Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System


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It's not a record until it's mastered on an Ampex® tape machine.

The UAD Ampex ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder plug-in and LUNA Extension provides the final “analog polish” to your music, turning your recordings into records. Fully authenticated by the Ampex Corporation and trusted by Platinum‑selling professionals the world over, the ATR‑102 plug‑in faithfully captures the unique dynamics, colorful frequency response, and tape saturation of this industry‑standard Ampex machine.

Now You Can:

Add analog polish to your mixes with the most popular professional 2‑track tape machine ever made

Harness classic Ampex tape saturation, selectable tape types, and color to "glue" your mix together

Process your audio through the entire ATR‑102 circuit, including its transformers, amplifiers, Repro, Sync, and Input paths

Use the ATR‑102 LUNA Extension to produce rich, analog tape‑infused master recordings

The Most Popular Professional 2‑Track Ever Made

The Most Popular Professional 2‑Track Ever Made

With its cohesive sound, punch, and ability to provide subtle‑to‑deep tape saturation and color, the ATR‑102 has remained a fixture in major recording and mastering studios worldwide since 1976.

The ATR‑102 Mastering Tape Recorder plug‑in and LUNA Extension faithfully replicates the unique dynamics, frequency response, and saturation characteristics of the original hardware. Scrutinized and fully authenticated by the Ampex Corporation, the sound of the UAD ATR‑102 plug-in is virtually indistinguishable from its analog ancestor.

Now Fully Integrated into LUNA Recording System

Now Fully Integrated into LUNA Recording System

With LUNA Recording System, you can now use the Ampex ATR‑102 as a LUNA Extension, where it's built into the fabric of the mixer without the need to manage separate plug-in windows. This gives you rich, album‑ready Ampex tape tones on LUNA's master fader and buses — with all the authentic dynamics, frequency response, and saturation characteristics of the original machine.

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Authentic Calibration Controls and Tape Types

Authentic Calibration Controls and Tape Types

Like the ATR‑102 hardware, the plug-in allows you to choose between various Signal Paths (Input, Sync, Repro), different Tape Speeds / Emphasis EQs (NAB, CCIR, AES) and Tape Formula (GP9, 456, 900, 250) combinations — even including home/consumer tape. You can also use the adjustable Tape Delay feature for Automatic Double Tracking effects on vocals, guitars, and more.

Grammy-winning Presets

Grammy-winning Presets

Get inspired with presets from longtime ATR‑102 users Chuck Ainlay (Chris Botti, Mark Knopfler) Richard Dodd (Wilco, Robert Plant), Buddy Miller (Martina McBride, Emmylou Harris), Mike Poole (Keith Urban, Dolly Parton) and more. Use these presets as a starting point and season to taste on your mixes — you'll marvel at the cohesive, rich sound that can only come from an Ampex tape machine.

5-Minute UAD Tips
5-Minute UAD Tips

5-Minute UAD Tips

Featuring the Magnetic Tape Bundle

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      Customer Reviews

      Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

      Overall Rating

      E. Mack

      September 9, 2020


      I don't usually write reviews about plugins and it only been 24 hour to which I've use this But the sound and Capabilities are limitless! Felt like I was there and in LUNA it INCREDIBLE!! Thanks UA great move!

      e. david

      September 9, 2020

      Jahfurnace Music

      cant Activate Ampex ATR-102 master Tape Recorder

      W. De Jesus

      September 8, 2020

      These UA Luna’s plugins are too way expensive!!

      It’s not affordable!

      M. Petrillo

      September 3, 2020

      Sounds like an Ampex deck to me!

      This plug in is so good, I think I would take it over the real thing, which I've used. The simplicity of controls and coloration just makes tracks have the actual character of an analog mixdown deck. I love this!!!

      A. Lyon

      August 19, 2020


      Perfect for adding warmth to harsh electronic music and obviously it's so much more , it really brings definition to your mix

      A. Biggers Sr

      August 16, 2020

      Hearing it is Believing

      This plug in is expensive but worth it. I didn’t believe it until I actually heard it in action. Adds so much life and character to my master bus. If your ears are not trained then you’ll probably miss the magic.

      A. Fazil

      August 15, 2020

      Brilliant Master Channel Tape Recorder

      This plugin is a great addition to the Master Channel of you DAW. You get good control of Tape Recorder settings in this plugin - gives you great quality tape sound to define your final mixdown. A must plugin for your mixdowns.

      V. Rakach

      July 22, 2020

      Real tape for real master

      I have no any chance to work with such equipment like a studio tape recorders, but love my new ATR-102 plugin so much! It add transparency, brightness, make mix much deeper and warmer. Thanks Universal Audio, well done!

      E. Paul

      July 20, 2020

      Just what I was looking for

      This along plug-in, along with the Studer has become my go to for all my mixes. The warming and glue from this have proven better than other tape plugins I’ve tried, and I love that I can push it beyond emulation intoto a design-y tone shaping territory.

      K. Breazeale

      July 20, 2020

      A Must Have!

      This is the single most impressive plugin I have ever purchased. If the rich saturated sound of analog tape is what you desire to glue together your mixes, then this baby will do it. The ample presets are enough to address most mixes without tweaking. Definitely worth the investment.

      C. Sanchez

      July 17, 2020

      Best glue ever!

      This plugin is a beats!!! no doubt. True warm analog signal to your mixes and mastering sessions. So powerful!!

      J. Ueland

      July 16, 2020

      One of my favorites

      This has become one of my favorite plugins because the processing is so apparent. I love using it to warm up and decrease some top end on tracks and love the hum/noise for my 80s tracks.

      K. McCormick

      July 16, 2020

      Fabulous Tape!

      It’s great to have a plug in that is both detailed and sounds just like the outboard. A pleasure to use making my sessions very pro!

      I. Ptitsyn

      July 14, 2020

      It's a bomb!)

      This is a really great plugin without exaggeration! Thanks to the guys from Universal Audio!

      I. Ptitsyn

      July 14, 2020

      It's a bomb!)

      This is a really great plugin without exaggeration! Thanks to the guys from Universal Audio!

      N. Joy

      July 14, 2020


      Most signals, almost every buss and the master. I much prefer the ATR-102 plugin to any other tape emulation I’ve tried by this or any other company.

      p. albert

      July 14, 2020

      Ampex ATR-102

      Super efficace

      P. Rackley

      July 13, 2020

      I absolutely am blown away

      This plugin is a must for tape mastering punch and bottom. I plan on using this on all my mastering for the warmth and punch. If you try it, I know you’ll buy it!

      A. Reverberi

      July 13, 2020

      Just get it!

      You really don't realize how good it is until you actually start using it. The glue that brings to your mix its indescribable.

      S. Ballenden

      July 12, 2020

      Tape Glue

      After trying stacks of different emulations this to me instantly stood out it just has a great vibe and captures that final tape glue Magick
      I mainly use on stereo bus as last insert along with API2500 amd MaagEQ4
      These 3 UAD plugins for me on the stereo bus definitely bring the vibe I’m looking for.
      ATR 102 Brilliant plugin