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Customer Reviews

Ocean Way Studios

Overall Rating

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R. Grabek

June 18, 2024

Ocean Way Studios

This the best room modeling

J. Wenzek

June 13, 2024

Ocean Way

Tolles Plugin, schafft lebendige Räume.


June 13, 2024

The best native room plugin

It is the best native room plugin


June 13, 2024

The best room vst

This the best room modeling plugin

J. Jimenez

May 6, 2024

Very Realistic

Love the sound and space! is one of my favorite places!!

K. Kaspersen

April 30, 2024

One of the best plug-ins for mixing

I don't know why i didn't bought this when this came, this one is a must have re-mic/room emulation/reverb plug-in.
Give your sounds and mixes new dimensions, easy to control very helpful plug-in for shaping your final mix

g. peacefull

April 16, 2024

Gives good depth

Enjoying this plugin. I put it on most things. It gives nice space and dimension.

V. Ruzicic

April 1, 2024

so much fun!

awesome tool for many uses

J. Jacobsen

March 29, 2024

Years later

It’s disconcerting that after all these years this plugin still doesn’t recall its settings when I close and reopen a project (in DP11). I have learned to put the settings in as CC data but, really? How hard can it be to make a plugin remember its settings in a DAW? Many thousands of plugins do it flawlessly on the daily. Room sounds really good though! So it’s worth the hassle.

M. Jäckel

March 19, 2024

For me better than Sound City Studios

I tried this one and Sound City Studios for western guitar and vocal and found the Ocean Way Studios producing the far better sound for my purpose. The rendering of the plugin, however, is compared with the Sound City Studios plug in extremely slow. Only for that reason one star less.

J. Kelly

February 1, 2024

Drum Room

Drums belong here! so warm!

p. voltan

January 31, 2024


I live in the city of London studios are not always available much less somewhere to practice, i write for real string sections sometimes playing all the arrangements, i now have countless options on how I want my sound which saves me time and money. five stars..

J. Tofte

January 19, 2024

Sounds great!

I love this thing. If your room is crappy remic for great results.

F. Hasan

January 12, 2024

Just a amazing roomverb!

I already had soundcity but this one still must have! working beautifully on your mix!

J. Keilig

January 12, 2024


Great plugin, sounds very natural. Put in drums, recorded in a small room and BOOM: Studio sound!

G. Patro

January 11, 2024

Feels like working in Ocean Way Studio

I prefer to work using headphones but I guess the crosstalk feature and processing input with impulse responses of Ocean Way Studio create a real studio like environment

A. Larrabee

January 3, 2024

It just sounds GOOD

Room modeling is such a curious art. But for anybody working with sampled drums/instruments, vocals recorded in substandard locations, or anything generally artificial sounding, this will quickly and beautifully solve your problems. Not as fancy looking as Sound City, but it’s got the ‘it’ factor. Sound City takes a chunk of your CPU too so this lets you keep the load light when needed.

G. Mata

December 16, 2023

Consume muchos recursos del ordenador

Háganlo nativo

A. Dahlback

December 13, 2023

Great sounding - but also outdated GUI and hefty load

Undoubtedly an extraordinarily fine sound. But - UAAudio needs to make sure the plugin gets a more modern GUI. Resizable. Also, the plug requires DSP power, so don't expect an Apollo Twin to go far.
But the sound is just wonderful!

C. Moro

December 13, 2023

Ocean Way Studios

Great reverb room that transforms the sound of your recordings. It makes your sound to improve even if not recorded in the best conditions.

1-20 of 833 Results

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  7. 42