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Ocean Way Studios

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R. Craig

January 21, 2021

Nice sound

Really like it - fantastic on drums. Works great on superior drummer tracks to add a bit of life.

r. barber

January 18, 2021

Add ambiance to any track

This works great to add dimension and realism to any virtual instrument track. Make your midi productions sound like they were recorded in OW easily and quickly.

A. Paclin

January 13, 2021

GREAT!!! 10/10

Love the realistic sound.

b. zucchetti

January 9, 2021

Excellent as everything of UAudio !

Must to have ! Supreme Drums Rooms ! Power!
A great big portable studio in my Mac !
By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everything of UAudio!

C. Samayoa

January 4, 2021


The sound is real ! The space is incredible!

L. Lawrence

December 31, 2020


In today's production reality something like this is a godsend. If you need a big drum sound but can't achieve it in your small room or don't have enough microphones to properly record the room, open this plugin and there you have it. Money and time saver, easy to use.

G. Potter

December 31, 2020

Adds air and space to dry recordings and VIs

One of the best plugins if you're recording in small spaces, or for adding realism to virtual instruments. Just adds some amazing room presence that makes things breathe with life. Particularly great on drums and other percussive instruments.

V. Kotljarow

December 30, 2020

Ocean Way Studios

I am very, very conquered !
I was looking for a plugin that presented my classical opera voice like in a concert hall and I found this Wonderful plugin ! My voice sounds presentable, has one
full sounding resonance space like in live recordings with Studio quality !
Bravo Universal Audio Team !!!

Ich bin sehr, sehr Erobert !
Ich habe gesucht einen Plugin der meine Klassische Opernstimme presentiert wie in einem Konzertsaal und dieser Wunder plugin habe ich gefunden ! Meine stimme klingt Presentabel, hat einen vollklingenden Resonanzraum wie im live aufnahmen mit Studioqualität !!!
Bravo Universal Audio Team !!!

Я очень и очень покорен !!!
Я искал плагин, который бы представлял мой классический оперный голос, как в концертном зале, и нашел этот замечательный плагин ! Мой голос звучит презентабельно, есть
полное звуковое резонансное пространство как на живых записях, со студийным качеством!
Bravo Universal Audio !!!

R. Tuominen

December 27, 2020


This plugin is great. Does what it supposed to do!

B. Sullivan

December 27, 2020

Ocean Way Studios, Washington, DC!!! LOL!!!

As a kid, I would always read the album/cd credits. Ocean Way Studios would always be listed, and I've always wanted to visit this historic place (which I did back in 2018). To have the sound of that studio in my home now, is mind blowing! The reverb is phenomenal, and thanks to Universal Audio, I don't have to hop on a plane anymore!

J. Markunas

December 22, 2020

Brilliantly Done Room/Reverb Emulation & Low DSP

This is what the Capitol Chambers plugin should be. IT perfectly replicates putting your tracks into a pro recording studio. Some of the most famous albums in music history were recorded in Ocean Way, and now you can too. Sounds great for drum reverb (especially paired with an 1176). Not the best for re-amping guitars, because those would be in a closet in a real studio, but perfect for drums, orchestra, keys, and vocals.

C. Campagna

December 21, 2020

A secret weapon for studios with a small room or in the box productions

I record my drums in a 20x18" room and get a great punchy sound.... nevertheless, I don't have that big studio tall cieling sound....When needed I use the Ocean Way Studios on a stereo insert and send my room mics to it...... and print it as a 2nd big studio room mic..
Great sound, I prefer the mic modeling over the reverb.. Great on strings as well..

B. Carter

December 14, 2020

Massive Drum Sounds!

Perfect for attaining massive drum sounds while recording in small spaces!

P. Hoier

December 12, 2020

Live Sound.

I managed to get a very flat and dull mixer output from a live concert to sound like a really great live recording. Setting up Ocean Way properly with the addition of the Ampex ATR-102 on the master, did the magic. It's not just a convolution room.

A. Komkov

December 12, 2020

Beautiful room reverb

Very useful plugin which helps to recreate a sound of amazing studio. This always works great for recreating the drum room.

s. Ha

December 12, 2020


Creative and unique.

R. Bernatchez

December 11, 2020

Room parfaite

Ce pluggin donne de la vie !!! Parfait pour piano , drum et guitare acoustique... même je peux dire Génial!

S. Shaw

December 10, 2020

The guitar cabs are icing on the cake!

There are Cab M, V and O, standing for Marshalls, Vox and Orange. Try a UA amp sim in amp only mode (turning cab off), and put this on stereo bus. Immediate depth! A great tool. Can't believe it was coded in 2013 and still sounds amazing!

M. Uuttu

December 8, 2020

Very good

Makes virtual instruments and my home recordings sound more real and believable.

G. Lento

December 2, 2020

Unique and Useful

Similar but somehow different from a reverb. I use one instance of this on a send/return and bus all tracks at different levels into it to create a really authentic-sounding space for the instruments to sit in. It's a kind of "glue" but not like compression. It really sounds like everyone's in the same (great-sounding) room.

1-20 of 680 Results

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