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Get the iconic Auto-Tune® effect, perfected for Apollo interfaces.

Legendary for its vocal enhancing and creative applications, the Auto-Tune effect revolutionized vocal production and is a must-have tool for the modern music producer’s toolkit. Auto-Tune Realtime X improves the previous UAD version with interface and workflow enhancements, making it the ultimate ultra-low-latency tuning solution for Apollo — optimized for instant live vocal tracking in the studio or on stage.

Apply Auto-Tune pitch-correction to a performance in realtime when tracking with Apollo interfaces

Correct vocals and other solo instruments transparently during mixdown

Create the iconic Auto-Tune vocal effect essential to modern pop, hip-hop, and electronic music

Use Classic Mode to get the gritty, glitchy "Auto‑Tune 5" sound made famous by Future, Bon Iver, and more

Fine-tune using Auto-Tune X's powerful Humanize, Vibrato, and Flex-Tune functions

Control target pitches or other Auto-Tune parameters in realtime using MIDI input


Get the Iconic Auto-Tune Effect, Perfected for Apollo

Get the Iconic Auto-Tune Effect, Perfected for Apollo

Legendary for its vocal enhancing and creative applications, the Auto-Tune effect revolutionized modern vocal production. A UA exclusive, the Auto-Tune Realtime X plug-in gives you the ultimate low-latency Auto-Tune solution, in the studio or onstage.

Enjoy Realtime Pitch Correction with MIDI Control

Enjoy Realtime Pitch Correction with MIDI Control

Thanks to its ultra-low latency with Apollo, Auto-Tune Realtime X gives you realtime pitch correction that’s easy to use. Simply place Auto-Tune Realtime X in Apollo's Console app, select the song’s key, and you’re on your way to crafting hit-making vocals. Plus, you can control all key performance parameters from any MIDI controller or pre-recorded MIDI track.

Discover Classic Mode

Discover Classic Mode

Auto-Tune Realtime X's Classic mode gives you the famous "Auto-Tune 5" algorithm for the hard, glitchy vocal effects used by Future, Bon Iver, and Travis Scott on some of their biggest hits.

Explore the Industry Standard in Musical Pitch Correction

Explore the Industry Standard in Musical Pitch Correction

Auto-Tune Realtime X also lets you subtly correct the pitch of vocals and other solo instruments without unnatural distortion or artifacts, so you can craft the perfect amount of pitch correction while retaining a performer’s expressive intonation and inflections.

Improved Interface for a Faster Workflow

Improved Interface for a Faster Workflow

Auto-Tune Realtime X plug-in gives you the clearest user interface yet, with workflow enhancements like dark/light mode, easy Undo, and a Mix control to quickly add Auto-Tune effects without setting up effects sends.

Customer Reviews

Auto-Tune Realtime X

Overall Rating


B. Gunn

April 10, 2024


It's absolutely unacceptable to make somebody pay $99.00CAD for this very small update. I just bought the previous version two months ago. Way to spit in the face of customers.


April 10, 2024

Easy switch from previous Autotune

I’m a playback manager for some artists, and notice I had the upgrade option. Decided to switch over for a recent set and it sounds even better!! Great for live tuning. Noticed that the retune speed midi control has a better curve control but had to make a lot of adjustments in my project to compensate. Otherwise, absolutely stellar update!

A. Patton

April 5, 2024

Upgrade error

I tried to upgrade my plugin and it’s making me pay a full $299 and not the $50 and I owned the plugin from me having the heritage version and I’ve emailed UA and nothing has been fixed yet or disgusted

V. Ruzicic

April 1, 2024

in tune!

perfect tool for anti singers!!!

L. Brown

April 1, 2024



M. Vives

March 31, 2024

El mejor afinador

Un plugin único y actual

S. bagman

March 29, 2024

Plugin for every day

The most favorite plugin uad bravo to you

s. raper

March 19, 2024

Compra desde la razón

Estoy muy contento con el producto y más aun con saber que además de darme la nueva versión me dieron la anterior (que realmente no voy a usar teniendo la nueva, pero aun así, lindo gesto.
Respecto a los usuarios que lloran porque la nueva actualización tiene un coste de 50 dólares, digo algo, NADIE TE OBLIGA A ACTUALIZAR, LO HACES PORQUE QUIERES Y LLORAS PORQUE QUIERES.

Sí hay diferencias entre una versión y otra (no sonoras pero de utilidad). Y aunque no las hubiese y solo fuese un reskin, ¿por qué lloras? Nadie obliga a actualizar nada.

Dicho esto, gracias UAD, al fin tengo autotune legal y 100% funcional, ya lo he probado en más de una voz y estoy más que contento

e. mekhai

March 18, 2024


not paying to YA anymore

S. bagman

March 17, 2024

Super plagin

I really like it, thanks to the developers Uad.

M. Giraldo

March 14, 2024

nada nuevo

50 usd solo es estetica

C. Ferguson

March 14, 2024

have not noticed any difference and regret upgrading

cannot tell any difference from the previous version. If you have the previous version, I wouldn't bother upgrading. Save your 50 bucks for something useful. I must admit, I'm getting to my limit to UA plugins.

G. Gambarrotti

March 14, 2024

UAD has the worse customer service

I have not been able to use my new software, my Control Panel keeps taking me to a download page within the UAD website, this page is empty. I wrote to support for help and all they did was sent me a copy paste message with instructions to install meter and control panel and UAD software, I wrote back with screenshots and specifications of my issue and they have completely ignored my message, I’m really disappointed

C. Alexander

March 14, 2024

Great plugin

I haven’t gone in depth in using this plugin but so far , clean sound on vocals

S. Gutierrez Preciado

March 14, 2024


Es un gran plugin confiable como las versiones anteriores!

m. fritsch

March 13, 2024

Auto-Tune Realtime X - just ok

don't like the fact that I had to pay again for the upgrade from the previous version...

J. Del Prado

March 12, 2024

Nice little upgrade

I can see why people expected this to be a free upgrade--still a reasonable price for it nonetheless! Reliable just like previous versions!

R. Gagl

March 11, 2024

A nice update but....

...there definitely should be a special upgrade offer for owners of previous versions.
Sorry UAD, I stopped buying your products long ago for exactly one reason: You trample on the loyalty of your customers with feet...And the winner is: GREED!

G. Funes

March 10, 2024

Instant classic

The best and easy way to get THAT sound!!!!!!

A. Pasco

March 10, 2024

Great plugin

Probably should have been a free update.