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Welcome to Ocean Way Studios — the world’s first dynamic room modeling plug‑in.

Developed by Universal Audio and Allen Sides, the Ocean Way Studios plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces rewrites the book on what’s possible with acoustic space emulation.

By combining elements of room, microphone, and source modeling, Ocean Way Studios moves far beyond standard impulse response players and reverbs — giving you an authentic replication of one of the world’s most famous recording studios.

Now You Can:

Record live or mix through Ocean Way Recording’s legendary Studio A and Studio B

Use “best of the best” vintage microphones from Allen Sides’ world-renowned collection

Choose among Allen Sides’ favorite room positions with 8 source types, for stunningly accurate sound dispersion behaviors

Position, blend, and process three mic pairs (Near / Mid / Far) in real time

Retain mic bleed, proximity, and other naturally occurring behaviors for realism far beyond other reverb/ambience plug-ins

Re-mic loops and soft synths to bring them to life

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
Learn how to Add Ambience to Close-Miked Drums
Learn how to Add Ambience to Close-Miked Drums

Learn how to Add Ambience to Close-Miked Drums

Grammy-winning engineer Vance Powell (Jack White, The Dead Weather) and the Ocean Way Studios and the Neve 33609 Compressor plug‑ins.

The Legendary Rooms of Ocean Way

The Legendary Rooms of Ocean Way

From the opening of Bill Putnam’s United Recording in 1957, to the annexing of neighboring Western Studio in 1961, to their reinvention as Ocean Way Recording under Allen Sides — the famed “Studio A” and “Studio B” at Ocean Way Studios have shaped the sound of countless classic records. From Ray Charles and the Beach Boys, to the Rolling Stones, and Radiohead, music creators have sought out the sound of these beautifully balanced rooms for more than five decades.

Dynamic Room Modeling

Dynamic Room Modeling

Ocean Way Studios reinvents ambience processing with UA’s proprietary Dynamic Room Modeling technology, an exclusive combination of signal processing and advanced measurement techniques. Whereas standard convolution reverbs only provide a sonic snapshot, Dynamic Room Modeling offers the full spectrum of a studio’s ambience possibilities. Specifically, Dynamic Room Modeling provides the unique dispersion properties of various sources, as recorded through various vintage microphones that can be positioned in each room — in real time — via a simple click-and-drag interface. This technology gives the Ocean Way Studios plug-in a shocking level of sonic realism.

An Unrivaled Microphone Collection Under Your Control

An Unrivaled Microphone Collection Under Your Control

With virtual access to $250,000 of hand-picked, vintage microphones, Ocean Way’s microphone setups and Distance controls are the centerpiece of the plug-in. The setups capture the ideal microphone selections and placements for each room and source type.

Up to three vintage microphones pairs (Near, Mid, Far) are available in each setup, allowing for creative sonic blending. Click-and-drag the microphones to position them in the room, then EQ and filter their sound as desired — complete with mic bleed and proximity effects.

Transform Tones With Reverb and Re-Mic Modes

Transform Tones With Reverb and Re-Mic Modes

Ocean Way Studios offers two modes of operation: Reverb mode, using send/return paths to mix wet and dry signals; or Re-Mic mode, to fully immerse the original source audio within Ocean Way’s rooms. Re-Mic mode is by nature “fully wet,” and can be used to entirely replace your original room and microphone sounds with the fabled sound of Ocean Way.

Watch The Reviews

      5-Minute UAD Tips
      5-Minute UAD Tips

      5-Minute UAD Tips

      Ocean Way Studios plug-in

      Key Features

      Breakthrough acoustic emulations of Ocean Way Recording’s legendary Studio A and Studio B
      Dynamic Room Modeling combines room, microphone, and source models for unprecedented realism
      Incorporates sonic profiles of vintage microphones from Allen Side’s world-renowned collection
      Includes mic bleed and mic proximity effects for stunning accuracy
      Choose from eight instrument / vocal source types with unique dispersion patterns
      Position and blend between three vintage mic pairs (Near / Mid / Far) in real time
      Use in “Reverb” mode, mixing wet and dry signal; or “Re-Mic” mode, replacing your original room and mic sounds altogether
      Preset mic selections, placements and creative direction by Ocean Way’s Allen Sides
      Requires UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface, available from authorized dealers worldwide

      Customer Reviews

      Ocean Way Studios

      Overall Rating

      J. Loureiro

      January 17, 2022

      Sound like the Pros environment

      The Room the i was waiting for a long time to put drums sound like the Pros. not everyone can record in great studios with great rooms , and now with this plugin, mixing drums, strings even keys, like if they were recorded in a good environment its like be in another level...

      n. binns

      January 15, 2022


      Impressive space. Really lovely bit of kit.

      G. Merino

      January 15, 2022

      Great room! But..

      Increíble useful plugin. You can create amazing spaces in your mixes. I use a lot on drums, but you can put anything on it.
      Unfortunately, the GUI is not up to the sound, is tinny, old and low resolution.
      UAD please update your graphics and make them resizable, we’re in 2022!

      R. Cremasco

      January 14, 2022

      I’m a believer

      I really thought this plugin was a waste of time. Tried a few times and never loved it. Last time I tried it on an aux and spent proper time and attention. I fell in love. This is not a reverb plugin but a room plugin. I love tracking with it now and use it on every mix.

      B. Hamann

      January 11, 2022


      I especially love what it does on keys, synhs or strings. Recommendation!

      UAD User

      January 11, 2022

      My new short reverb!

      It's rare to hear a room emulation with a short punchy sound which also sounds authentic, but this plugin delivers exactly just that. Fantastic!

      T. Taivalaho

      January 7, 2022

      Ocean Way 2 go

      Naturally best in high class! Easy to use in bus reverb. Thanks again!

      R. Little

      January 6, 2022


      I've used a lot of plugins, but never one quite like this. In remic mode, the quality of the mic emulations alone is worth the price of admission. The ambience of the room is superb and can be dialed in a number of different ways. Really special.

      M. De Carolis

      January 6, 2022

      infinite potential

      If you want to discover the best UAD Plugin the Ocean Way Studios is the best.
      It had an infinite potential, you can do what no one else can give you.
      You can create the sound of the ocean way studios simply with a plugin. if you don't believe it, you just have to try.

      A. Link

      January 5, 2022

      Don't know of anything that comes close

      I haven't bothered using my UAD plugins in a while because I have so many good native alternatives and I didn't feel like bringing my Apollo Twin with me when I was traveling. But recently I put OWS on a plucked instrument performance and I just could NOT find a way to get any combination of plugins to perform as well as this one. I am using the re-mic mode on a very close mic setting with a bit of the other mics blended in. I tried using various EQ, compression, then Liquidsonics 7th Heaven which I do love but it just would not sound as natural. I think the scary thing about this plugin is that in remic mode it does SO much to your sound and in some cases if it doesn't work you can't really be too surprised - it completely transforms the sound - but when it does work it does it much more naturally than a combination of lots of plugins and EQ. You might be surprised how much it changes the sound in remic mode and think “dang isn’t that adding some phase issues or some harshness? what is this thing doing!?” but as soon as you start trying to emulate the effect with other plugins you get an even more artifact-heavy result. What I love especially about remic mode is that it compresses the sound in a very natural way unlike any compressor I have ever used, and most importantly it adds the depth to the sound of the room in a way that even 7th Heaven can't do. 7th Heaven would be my first choice if I just wanted my sound to stay exactly as is but add a bit of room ambience around it, but for anything where I'm not 100% sold on the balance of the recording OWS is worth a shot.

      One thing I realized that is crazy is that while there are probably some things going into this plugin that are not IR based, in the end the actual plugin seems to be mostly an IR generator. Clearly IR's are more useful than anyone ever knew - but you obviously can't just expect to take them from an actual room and get the right result - the magic here is in the IR that UA has generated for the attack on remic mode. So they must have spent a ton of time researching how to build EXTREMELY realistic and useful IRs for this remic mode. I love other reverbs for what they do but nothing comes close to this. I know it was a lot of work but this is the #1 thing UA has done in my experience.

      Also people on forums and elsewhere will say you can do the same thing in Altiverb. Well yes Altiverb is an IR player and has some incredible rooms, some of which probably sound better than OWS on many things, but the issue is Altiverb hasn’t tackled the completely artificial programming of these early reflection remic impulses that are generated on the fly as you move the mic around. I mean this is just so much more useful than Altiverb because I can frankly use any algorithmic or decent reverb to get a really good tail and dispersion of sound. The thing that is nearly impossible to do is replace these early reflections as if you actually recorded the sound there. Whatever UA did to measure them isn’t something other companies have seemed to tackle at all.

      J. Manning

      January 3, 2022

      Very Nice

      Place your instrument in a room. Sounds great.

      S. Collins

      January 3, 2022


      Captures room ambiance with tone shaping using different mics and EQ options. Re-mic mode plus reverb mode. You would have to work hard to not dial in a nice natural sound.

      F. Jessen

      December 27, 2021

      The Room!

      Grab it!

      J. Foster

      December 24, 2021


      Take your dreadful flat sounding DI'd acoustic, try to salvage it with EQ as best you can, then output to a stereo bus and re-mic it with OWS - just first 2 mics (OWR A - Guitar is good) , close as you can then split them left and right - unbelievable. Worth it for this alone.

      c. maskell

      December 10, 2021


      Adds depth and realism.

      C. Thompson

      December 8, 2021

      OWS is a game changer

      I did the 14 day demo with Ocean Way Studios and my first thought was it was just ok. I took a drum track from LPX and “put” the drums into Studio A which was a light bulb moment! OWS made those drums come alive and I could hear nuances in the drum track I had never heard before. Right then and there I understood how great OWS is. It works so well with everything I have used it on Guitar, Vocals and Piano. It’s a sonic game changer!

      R. Walsh

      December 8, 2021

      You have to try

      I suggest you at least try the demo. Nothing is perfect but this plugin is perfect sometimes. I use Groove Agent for my drums and percussion. Ocean Way makes them sound real. Not all the time but when Ocean Way works there is no substitute.

      A. Reverberi

      November 12, 2021


      Even better than I thought

      V. De Puydt

      November 12, 2021

      Easy to use / Great sound

      Nice tool to create space around your "dried recorded" instruments and voice / Cohesion between digital instruments (drums) and much more :)

      S. Tydeman

      November 9, 2021

      In LOVE

      Simply a really nice and beautiful sounding plugin! Heads up - it is DSP heavy.