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SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

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Regular Price: $449.00


You'll Save 33%

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The world's finest emulations of the certified hit-making channel strip and bus compressor.

The SSL 4000 Series is famous as the console series employed on more Platinum-selling records than any other. With its wide range of VCA compression characteristics and intuitive EQs — rich with colorful band interdependencies — it's easy to hear why.

Working in close partnership with Solid State Logic, Universal Audio proudly unveils the SSL 4000 Series Classic Console Bundle for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces — a perfect match of exacting circuit emulations from these certified hit-making machines.

Now you can:

Track and mix with an exacting emulation of SSL E Series Console Type E “black” and “brown” knob channel EQ and filters

Harness famous SSL E Series VCA Compression — from transparent to “in your face”

Harness the SSL E Series’ highly responsive Gate including “no-chatter” mode derived from later designs

Easily add G Bus glue and cohesion to drums, strings, and background vocals

Elevate your mix bus with legendary SSL G Bus compression

Use the G Bus’s Auto Fade feature (1-60 seconds) as found in original console

Included Plug-Ins

SSL 4000 E Series Channel Strip  Collection

SSL 4000 E Series Channel Strip  Collection

The SSL E Series Channel Strip plug-in gives you everything you need to dial in professional, polished tracks with classic SSL sonics. With the inclusion of both the Type E “black knob” and “brown knob” four-band EQ and filters — hallowed in SSL lineage — you can apply refined punch to drums, presence to vocals, and heft to bass. Other features include high and low cut filters, an expander/gate, and compression.

SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

An faithful circuit emulation of the legendary SSL 4000 G console's bus compressor, this iconic dynamics processor delivers undeniable drive and punch that helped make the original 4000 G Series the world's most successful production console. Top engineers have come to rely on this master compressor to "glue together" mixes like nothing else, as well as patching into it for stunningly musical results on drums, pianos, and more.

SSL 4000 E Series Channel Strip Collection

Most authentic SSL 4000 E Channel Strip plug-in, including mic preamp modeling

Developed and voiced in close partnership with Solid State Logic

Record in realtime using Apollo interface with Unison technology for authentic analog input impedance and gain staging

Now includes Jensen transformer Input amplifier and other nonlinear circuit behaviors

Exacting nonlinear circuit emulation of both Type E “black” and “brown” knob channel EQ and filters

Flexible VCA Compressor range, from transparent to “in your face” aggression

Highly responsive Gate including “no-chatter” mode derived from modern SSL designs

SSL G Series Bus Compressor Collection

Painstakingly modeled by Universal Audio's plug-in design team, licensed and authenticated by Solid State Logic

Beloved 4000 G era compressor design, measured from the all-discrete hardware

Specially tailored dynamic characteristics ideal for compressing full mix or subgroups

Provides the entire circuit path and control set of the stereo dual-VCA compressor

Signature 4000 G features include fixed range Attack and Release including program-dependent "Auto" release, and Auto Fade

Plug-in exclusive features include SC Filter, Dry/Wet parallel processing and Headroom for user-customizable operating level

Customer Reviews

SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle

Overall Rating

i. sözüer

December 6, 2018

Must Have Uad Plugin

I use it again and again on drum bus and in seconds you have the desired effect..Thanks UAD

B. Ellingham

December 6, 2018

A Great Update

A Fantastic reboot of the original UAD SSL Compressor, the addition of a Mix control meets the needs modern mixing methods.

D. Booker

December 6, 2018

Absolutely the cleanest channel strip for rap imo

Love everything about this channel strip period. From the dynamics section to the output knobs you have full control of harmonics nothing beats the ssl channel strip for my rap vocals tracking in us beyond helpful

R. Benito

December 6, 2018


The new channel strip opens but the function knobs not visible. So I can't use it.

R. Benito

December 6, 2018


The new channel strip opens but the function knobs not visible. So I can't use it.

I. Kulikov

December 6, 2018


Best classics

K. Boldin

December 6, 2018


The pre amp alone convinced me to buy this! Could not recommend this enough!

V. Trachuk

December 6, 2018

Nice MasterBus Comp!

I like it! Love this character and glue!

N. Smith

December 5, 2018

Great but.

The ssl bundle is a great plug in. The buss comp is amazing, really can't tell the difference when compared to hardware. The channel strip is very clean but it is a dsp hog for sure. Had to take a star for that. Really wish it was more efficient.

M. Marton

December 5, 2018

SSL Channel and G series are great.

More dimension than other emus I’ve tried and the G comp really brings the glue. These are heavy hitters.

A. Vella

December 1, 2018

SSL 4000

Always on every channel In my mix 10+ for this plugin a must

C. Swicegood

November 30, 2018


The dynamics on this new version is just as bad a the original. not even close to the real deal You have to crank the threshold all the way to get a real amount of reduction on a kick drum. its just not RIGHT.

J. Beck

November 30, 2018

Glorious BUT DSP ...

My favorite thing about this plug-in is the mid-range clarity and bite when boosting. Don't sleep on it as a pre-amp in unison mode either. Absolute juggernaut of a plug-in. Only drawback is it's a major DSP hog, hence the 4 stars.

N. Smith

November 28, 2018

Great Bus compressor

It only took me a few minutes to realize this plugin was amazing. I compared it to my hardware ssl comp and couldn't tell the difference. Great value.


November 28, 2018

The channel strip

I like it's plug-in

It's really great, but "greedy" in DSP...

UAD User

November 28, 2018

nice glue

all glue.
strong glue.


November 28, 2018



r. sveinungsen

November 27, 2018


This buss compressor has became one of my favoritt now ! It sounds so punsjy and good, and glueing the mix so nicely together... It gives a nice top end . and tight low end. Good !!

A. Pinto

November 21, 2018

Just what i was looking for

Excellent emulation, totally recommendable

D. Marais

November 20, 2018


Wow, what a strip. This beast rings so true in every detail.

My challenge is now choosing between the Neve and the SSL. So many wonderful choices!!