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An essential mastering toolkit and
longtime UAD user favorite.

Featuring three powerful plug-ins, the Precision Mastering Plug-Ins Bundle for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is an essential, “first response” tool for engineers and producers looking to deliver polished, professional mixes and masters every time.

Master your recordings with a simple, cost-saving bundle

Easily control dynamics of an entire mix, or de-ess a vocal with the Precision Multiband plug-in

Shape frequencies with analog-like curves of the Precision EQ plugin

Use the ultra-transparent Precision Limiter plug-in for dynamic, polished masters

Included Plug-Ins

Precision Multiband

Precision Multiband

The Precision Multiband is a specialized mastering tool that provides five spectral bands of dynamic range control. Ideal for anything from complex dynamics control to simple de-essing, the Precision Multiband’s Compression, Expansion, or Gate can be chosen separately for each of the five bands, while its easy-to-use interface make it the ideal tool for the novice, as well as the seasoned mastering engineer.

Precision EQ

Precision EQ

The Precision EQ plug-in is a stereo or dual mono four-band equalizer and high-pass filter made primarily for use with program material. Modeled on the behavior of real-world analog mastering filters, the Precision EQ uses the classic parametric controls arrangement. To preserve the greatest sonic detail and ensure a minimum of artifacts in the upper frequency range, the Precision EQ is up-sampled to 192kHz.

Precision Limiter

Precision Limiter

The Precision Limiter plug-in is a single-band, look-ahead brickwall limiter made primarily for use with program material. This intuitive plug-in achieves 100% attack within a 1.5ms look-ahead window, which prevents clipping, and guarantees zero overshoot performance. Both the attack and release curves are optimized for professional mastering, which minimizes aliasing. The Precision Limiter also features comprehensive, high-resolution metering, and conforms to Bob Katz's "K-system" metering specs. This metering allows the user to see what is happening to audio with a great deal of accuracy.

Key Features

Three powerful plug-ins to deliver polished, professional mixes and masters

Precision Multiband — five spectral bands of dynamic range control,ideal for anything from complex dynamics control to simple de-essing

Precision EQ — a stereo or dual mono four-band equalizer and high-pass filter made primarily for use with program material

Precision Limiter — a single-band, look-ahead brickwall limiter that achieves 100% attack within a 1.5ms look-ahead window to prevent clipping

Customer Reviews

Precision Mastering Bundle

Overall Rating

V. Ruzicic

March 20, 2023


Using for so many yrs…still doing the work


March 19, 2023

need this native...

All i want to see is this and the Avalon channel strip be available natively...

J. Barron

January 30, 2023

Great MB compressor

I only bought this plugin because WZRD BLD used it on his mix bus as a precursor to Bus compression. I can say that I like what it does in evening out the frequencies on a mix. Sure other MB compressors could probably do the same job but the added benefit of off loading processing to my Apollo makes it a good purchase for me.

J. Zapata

January 22, 2023

Voy a usarlo

Buena eleccion

J. Zapata

January 22, 2023

Lo esperaba

Muybuw o

A. Ogarev

January 16, 2023

Precision Multiband


E. Gonzalez

December 30, 2022

Quick, accurate dynamics and eq!

After using this plug on many, many projects I have fallen in love with it. The work flow is super fast because you have dynamics and eq-based dynamics adjustments in one window. You can solo each band to quickly find problem areas and can adjust everything whilst in a band solo allowing forensic-level frequency screening. Highly recommended. UA…. MAKE THE WINDOW RE-SIZEABLE, please.

Z. Abresch

December 28, 2022

Transparent & fast broadcast quality limiter

Does what it says on the tin without any unnecessary bells and whistles. No distortion, just clean limiting for days. I throw this on my master bus a lot and it works really well for controlling dialogue volume too.

Z. Abresch

December 28, 2022

Effective and transparent

Another transparent dynamics plugin from Precision does not disappoint. Get yer frequencies under control. A solid set of basic presets to start from is helpful because the interface leaves a lot to be desired and is confusing.

UAD User

December 21, 2022

The best

I know people rave about fab filter L2 but i think this wipes the floor with it... it handles the transients in a very pleasing way.. fab filter seems to make transients slurpy and sharp, precision is smooth and fat... it took me a long time of using Fab filter L2 on the basis of studios pros ... to decide my own opinion... precision wins.

K. Dobracki

December 11, 2022

Sharp as razor!

Solid and precise! Shame the window is not resizeable :(

B. Butler

December 7, 2022

One Of My Go To EQ's

I have been using this Eq for years. I love it. Its very intuitive to use. Its one of my go to's on my master bus

J. Seabrook

November 15, 2022

Almost Great EQ

I really like this EQ. I just wish L2 & H1 (the two middle bands) extended into each other's frequency ranges for some overlap. Would also be nice to have an output gain adjustment built in to the unit. The GUI is due for an overhaul, so maybe these little tweaks would be added then...

Beyond those gripes, I really like the EQ for cutting on everything. Quick. Simple. Clean.

J. Seabrook

November 15, 2022

The Good & The Bad

Quick hits to start:
#1 - This unit sounds great.
#2 - The interface is inconvenient so I don't want to use it.
Let's start with the interface. It's too small. The GUI dimensions are tailored for a smaller screen size, and so on larger displays if feels small and cramped. I would suspect it's due for a GUI overhaul like the precision channel strip (which I LOVE), and I would then LOVE this unit.

Because, it really does sound great. I plan to spend some time to see if I can get used to the small interface because it really does do a good job at it's role. Dynamic EQ? You bet. Multiband Compressor? Punchy and controlled. Everything I run through this I can gently nudge or pummel into submission and it always sounds better. Combine gates and compression over multiple frequency ranges? Yes please.

But man, that small display...

D. Matas

October 11, 2022

Awesome Limiter Plugin!!!!

What is there to say, it does what it's supposed to do and it's easy to use. My new go to limiter.

C. Nunn

September 17, 2022


Amazing does what it needs to do

C. Nunn

September 3, 2022


A friend who's producer and live act as well recommended the precision limiter to me and i tried it out right away and loved it so much that i ended up buying it. Now after one month i can say that compared to many other limiters from any company it has a beautiful sound and works very reliable. My personal recommendation is using it along with the precision maximizer ;)

B. Bachhuber

August 15, 2022

Master piece on Master Bus

I´m still learning the tool, but my first tries with this made me happy.

N. Smith

August 1, 2022


Simple. Powerful. Transparent.

J. Seabrook

July 28, 2022

Great Tool. One Missing Feature.

I'm happy with this purchase. No question. It has replaced most of the "other" limiters I was using with relative ease, HOWEVER, it is missing one feature. The ability to link input and output gain is kind of a necessary feature in the digital domain because I don't have 2 hands in my computer. In the rack, no problem. In the computer, not so much. That annoyance aside, its just a good clean limiter I will continue to use a lot of on every session. I'm still happy to have added to my collection. :)