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C-Suite C-Vox Noise & Ambience Reduction

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P. Diaz

November 26, 2022

Very nice

I own many NR plugins and tools. This one does a great job of not leaving artifacts and killing your audio when used correctly. Not sure if they will, but this goes native one day.

S. Oberdorfer

November 25, 2022

Generally amazing, unfortunately not for guitar and bass

At first I was extremely impressed with the quality of noise reduction and clarity of sound. Great job, and working for vocals as advertised! Initially it even seemed to work as well for guitar and bass, until I noticed that after some seconds of doing a perfect job, the continuous automatic recalibration starts to misinterpret the instrument as noise and cancel it out. This is extremely unfortunate and I really hope for an improvement of this aspect, which would make this plugin so much more useful!!

M. Demirel

November 14, 2022

Its my new FAV

Thats my new fav plug for unwanted noise in the background!

C. Doud

November 12, 2022

Great Plug-in for On The Go

Works best in console on real-time input with active routing from console to your DAW’s record input. —exceptional noise and ambience dampening while keeping vocals crisp and punchy. And so SIMPLE to use!

I like running c-Vox in tandem with API’s vision channel strip following c- Vox and then routing the signal to the DAW.

It makes my dining room provide acceptable results! Excellent technology!

G. Gulyás

November 11, 2022

I didn't want to buy it first, but..

I compared it with similar softwares and to my ears, this has by far, the best results. Fantastic plugin, highly recommeneded to everyone who is not recording in an ideal environment. It would be great if UAD and C-Suite had a similar plugin for acoustic guitar recording as well.

E. Bureau

November 9, 2022

The best noise/ambience reduction for vocals

I've tried a lot of them, but they all seem to leave some sort of footprint on the tone or gated artifacts. This one (if used at reasonable amounts) really helps to reduce noise and ambience without any artifacts. It also works surprisingly well on other instruments, such as acoustic guitars. A must have for people recording vocals in sub-optimal recording spaces.

M. Bos

October 30, 2022

Love it!

Such a helpful plugin when I record vocals in my small studio. Love it!

UAD User

October 17, 2022

Literally magic!!!

Okay, this is literally magic! I have been using Waves NS1 to silence some of the noise in me studio and while this is a little different, it is soooooo much more transparent. Post NS1, my audio sounds muffled and eq'd. This is completely transparent. You've got to try this in your setup. No matter how good your studio is, this makes it even better.

E. Peterson

October 14, 2022

Like magic

This is what I needed since I don’t have a dedicated vocal booth. It works so good to remove the noise in a natural way. Rx has more options but I like the sound of this one better. It’s become my go to. Love it.

R. Thorogood

October 12, 2022

Truly surprising performance

For reducing noise and room tone in things like voiceover recorded in untreated rooms this product is IMHO an absolute winner. Highly effective and to most practical intents and purposes artefact-free … in real-time. Up until now, I’ve always thought RX or Clarity Vx (particularly the latter) were the most effective in this space, and whilst they certainly still have a place in my toolbox, C-Vox is without doubt my first choice . Very highly recommended

J. Lambert

October 10, 2022

Not just for vocals!

Wow! This thing really shines on drums, vocals, and acoustic guitars. Anything that might have a bit too much semblance really. Very very cool, and not too obvious- seems to not effect e.q. as much as many of the other noise reduction Plug-ins.

A. Balogh

October 4, 2022

Noisy room+C Vox= professional noise dampened room

So far, I have recorded Enek in a room not suitable for recording. With this plugin and the correct preamp setup, it's as if my vocals were recorded in a perfect mid-high quality recording room. They were simply invented for bedroom studio people. The price is expensive, but the money comes back, as if you go to a studio to record your vocals, at an expensive hourly rate.

C. Özdemir

September 13, 2022


…and there was silence. essential for people with less than ideal room conditions

J. Vanderhorst

August 31, 2022

Game Changer !

Wow what a difference this thing makes ,especially for those of us that's recording in apts & other non perfect places.

E. Maxwell

August 26, 2022


This plugin saved my mixes, needed cleaning up bedroom vocals and this did the job!!!!!

W. LeGette

August 22, 2022

Pretty good

Not the magic solution I was hoping for. It works well if you already have good acoustic treatments in place. It is not artifact free as I have read about. Unfortunately I have to say overall iZotope RX is much better. BUT - because this works in real-time it is very cool. Studios I record live with don't know it's there, which is it's own form of magic. But when recording on my own I am finding using RX in post is much cleaner.

M. O'Brien

August 17, 2022


Having been a firmware engineer for over 35 yrs. I now only do VST stuff to set up rigs and studio outboard equipment. I can say with my hand on my heart. This is pure witchcraft. It is expensive but it is amazing. Worth every penny.

A. Santana

July 27, 2022


Es es excelente para un uso variado limpieza perfecta de fondo , donde le da un toque distintivo a la grabación también en casos de poca acústica . Magico

V. Pop Hristov

July 25, 2022


Excellent tool 4 good clean signal,also good in shaping d environment of d recording

D. Echegorri

July 15, 2022

Excelente! Aunque consume muchos recursos

Es increíble el trabajo de este plugin. Anula ruido en tiempo real y lo hace realmente bien! El único problema es que consume muchos recursos para mi pequeña Apollo Solo. Soy VoiceOver, y si tengo que grabar mi voz en un ambiente sin tratamiento acústico, es la herramienta perfecta!

1-20 of 157 Results

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