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Effortless realtime noise reduction, tailored for vocalists.

Developed by C-Suite Audio exclusively for Apollo interfaces and UAD hardware, C-Vox combines world-leading noise suppression technology designed by CEDAR® with Realtime UAD Processing, carefully tailored for processing vocals.

Easily reduce ambient room noise from your signal for more professional-sounding vocal recordings with the most musical, low‑latency noise reduction plug‑in ever.

Reduce ambient noise while recording vocals, in real time with near‑zero latency

Quickly eliminate unwanted reverb and room tone from vocal tracks to clean up your signal before mixing through dynamics, EQ, and other effects

Remove noise from fans and air conditioners, refrigerators, traffic, and more

Get clear, focused recordings that sound as if they were captured in a more professional space

Intelligent Noise Reduction, Made for Vocalists

Intelligent Noise Reduction, Made for Vocalists

Untreated rehearsal spaces, garages, or your friend’s basement simply weren’t made for recording a masterpiece. Enter C‑Vox. Beyond a noise gate, C‑Vox intelligently responds to and reduces static room noise from your signal in real time, all without noise fingerprints or unnatural artifacts. This quick, adaptive processing delivers seamless low-latency results for vocal recording, cleaning up your signal before mixdown.

Remove the Room from your Recordings

Remove the Room from your Recordings

For home hobbyists and multi‑platinum engineers alike, an overly “roomy” recording can be the wet blanket on a mix session — especially when the room’s acoustics are less‑than‑ideal. With just two controls and a simple display, C‑Vox easily reduces room coloration and unwanted reverb from recordings while leaving your source material untouched. This results in clear, focused recordings that sound as if it were captured in a more professional space.


Noise suppression technology with Realtime UAD Processing, specialized for processing vocals

Simple controls for transparently reducing ambient noise in real time with near‑zero latency

Quick, adaptive processing without noise fingerprints and unwanted artifacts

Exclusively for UAD hardware and Apollo interfaces

Customer Reviews

C-Suite C-Vox™ Noise & Ambience Reduction

Overall Rating

F. Paul

May 13, 2023

Best ever

This noise reduction filter is the best I have ever used

B. Baldwin

May 9, 2023

Great Plugin!

C-Vox so far has been a great addition to my home studio, now I don't worry about loud upstairs neighbors or construction as much!

F. Paul

May 2, 2023

The Best Noise Reduction I have ever used

This is by far the best noise reduction filter I have ever used. I highly recommend this!

J. Padovani

April 25, 2023

I love this !!

For some reason I never had a "Go to" gate for my vocals and I had a lot of gate plugins, but this C-Vox is just what the engineer ordered. I love the fact that I could put it on the console and record in a noisy room without hearing much of the noise. I put it on my vocals after the recording and it sounds perfect.

P. Singh

April 14, 2023

Get rid of noise or room instantly

Can’t get a better plug-in for removing noise. I use a Sphere DLX with its isolation feature and then use this plug-in to get clear vocals no matter what the conditions.

d. kim

April 14, 2023


It's really cool

A. Nelson

April 13, 2023

Amazingly Effective!

I've been using this for all sorts of field recordings made for sound designs. It is incredible at removing ambient noise and room sounds/reverb. Highly useful tool.

A. Nelson

April 13, 2023

Amazingly Effective!

I've been using this for all sorts of field recordings made for sound designs. It is incredible at removing ambient noise and room sounds/reverb. Highly useful tool.

K. Neill

April 12, 2023

Vocal booth in a plug-in? It’s like magic!

I would never have guessed this was possible. I was thinking of building some kind of vocal booth but after trying ,then buying the C Suite C Vox, I have no need. Would a vocal booth be better? Noticeably better? I don’t know, maybe, but not noticeable
enough to warrant the cost, time and effort to build. Not when I’m getting the results I would hope to get from a booth with this plug.

永. 李

April 4, 2023


永. 李

April 4, 2023

降噪 效果很好


March 30, 2023

C-Suite C-Vox™ Noise & Ambience Reduction

Awesome !

H. Ruus

March 29, 2023

Rather disappointed, to be honest

I am afraid that the sales department might have slightly over-sold this one.
Yes it works, but not without considerable side effects and noticeable wobble and other undesired side effects.
Taking the price point into consideration, I think it is rather disappointing
... but hey... thanks a lot for all the other wonderful stuff you create

M. Racanelli

March 26, 2023


Great for noise cancellation and removing unwanted noise from vocals. If you have an untreated room, or a room where you get some noise and you want to record clean vocals, this really does the job well. Surprised with the outcome and would suggest it.

N. Kernizan

March 26, 2023


This is great. I sometimes hear a hissing sound or noise in the background while recording before because my booth is not the best with this, the vocals are perfect nothing in the background just straight raw vocals, and I love that for me.

T. Bie

March 24, 2023

ธีรภัทร แสนสุข บี้


J. Poreda

March 20, 2023

"you sound like a podcast" - random friend

makes my untreated room sound quiet and vocals sound crisp.

D. Caputo

February 28, 2023

No Treated Recording Space? No Problem!

Perfect for less-than-ideal recording environments. You can spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars treating your walls, floors and ceilings, or you can buy this plug-in. This is probably the single most effective plug-in to getting great sounding vocals that UAD offers. I use large diaphragm condenser mics to record vocals. Before buying this plug-in, I found my vocal tracks were muddied with ambient noise from my HVAC, pet water fountains, refrigerator, traffic, etc. This makes my shitty apartment sound like a $10K vocal booth. It makes my mix downs so much more professional. And it’s so easy to use. This is one of my MUST HAVES.

J. Lewis

February 21, 2023


This plug-in is superb. Highly recommended. Powerful, transparent, and easy to use.

UAD User

February 17, 2023


This is amazing. Sooo glad I got it.