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Customer Reviews

C-Suite C-Vox™ Noise & Ambience Reduction

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J. Jacobsen

June 18, 2024

Magic plugin

This plugin is magic. It’ll remove noise that seems fused to the target voice. I have a 44 (mic) that can hear your thoughts from 4 feet and this plugin really helps to push aside extraneous noise and ambience. One of my favorite plugins ever.

A. Giroux

June 11, 2024


I try my best to record without noise to start off but sometimes it happens to have some floor noise and this plugin somewhat helps to eliminate

V. Sgargi

May 29, 2024

Very useful

So simple, so fast. And non latency and Cpu overloading with DSP. There are no rivals. Perfect!

V. Sgargi

May 29, 2024

Very useful

So simple, so fast. And non latency and Cpu overloading with DSP. There are no rivals. Perfect!

G. Patro

May 26, 2024

It does it's job in a quieter acoustically un-treated environment only

It properly works at a quieter acoustically un-treated environment during Sound Recording, but not useful at louder outdoor environments such as construction sites, traffic areas, public places

D. Fix

May 15, 2024

Secret Sauce

What can I say... This thing, and I paid full price for it, is simply magical. I've been able to process my VO signal on the fly in realtime and it simply blows my mind how effective it is. Yeah... there are others and I don't fault them at all... but this thing, in conjunction with my Apollo, makes it effortless. Couldn't be happier.

M. Evancoe

May 5, 2024

Game changer for live use

Impeccable. Incredibly transparent. I use this weekly in a live venue setting, with Antares autotune via inserts on an Avid VENUE live sound console. There is nothing else at this level for noise reduction with zero-latency.

Remarkable, secret weapon, my broadcast feed from FOH sounds studio produced.

S. Duzhykh

April 19, 2024

C-Vox Native

When C-Vox will be available in Native?

C. Foy

April 16, 2024

Fantastic RX rival

I've used RX for years but I've grown tired of dealing with latency and the artifacts RX leaves. C-Suite C-Vox is more transparent with the added bonus of drying up your signal. It's two brilliant, zero latency plugins in one. An A+ no-brainer.

A. Bandura

April 12, 2024

Just Wow

For me is better than ns1 or clarity...great for recording vocals...thanks uad!

G. Fox

April 8, 2024

Realtime average noice reduction.

I like the lack of latency of the plugin, however SOTA deep learning based noice cancellation software does a far better job with less artifacting. Useful for live recording however.

E. Rodriguez

April 1, 2024


Excelente, estoy sorprendido por tan maravilloso plugins gracias de nuevo por tanto a este pequeño soñador ,,, Excellent, I am surprised by such wonderful plugins, thanks again to this little dreamer

S. Tanner

March 31, 2024

Very useful and exact

The Noise and Ambience Reduction does exactly this in a very professional way. It is more flexible like my go to from Waves the NS-1.

B. Wenger

March 21, 2024

A must have

This is the plugin I have been waiting for Its absolutely amazing on vocals don't turn your gain to high but set it at a good sweet spot and you will have noise free vocals.

H. Tudawe

March 13, 2024

Love this plugin

It helps to note that it scan be used in serial processing, once to reduce the noise and once to take out room ambiance. Although an auto adapting feature for fluctuating noise noise would be nice.

C. Joly

March 11, 2024


Simply put , just Amazing !

L. Leonard

February 29, 2024

Good job

Good to use in speech or whisper vocal on condenser microphone.
wait a bit for learning the ambience noise and boom!!

G. Smith

February 27, 2024

Simply amazing!

I tested this in a Semi truck with the engine running in a busy truckstop and it worked effortlessly! Like in realtime without delay! It was beyond amazing so I’m sure it works wonders in just about any situation!

J. Steffen

February 15, 2024

It’s ok. Not bad but not great.

If you have a treated room I can see this performing much better. I don’t have a whisper room so the room I’m recording in (studio is currently being built) is my bedroom and you can hear all of the ambience, air conditioner/heater. The plugin removed a bit of it but it doesn’t remove a ton like you see in the demo video of it on YouTube. It definitely improved my vocal recordings but it’s not perfect by any means. Even when I turn the heater off so it’s not making any noise at all it doesn’t really remove everything. It does an ok job. For the job that it does do (and doesn’t) I think the price of the plugin is definitely too high for what it does.

J. Blanco

February 9, 2024


It works like a charm. If don't have acoustic isolation, or u are a wild music traveler and want to take a shoot here and there and record in someone else' place, this is absolutely for you

1-20 of 286 Results

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