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AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb

AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb

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Regular Price: $199.00


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The only AKG-licensed emulation of this one-of-a-kind spring reverb.

Introduced in the late 1960s, the AKG BX 20 reverb was a high-water mark for AKG’s esteemed engineers. An ingenious assembly of mechanical and electronic componentry, the BX 20 offered the glorious depth and color of spring reverb without any of the limitations.

The AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is exclusively endorsed by AKG Acoustics, Austria and envelops your sources in gorgeously dark, dense ambience that only spring reverb can provide.

Mix with the only licensed and endorsed AKG Acoustics BX 20 reverb plug-in

Envelop instruments in dark, dense, clear ambience with original dual spring tank configuration

Harness new "plug-in only" features like stereoized A/B Tank Select, Direct signal defeat, and BX 10 Tone controls

Mix with artist presets from Patrick Carney (The Black Keys), Vance Powell (Jack White), and Jacquire King (Kings of Leon)

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
5-Minute UAD Tips
5-Minute UAD Tips

5-Minute UAD Tips

Featuring the AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb.

Unparalleled Density

Unparalleled Density

The AKG BX 20's utterly unique character makes it a versatile tool for ambience as well as tone shaping. Its sonic personality features the quick onset of a classic plate reverb, and also the natural-sounding density and diffusion of a chamber — with little of the flutter or “boing” artifacts common with other spring reverbs. Unlike other spring reverb emulations, Universal Audio's hybrid delay network/convolution design provides the only plug-in representation of this mechanically controllable, acoustic ambience system. To that end, UA obsessively emulated a “golden unit” BX 20 from legendary producer, Jon Brion.

Spring Time

Spring Time

The BX 20 plug-in expertly captures the hardware’s unique two-stage decay. This yields warm, organic sounds whether it’s applied on percussion, vocals, or guitars, adding a unique timbre that can make individual tracks stand out — or melt away — in your mix. Short textures are chock full of colorful depth and dimension, while longer decays are rife with lush three-dimensionality, while never washing out.

New Features, More Control

New Features, More Control

The BX 20 plug-in provides the complete sound and features of the original, plus new "Mk II" features for an expanded sound palette. Tank Select provides the exact sound of the original A/B dual tank system, but includes a “stereoized” tank A or tank B, for more balanced stereo imaging. The Direct function allows you to mute the tank's direct signal for more control and minimizing conflict with the source audio — perfect for buses. The Baxandall-type tone controls — borrowed from the smaller AKG BX 10 — offers the last bit of seasoning to tailor your reverbs.

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      Input Select, Mono/Stereo: Changes input between summed mono or stereo
      Tank Select, A / B / A+B: Under stereo use, changes tank options among stereoized "A" and "B" and original "A+B" configurations
      Direct, Off / On: Disables/enables the spring tank's naturally occurring direct sound component
      Low Cut, Off / 80 Hz: 12 dB per octave, 80 Hz filter
      Bass, ±10: Continuous tone control borrowed from the AKG BX 10, ±8 dB at 150 Hz
      Treble, ±10: Continuous tone control borrowed from the AKG BX 10 ±4 dB at 5 kHz
      Dry/Wet, 0 to 100%: Continuously adjusts Dry and Wet signals under insert use case
      Wet Solo, Off/On: Disables/enables Wet Solo function
      Predelay, 0 to 250 milliseconds: Continuously adjusts Predelay amount
      Channel 1 Decay, 2 to 4.5 seconds: Continuously adjusts Channel 1 Decay time
      Channel 2 Decay, 2 to 4.5 seconds: Continuously adjusts Channel 2 Decay time
      Channel 1 Volume, ∞ to +24 dB: Continuously adjusts Channel 1 Volume
      Channel 2 Volume, ∞ to +24 dB: Continuously adjusts Channel 2 Volume
      Channel 1 Pan, ±100: Continuously adjusts Channel 1 Pan
      Channel 2 Pan, ±100: Continuously adjusts Channel 2 Pan
      Link, Unlinks/Link: Unlinks/Links Decay, Volume and Pan parameters
      Mix: Continuously blends processed and unprocessed signal
      Power, Off/On: Disables/Enables plug-in (all DSP processing is bypassed)

      Customer Reviews

      AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb

      Overall Rating

      L. Carlozo

      June 9, 2022

      TOO ... MUCH ... DSP

      This is truly a great sounding reverb, and using it is a treat (as I know Jon Brion). BUT---and this is a substantial BUT--it eats up so much processing power that I find myself turning to other UAD reverbs (Lexicon) and excellent plug-ins by Baby Audio and Valhalla. Those reverbs are in no ways compromises... they sound amazing and allow my mixes to run flawlessly. I think that's why you've seen this come down in price so much... it's become a back-shelf reverb for me because while its colour is unique, it conjures up the Mac "beach ball of death" if I try to rely on it too much. If you've only got so much to spend in UA Land, go for the Lexicon 224 ... and then buy the Valhalla Vintage Verb, one of the most outstanding, unsung reverbs on the planet and used on every mix I do.

      B. Bartholomew

      June 8, 2022

      Analogue spring reverb in the digital medium

      Well done UAD. This is pretty much spot on. Again one of the keys to UAD modeling success is there are no harsh edges to the sound quality (if used correctly). Lots of controls to mess about with to alter the tonal quality of the verb. Granted early days in my use of the plug-in but initial impressions are good. It's a spring reverb but in the box.

      S. Neron

      May 7, 2022


      I love this for my voice and amazing reverb for me

      M. Eddaïra

      April 6, 2022

      Great !

      Great sounding reverb, specifically bought to help Ukrainian people

      R. Little

      March 30, 2022

      Smooth & Gorgeous

      It doesn't have the "boing" I usually think of in a spring reverb, but it's pretty incredible nonetheless. It can handle punchy hits without losing articulation, or it can provide a dense, luxurious fog. It doesn't have an enormous range of sounds, but you can really tweak & dial in the sounds it does have.

      A. Mladenović

      January 17, 2022

      Go to reverb.

      Fantastic reverb! Very musical. Works perfectly on guitars, vocals, even drums. UAD must have!

      G. Merino

      January 15, 2022


      The best spring reverb plugin I ever tried, and I tried all. Cheers!

      A. Belli

      December 31, 2021

      Great reverb

      I can't stop using this at the moment... Guitars and vocals.

      F. Jessen

      December 27, 2021

      A must if you play guitar

      This is the only reverb i need when i plug my guitar. UAD Fender with this reverb is the perfect combo

      N. Demchenko

      December 25, 2021

      Best "dark" reverb

      Immediately creates the right mood with Bass VI, snare drum, and vocals. Highly recommended!

      C. Osborne

      December 15, 2021

      No-one does it you're the best!

      After trying it out I had to have it. Convo's don't nail it like this does and nothing ever made does what the BX20 does. IMHO in a mix it's sounds no different to the classic hardware unit. UA hit a home run again!

      R. Brennan

      July 1, 2021

      As close to the real thing as the real thing

      This thing is amazing. Using the real thing is great, but you only get one and have to print it in. This is so close it's ridiculous.

      A. Mtz

      June 12, 2021

      Another magic wonder box

      There’s no UAD plug in that hasn’t changed my life :)

      The only obstacle it’s me. There’s no limit to creativity with this machines.

      T. Hansen

      April 9, 2021

      Sounds amazing!

      Working With it on a project at the moment. So far i am pleased as can be! Sounds amazing!

      J. OConnor

      April 6, 2021


      The Best Spring Reverb Plugin Without A Doubt & My Absolute Favorite UAD PLUG-IN!!!
      Just Love it on Every Mix!!!

      N. Wiggins

      February 8, 2021

      Beautiful spring reverb magic!!

      I was thinking, sure the UA team can port over the classic digital reverbs as those are digital algorithms to start with. And yes, those sound perfect when I compare side by side with the originals. However this spring emulation is off the charts. It is literally an extension of your sound, like its own physical instrument. This emulates all the natural spring characteristics beautifully.

      S. Marshall

      February 5, 2021

      My new favourite reverb!

      I never really considered this reverb, but once I tried it I HAD to buy it, I have an eventide h8000fw that’s great for verbs but the AKG just has a beautiful quality to it that just feels so real and natural, that really has a unique vibe to it that I haven’t heard elsewhere, a must have!

      P. Hoier

      January 14, 2021

      Love this one.

      Don't get me wrong. I really love this one. Probably just me, but I could really use a more sophisticated EQ than just a Tone Control. And also an adjustable low-cut filter instead of a static one . Kinda like the EQ/HPF on the EMT 140.

      Problem is, I often find springs and reverbs to be a bit dark, and tend to disappear when a mix get a tad to busy, making me want to boost the upper mid/hi's and cut the lows.

      But I do love the sound of it. I can always use it on a send followed by an agressive EQ like the API 560. That would be perfect. You still get all the stars, as I do love the sound. I would just have loved a Parametric EQ and an adjustable HPF, to avoid having to use it on a send. ;-)

      Z. Pastakia

      January 7, 2021

      Spring time

      One of the best spring reverbs I've heard.

      A. Eisele

      January 5, 2021

      Dark Density

      The perfect reverb to add a darker, more dense space to instruments. Unlike traditional spring reverbs, no metal-like artifacts are heard. Its versatility stems from turning on/off the direct signal, selecting different tanks, mono/stereo operation, linking/unlinking channels, and so forth. An amazing achievement by UA.