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  • 4.9/5

Get comprehensive control over
transients and sustain.

Developed by Sonnox, the Oxford Envolution for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is a frequency-dependent envelope shaper that can radically modify the sound of your sources, boosting sustain for added ambience or cutting it for quick, precise gating.

For over 20 years Sonnox has been creating innovative, award-winning, audio processing plug-ins for professional audio engineers. Oxford plug-ins are used in a variety of audio applications including music production, live sound, broadcast, TV, and feature film audio post production

Shape percussion, piano, and guitar far beyond EQ and compression

Easily target frequency dependent control of transients and sustain

Add presence and/or distance to drums, piano, guitar, and more

Apply the Warmth control for harmonic saturation and further tone shaping

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
The Importance of Transients

The Importance of Transients

All music contains transients of some kind, whether it’s drums, percussion, guitars, or piano to name a few. Being able to boost or cut these transients gives you unprecedented control of an instrument’s presence and weight in a mix. With the Envolution plug-in, you can easily make a snare snap to the foreground, or add presence and/or distance to drums, piano, guitar, and more.

Two Sections — Total Control

Two Sections — Total Control

The Envolution plug-in offers Transient and Sustain sections, each with its own set of Attack, Hold, and Release controls. This amount of fine tuning gives you a wide variety of uses — from subtly cutting down room ambience on drums and guitar to completely re-imagining signals with extreme envelope shaping.

Frequency-Dependent Tweaking and More

Frequency-Dependent Tweaking and More

Both the Sustain and Transient sections feature a FREQ control that offers Tilt or Focus EQ modes. Tilt is perfect for more gentle envelope shaping whereas Focus mode provides a band-pass or notch response for more precise control. The Envolution also features a Warmth function that adds harmonic richness while also preventing output signal overload and a Mix control for added versatility.

Key Features

Separate and frequency dependent control of transients & sustain
Comprehensive control of key shaping parameters including attack, hold, and release
Tilt/parametric targeting of frequencies to process
DIFF button to solo the effect
Huge gain ranges: Transients ±24 dB; Sustain -48 dB to +24 dB
Best in class transient/onset detection
Sensitivity parameter to control the number of events detected
Frequency dependency with none of the limitations of conventional multi-band solutions
Use Envolution in parallel routing paths without phase cancellation
Warmth control for harmonic saturation/tone shaping and prevention of excessive output levels

Customer Reviews

Sonnox Oxford Envolution

Overall Rating


A. Dahlback

March 18, 2024

Maybe the best!

A perfect transient designer! Amazing!

L. Leonard

February 29, 2024

Versatile and great sounding!

I love this transient shaper the most in my collection of these types.
Highly recommended!!

A. Ayer

February 13, 2024

Great plugin.

This is easily the best sounding transient designer that I have ever used.

F. Schoffelen

January 9, 2024

Works even at extreme settings

I have used a competition version with more options but even the slightest of increased attack settings produced nasty clicks with that one . Envolution sounds good even under extreme settings which is what I use it for occasionally especially on Bass and Drums. The EQ could be a bit more flexible as far as I'm concerned. Great plugin to deal with boominess/muddiness in Console from the get go.

G. Espinosa

January 3, 2024

Trata o áudio com muito carinho

incrível modelador de shaper , acentuando a frequência fundamental do transiente , facilita a mixagem ,abrindo muito espaço nos instrumentos percussivos , sobre tudo ...

D. Northern

December 9, 2023

Makes everything better!!

Super easy to use!!!! Visually you can see what’s happening to the notes. Makes the drums come forward and punchy. Makes the guitars sound fuller… it’s quite amazing how great this plugin is!!!

e. tiberi

July 26, 2023

The goat

This Just replaced any other transient designer I had. Makes them all sound like Toys!

M. Ranauro

January 16, 2023


if you need to use transients in a surgical way, from a cello to a ruined Drop Edm(!) , you should probably use Envolution. I am convinced that I have used my money wisely. Uad and Sonnox are a nice combination. Michele Ranauro (close friend of a singing horse, hired on Midjourney by mistake )

J. Hershberger

December 23, 2022


Really helps bring individual drums to life. What a valuable tool to have in the box

C. Oyakhilome

December 15, 2022

Worth the buy. Effective plugin.

Possibly the best transient shaper I’ve used so far and more…

J. Szeszel

November 14, 2022

Best transient shaper for kick.

I use in every project for kick.

S. Friedrich

December 28, 2021

Great Plugin

Best transient shaper I‘ve ever tried

J. Sehlin

December 24, 2021

Secret weapon

My go to secret weapon for taming harsh and hard consonants

J. Neves

December 3, 2021

Great Transient Designer

Awesome alternative to Spiff, SPL, Smack Attack etc etc etc. It certainly has its own flavour and definitely deserves a place in my tool box!

A. Mascheroni

July 12, 2021


This plug in is so damn helpful!!

C. Azarcon

May 17, 2021

Awesome plug-in!

I use it for my drums, piano, and synths!

P. Matejicek

January 16, 2021

Secret weapon

This is best on market . Easy guy- great results.its chameleon of dynamics !!!


January 15, 2021

Surprised By the Results

I used this plug-in on drums to tame transients. I was amazed by the results. Nothing else has done the job like the Oxford Evolution! Great tool to have in your tool belt.

R. Walsh

January 14, 2021

Great on Midi Drums

The best thing I have ever tried to make midi drums sound real. I use Groove Agent since it is part of Cubase. I use Envotution on all my snares, kicks and hats. The difference in night and day. Works well on other instruments put for drums it is a must

R. Marant

January 14, 2021


Tengo varios diseñadores de transientes y me resignaba a no adquirir este. Pero como tal es el más completo de todos y no me arrepiento de tenerlo entre mis principales herramientas.