 cab loaded with Celestion GT12‑75 speakers.

Unison<sup>™</sup> Technology for Apollo Interfaces

Unison Technology for Apollo Interfaces

Harnessing UA’s groundbreaking Unison technology, each amp plug‑in featured in the Marshall Legends Bundle gives you the impedance, gain staging, and circuit behaviors that have made these four Marshall amplifiers undisputed classics.


Premium selection of four classic Marshall tube guitar amps from Softube
Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 for old-school rock tones like Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and more

Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 offers an expertly modeled version of the classic 2x12 combo used by Eric Clapton

High-gain Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 used by Slash, Rush, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many more

Marshall 2203 for modern crunch sounds used by Jeff Beck, Andy Summers, Tom Morello, Judas Priest, and more

Tone, touch, and feel of a vintage Marshall using Unison™ technology for Apollo interfaces

Customer Reviews

Marshall® Legends Bundle

Overall Rating


j. paredes

November 28, 2023


He tenido uno y la emulación es muy buena

D. Bersch

October 16, 2023

I want to Rock and Roll all...

As real as it comes. Having grown up playing this amp, I'm so impressed with how accurate this represents the real thing. Being able to recall settings without having to mic up the real thing is perfect for someone like me living in NYC (the neighbors are grateful!)

K. Péter

October 15, 2023

Pretty good

nice, not harsh, many optioms for the mic placement, really useful tool. The result strongly depends on the quality of the input hardware. Mine is RNDI, so the result is really good. Only con is the big dsp usage .

M. Ross

October 10, 2023

Great Amp sim!

Love this amp .. sounds just like the real thing!

F. San Filippo

October 5, 2023

Classic Guitar Sounds

The Silver Jubilee has a redonk distorted sound. All of them sound great with real or Unison pedals placed before the amp.

T. Poulter

September 29, 2023

Real Marshall Bite

Sounds great! Real Marshall bite and growl that I remember and loved back in the eighties for a fraction of the cost. Tone variations in the presets give me all the hard rock options I need. This plugin responds to changes in volume from the guitar just like the original amps did too. The microphone options take the tone sculpting to a new level of accuracy too. Great job UA peeps!

W. Mclawhorn

September 19, 2023

Love this amp!

The Marshall JMP 2203 is my favorite of all of the amps I have tried from UAD so far. It has a good crunch sound and tons of character and can get very aggressive.

R. Studio

July 13, 2023

Bluesy tones

Good but it takes some time to find the brightness of the sound.


May 21, 2023



J. Williams

April 3, 2023

Great value! Great Blues Tones!

Unlike U2 I have finally found what I’m looking for. The tones one can achieve with this plugin range from sweet blues to dirty and super clean with loud and fat tones. The clean presets are my favorites and I use these everyday for practicing and recording.

A. Rosario

March 5, 2023

Good amp

My go to amp

E. Macfarlane

February 1, 2023

Must Have

This Marshall bundle really is top notch and in my opinion is a must have.

c. rosario

January 19, 2023

Another Great Amp

Needs to be used on the right application

T. Taivalaho

January 7, 2023

Average sound

Silver Jubilee is best amp. Jmp needs some tweaking and I try it cleans also. Gonna try it with Ox amp box...

A. Siegler

December 29, 2022

Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962

I'm so disappointed with this plug-in. Got a good price on this plug-in, however, the amp sounds and the presets are all muddy and distorted. Played with it for hours and never got a good clean sound. What you hear on the UA site and what you actually get are two different things. I bought this plug-in based upon what I heard on the Demo site. Maybe I'm missing something. Same thing with the 57 Fender Amp.

J. Maasakkers

December 12, 2022

Marshall® Bluesbreaker 1962

Simply one of the best virtual amps I've ever heard.

A. Bugella

December 12, 2022

British sound with natural reaction

It's like to plug your guitar into a real amp.

T. Shimizu

November 8, 2022

Not so great

I expected too much.

S. Ramsey

October 23, 2022

Clapton, eat your heart out.

Who am i kidding but with this amp plugin its like owning the real deal amp. I can find the sounds i like, usually clean with mild breakup and I am happy.

M. Galavan

September 18, 2022

Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555

In my opinion, this is the BEST one of the Marshall amp emulators by far. I had given up on that idea until I played this one. I really think I can use this plugin for recording my album. Great Job AU!