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Capitol Chambers


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A startling recreation of the world's finest echo chambers.

Located below the iconic Capitol Tower in Los Angeles, Capitol Studios is arguably the most recognized studio in the world — and much of its legend can be traced to its hallowed, subterranean echo chambers. From Ray Charles to Frank Sinatra, Beck to Muse, these underground spaces continue to provide gorgeous hi-fi ambience that is simply unmatched.

Now, after years of R&D and close collaboration with Capitol Studios — including unprecedented access to four legendary echo chambers 30-feet beneath the studio — Universal Audio proudly presents the Capitol Chambers plug-in, a startling end-to-end recreation of the most popular echo chambers ever created, exclusively for UAD hardware and UA Audio Interfaces.

Now You Can:

Record and mix with the world's only authentic plug-in emulation of Capitol Studios' prized underground echo chambers

Add the unmistakably dense, natural reverberation to vocals or drums — far beyond plate, digital, or simple convolution reverb

Create new sounds by repositioning Capitol Chambers' microphones using UA's Dynamic Room Modeling

Audition current and historical chamber configurations, plus new setups curated by Capitol's Steve Genewick

Harness the chamber's entire signal chain including amplifiers, speakers, custom preamps, and mics

Quickly pull up presets from legendary Grammy-winning engineers Al Schmitt (Ray Charles, Steely Dan), Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead), Frank Filipetti (Madonna, Paul McCartney) and more

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
Classic Echo Chambers Designed by Les Paul

Classic Echo Chambers Designed by Les Paul

Prized for their natural sound and dense ambience, acoustic echo chambers became a creative tool for pioneering, forward-thinking engineers by the mid 1940s — most notably UA founder Bill Putnam Sr. and the great Les Paul, the genius behind the Capitol chambers designs. Built from reinforced concrete and tuned using sloped ceilings and a trapezoidal shape, Paul's designs deliver a smooth, balanced decay and a completely natural room tone that can't be achieved in any other way.

Capturing Iconic Echo

Capturing Iconic Echo

In creating this amazing plug-in, UA sourced historic technical diagrams from the early '60s to precisely recreate microphone/speaker setups inside of Capitol's most coveted chambers, including the vintage omnidirectional Altec 21D mics and custom speaker/horn configurations, in their original hit-making positions. Current "modern" configurations dating from the late '80s were also captured, using the omnidirectional Shure SM80s, while new and creative mic/speaker combos were devised by Capitol's resident chamber expert, Steve Genewick.

Unprecedented Ambience Control

Unprecedented Ambience Control

Capitol Chambers' Position slider gives you next-level control over spatial and time response, allowing you to reposition the chamber mics — no assistant engineer required. From the maximum distance stock positions, to direct speaker-to-microphone effects and proximity characteristics, the Capitol Chambers plug-in can subtly thicken vocals or drums, or soak strings with the most natural, complex sounding reverb ever recorded.

Powered by UA's Dynamic Room Modeling

Powered by UA's Dynamic Room Modeling

Harnessing the same technology as the award-winning Ocean Way Studios plug-in, Capitol Chambers uses UA’s proprietary Dynamic Room Modeling technology, an exclusive combination of physical modeling and advanced measurement techniques. Whereas standard convolution reverbs only provide a sonic snapshot, Dynamic Room Modeling gives the Capitol Chambers plug-in nearly infinite ambient possibilities.

Deeper Still

Deeper Still

Beyond a vintage recreation, the Capitol Chambers plug-in offers creative features for modern DAW workflows like Pre Delay, Dry/Wet mix, and Decay controls. A sweepable 80 to 750 Hz filter lets you minimize muddy bass going into the chamber, while Bass, Treble, and proportional Q Mid band lets you perfectly season the chamber's lush ambience. In addition, the Width control allows you to narrow the chamber's stereo field, for easily pinpointing a vocal or instrument in the mix. Finally, Decay lets you quickly shorten Capitol Chambers' natural reverb time, offering more scenarios to harness the most famous echo chambers ever made.

An All-Star Collection of Artist Presets

An All-Star Collection of Artist Presets

The Capitol Chamber's plug-in features carefully crafted presets from a stunning roster of Grammy-winning engineers and producers. From recording industry icon Al Schmitt (Ray Charles, Steely Dan) to Mark Linett (The Beach Boys, Los Lobos) and Frank Filipetti (Madonna, Paul McCartney), Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead), and more, you can experiment using the same settings that professionals who know every nook and cranny of Capitol's famous chambers use every day.

Capitol and the Capitol logos are trademarks of Capitol Records, LLC, registered in the United States, European Union, and other jurisdictions, and are used under license.
"A Rose" by Jamie Lidell
"A Rose" by Jamie Lidell

"A Rose" by Jamie Lidell

Written and recorded exclusively to showcase the UAD Capitol Chambers Reverb plug‑in.

Key Features

Exclusive echo chamber emulation licensed and endorsed by Capitol Studios

The world's best-sounding and most in-demand echo chambers, designed by Les Paul

Gorgeously natural, uniquely dense chamber ambience, for reverb buses or individual sources

Choose from Capitol’s most popular chambers (2,4,6,7) with varying mic/speaker configurations representing modern to historical setups

Captures amplifier, speaker, custom preamp, and microphone chain for unprecedented realism

Fine tune ideal placement with continuously adjustable microphone positioning using UA's Dynamic Room Modeling

Other features include adjustable Decay, Pre Delay, sweepable cut filter, three-band EQ, Dry/Wet mix, and Width

Artist presets from Grammy-winning engineers Al Schmitt (Ray Charles, Steely Dan), Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead), Frank Filipetti (Madonna, Paul McCartney), and more

Customer Reviews

Capitol Chambers

Overall Rating

n. tajima

November 13, 2019



w. valentine

November 12, 2019

Must have

Excellent reverb plug in ! Vintage extravaganza!!!

C. Chafin

November 11, 2019

The echo chamber that changed my life

When I was a kid, my Dad brought home an album that changed my life. It was a jazz guitar record by the legendary session player Howard Roberts. I was mesmerized by not only by Howard's fantastic guitar technique, but the amazing sound of the record. The liner notes acknowledged it was recorded in 1964 in Capital Records studio A and whenever I here those chambers, I know that sound and they totally capture my imagination. I went on to became a full-time session player myself, a producer, studio owner (in Your Ear Studios in Richmond,VA.) and composer. Being a composer, I've always longed to record a string section at Capital and use those chambers. So when UAD sent me the promo email on this plugin, there was zero delay on placing the order. All I can say is WOW, how amazing it is to hear that iconic reverb in my control room! It just makes my day every time I hear this verb. Thanks so very much for making this available. My life is changed once again.

M. Reeves

November 11, 2019

Love it !

One of the best reverbs-if not the best. Great for everything.

N. Carver

November 8, 2019


Simply amazing on a drum room mic or vocal

UAD User

November 8, 2019

20 stars

Yes, this is my 4th review. Reading through the comments I saw some people giving this plugin one star. One guy said it’s like a stock reverb in his daw. I just want to make it clear that these reviews are the furthest thing from true. People this is thing does not sound like an emulation. It sounds like a real space. It is the best modeled reverb in the history of reverb plugins.

S. Vazquez

November 7, 2019


Really fantastic sounding reverb. Brings that vintage color instantly. I am so glad I bought it.

F. Wise

November 7, 2019

Overpriced and very similar to lots of other reverbs

If you already have lots of reverb plugs, this probably would just be another one you use sparingly as it's fine but not really noticeably a game-changer. It sounds a lot like the built-in reverb in Cakewalk "Rematrix" which is free. I would buy this for maybe $50 as a cool looking plug that makes you feel like maybe there is a famous crooner in the next room, maybe...

UAD User

November 4, 2019

A new favorite for tail and glow applications

This reverb is by far the most satisfying plugin reverb I've used for "tail" and "glow" applications. It's so easy to get a satisfying result that sits well in the track and speaks when you want it to. Just a gorgeous sound from the very first instantiation...


November 2, 2019


;o( very expensive for only that.....

R. Campo

October 31, 2019


Beutifully realistic and lush. I highly recommend it!!!

L. Iacono

October 30, 2019

The Absolute Finest Reverb available

The moment you begin using this reverb, you'll realize how all of the other reverbs sound like digital algorithms. Capitol Chambers is a revelation. It takes a talented and experienced team of engineers to first realize how valuable "the sound" is and then turn it into reality for all of us to use. Thank you to all who made this happen and to Capitol Studios for inventing it and allowing it to be used publicly. This is much more than an emulation.

T. Lockett

October 29, 2019

It's a natural

These chambers sound so good, I just had to get them, I now use them quite a lot especially acoustic instruments, they sound so natural, I have worked at Capitol enough times to know that these sound very close to the real rooms, great job, UA.

R. Mohammed

October 29, 2019

Superb for vocals

Very thick (even dense) reverb which sounds great on vocals and lead guitar. The quality difference over other reverb plugins is serious.

s. hunter

October 28, 2019


A simple review...this Capitol Chambers reverb is the most beautiful, lush, sweet reverb I've ever heard. It's my go-to reverb from now on. ---steve

f. trias valls

October 27, 2019

Umami Chambers !!

El plugin de UAD que mes m’agrada ,l’he provat de maneres molt diferents i m’encanta en totes elles,no hem deixa de sorprendre.La millor reverb que he provat fins al moment.
Felicitats Universal Audio.

P. Cheeseman

October 25, 2019

Capitol Chambers

Love this collection of chambers. The ability to tune the room and different microphone choices is just brilliant

J. Leitch

October 25, 2019

Absolutely Beautiful!!!

Other producers I talk to sometimes say that Universal Audio plug-ins tend to be a bit "pricey". get what you pay for! Well done and then some!

C. Turbin

October 23, 2019

Dare I say better than the real thing?

I recently was at Capitol Studios and printed some elements to various different chambers. Later I had to re-comp some of the elements that I’d printed and so the chamber no longer reflected the new comp. I got this chambers plugin to try and emulate the original and was blown away with how great they sounded to the modeled chambers they represent. In fact, the plugin seemed more hi-fi/cleaner in most cases, and had a lower noise floor which, worked better in the songs I’d been working on. Bravo.

A. Finale

October 22, 2019

My new favorite reverb, simply awesome!

Hard to not use this on everything, it's that good!