Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance  Tool

Little Labs® Voice Of God
Bass Resonance Tool


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Tune the low end of your mix for incredible
detail and punch.

For many top mix engineers, the Little Labs Voice Of God is the ultimate bass resonance tool. This unique 500 series module allows you to intuitively shape the all-important low frequencies of your mix, as well as add depth and “oomph” to vocals and other sources.

Authenticated by Little Labs, the Voice Of God Bass Resonance plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces perfectly models this unique processor, making it a go-to tool in the hands of multi-Platinum mixers like Joe Zook (Katy Perry, The Hives) and Joe Chiccarelli (Beck, The Killers).

Now You Can:

Easily add size and weight to any source

Make your mixes’ low-end leaner, tighter, and punchier

Craft bass frequencies on drums, bass, and more, far beyond simple EQing

Add chest resonance and “heft” to vocals

A Little History

A Little History

Little Labs has a knack for creating problem-solving tools for the studio that perform equally well as creative ones. Upon its introduction in 2009, owners of the hardware VOG quickly realized multiple units are a must have — one for bass, kick drum, toms, low frequency percussion, and especially vocals. Fortunately, with the UAD Little Labs VOG plug-in, customers can have as many instances as they need to make “the low end” come to life.

Two Simple Controls

Two Simple Controls

With just two knobs, you can dial in the VOG’s desired frequency and effect amplitude. The center of the sweepable frequency range is selected via two push-buttons of 40 Hz and 100 Hz, or you can set the center to 200 Hz by pressing both buttons simultaneously. Everything below the targeted frequency peak is rolled off in a smooth curve — up to –24 dB per octave — ensuring tight low end, while the frequencies above remain intact.

In VOG We Trust

In VOG We Trust

The VOG plug-in is perfect for mixing, mastering, post-production sweetening, sound design, and audio restoration. Use it to easily simulate proximity effect for adding chest resonance and “heft” to vocals. Simple adjustments can yield enormous sounding drums, or completely transform the tonal characteristics of an electric bass. The VOG’s flexibility makes it the right choice on a wide range of musical sources and it’s the perfect way to tune the low end of any mix for incredible detail and punch.

5-Minute UAD Tip
5-Minute UAD Tip

5-Minute UAD Tip

In this video, learn how to use the UAD Little Labs Voice Of God plug-in to enhance an 808 bass part as well as beef up a thin-sounding kick drum track.

Key Features

Little Labs authenticated, UA-modeled bass resonance tool for drums, bass, vocals and more
Adds heft and precision to low-end source material — far beyond a simple EQ
Easy two-knob operation for dialing in the target frequency and effect amount (amplitude)
Two buttons dictate the center of the sweepable frequency range, 40 or 100 Hz, while pressing both buttons sets the center to 200 Hz
Dedicated “Flat” button allows for quick A/B comparison
Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide
See the UAD Instance Chart here

Customer Reviews

Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance

Overall Rating

J. Geary

January 9, 2021


This plugin is incredible for busy mixes that have a lot going in the low end. flip into mono on your mains and start carving away. once everything has priority in its own space switch back to stereo and smile. I dont have any frame of reference in comparison to the actual unit as i just dont have space in my 500. Just do yourself a favor and RTFM. Put the ranges on a sticky till you get them memorized. Also its helpful to note only the freq knob is reversed so 10 = lowest freq in selected range

D. Turner V

January 1, 2021

Lovely low end

I love this plugin for adding some weight/heft/low end w/o making a muddy mess of things, on kick, bass guitar and vocals (chest sound). It brings the mix up a notch. Brilliant!

UAD User

December 31, 2020

Big Bottom

Great for magnifying and focusing your source material's low end

S. Le Noc'h

December 31, 2020

A Must Have...

This is an awesome tool to have, like a Swiss army knife, it can bring the missing Low end to your instruments. I use it mostly on kicks and bass, but it can work as well on synths and guitars. Compared to the BX subsynth, this one add less artifacts, but also allows less possibilities.

E. Grebeznieks

December 24, 2020

Not Bad

Not in all cases, it was possible to solve the problem of lack of bottom in 80 percent of cases, the plugin helped.

F. Heiden

December 22, 2020

Works Well

Very well

J. de Back

December 19, 2020

Interesting plugin

It’s a bit unclear in the beginning but once you get to know this plugin you can achieve amazing results

m. kim

December 17, 2020

nice !!

fire 808

P. Birladeanu

December 17, 2020

Best bass harmonics plug-in EVER

I was so hooked on other plug-ins that I almost didn't believe how good this plug-in sounds! I wanted huge low-end and that's what I got with VOG !!!!!!

P. Searles

December 14, 2020

Time saver

Maybe i could get the same result with EQ, i don't know, but this thing saves me a heap of time.

S. Patiño

December 11, 2020

Simple, yet powerful

I use it to make the low-end come to life without introducing harmonics to the original signal, I use it in both, mix and mastering.

U. Sound

December 11, 2020


Easy tool for big tasks, very flexible

D. Vanterpool

December 11, 2020

Bass 808

Ich benutze es gerade um meiner 808 Bass den Zusätzlichen Punch zu geben.

S. Leopold

December 9, 2020

Great plugin for vocal recording.

I like to use an EV RE20 for vocal recordings and find that it gives my voice a more pleasant sound in the bass area. It sounds warmer and much more direct. I also use it more often for guitar amps.

O. Wampke

December 3, 2020

Top i love it....

I don't have hear the original hardware, but the results are amazing..

J. Vargas III

December 2, 2020

Say What?!!!

This does what it says! You want your kick or bass to have that tight bottom that may be missing in you mix, you need to invest in this jammie!!! You will not regret it!

T. Engel

November 23, 2020


Wie so vieles von UAD ein sehr nützliches Plugin.

P. Fitzpatrick

November 15, 2020

Wicked !!!

A must have for adding warmth to my kicks and bass, also for gently tickling my mastered tracks. Love it !!!

R. Arovo

November 14, 2020

haha UAD user below me is funny :P This is the Bruce Lee Plug-n to add power to your mix!

Excellent bass enhancing plug-in. Fairly simple to use but the only fault I have is that the 3 buttons are fairly confusing and not easy to master as they are not very logical or descriptive. I recommend watching the included UA video to alleviate this confusion.

Sound quality = 9 / 10

Ease of Use = 5 / 10

Value for money (without discount) = 8 / 10


UAD User

November 6, 2020

Remember when Bruce Lee stomped on that dudes chest in Enter the Dragon?!

I had this plugin for a while now. Everytime my kicks feel like they need to eat some spinach or they are not "kicking". I quickly go to VOG. Like some Ip man, Bruce Lee, Mike Tyson, Popeye, Street Fighter voodoo. Reach for this before an EQ sometimes. Ummph!!!. It does what says and with warmth. It's that specialty tool. That little thing that you go to big studios for.