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Unlock the magic above Hitsville U.S.A.

Hitsville Reverb Chambers gives you the glorious sound of the attic reverb chambers that shaped the Motown Sound.

Available only from Universal Audio, Hitsville Reverb Chambers gives your recordings the soulful ambience of these hallowed spaces, as used by the producers of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and The Supremes.*

*Use of artist names does not constitute official endorsement of Hitsville Reverb Chambers software.

Get instant “Motown Sound” from the attic reverb chambers above the legendary Hitsville U.S.A. studio

Dial in rich-sounding ambience using two different custom-built chambers

Add iconic reverb to vocals, drums, and more quickly with simple controls

Reposition mics in realtime using UA's Dynamic Room Modeling

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Get the Sound of a Historic Reverb

Get the Sound of a Historic Reverb

The two reverb chambers built into Hitsville’s attics were essential to Motown’s exciting sound. Universal Audio completely captured their distinct character — with help from the original Motown engineers who built them — so you can put yourself inside these legendary spaces.

Shape Ambience with Simple Controls

Shape Ambience with Simple Controls

Quickly get jaw-dropping reverb effects using Hitsville Reverb Chambers easy-to-use controls, including distinct speaker and mic selections in each chamber, to make your vocals, handclaps, tambourines, and triangles soar.

Reposition Mics with Dynamic Room Modeling

Reposition Mics with Dynamic Room Modeling

Go far beyond retro and get genre‑defying ambience by moving the chamber mics in realtime for presence and detail beyond the original hit‑making positions.

UAD Quick Tips
UAD Quick Tips

UAD Quick Tips

Learn how Hitsville Reverb Chambers adds soulful ambience to vocals, drums, horns, and more.

Customer Reviews

Hitsville Reverb Chambers

Overall Rating

B. Nemenz

November 26, 2022

Motown Mojo and More

What a beautiful sound. More than just a “Motown” chamber. This is the first time ever a chamber reverb has inspired me to write a few songs. Try the demo and see if it makes you as happy as me.

J. Reed

November 18, 2022


This reverb is amazing, nothing else like it. I also love the info it gives you about the different chambers, mics, speakers and history.

B. Epps

November 15, 2022

My new favorite reverbs!

This plugin sounds Fantastic, with a capital F!

p. castelluzzo

November 15, 2022

Best ITB reverb I’ve ever heard.

I’m an analog reverb purist. I’ve never heard a digital reverb that has so much mojo. This reverb kicks ass. The capitol chambers plug was a fun idea but I don’t see myself using it ever. This one has already landed on three mixes. It’s good from the get go. Tails sing, sits in mixes amazingly, adds character to vocals incredibly, and creates a mysterious depth to anything that goes through it. An amazing tool and I want to thank the team at UAD and Motown for creating such an amazing tool that will change the sound of music from here on out. Respect.

W. Shanks

November 14, 2022

Motown’s chambers resurrected after 50 years

The attics above Hitsville U.S.A. have been hiding sonic treasure for 50 years, and it took Universal Audio to rediscover and recreate their chamber magic. Made through extensive research and recreation of the original setups with direction from Hitsville’s unsung technical engineering alumni legends Mike McLean and John Windt, and recording engineers Bob Olhsson, Ken Sands and Russ Terrana. Deepest gratitude to Esther Gordy and Robin Terry for their dedication in preserving Hitsville as the Motown Museum. Be sure read the plug-in manual for a deep-dive into the making of this unique creative tool.

D. Marais

November 8, 2022

Sound is just phenomenal

This is just the old-school, funky, spacious reverb I was looking for. It's truly beautiful, with stunning reflections and a tail that is smooth and dreamy. Congrats to the UA wizards! Stunning emulation.

UAD User

November 8, 2022

Used on a mix

It's dope, you think you've heard all that ITB revebrs have to offer? Get this and expect your expectations to be blown out of the water!