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Sonnox Oxford Envolution

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J. Szeszel

November 14, 2022

Best transient shaper for kick.

I use in every project for kick.

S. Friedrich

December 28, 2021

Great Plugin

Best transient shaper I‘ve ever tried

J. Sehlin

December 24, 2021

Secret weapon

My go to secret weapon for taming harsh and hard consonants

J. Neves

December 3, 2021

Great Transient Designer

Awesome alternative to Spiff, SPL, Smack Attack etc etc etc. It certainly has its own flavour and definitely deserves a place in my tool box!

A. Mascheroni

July 12, 2021


This plug in is so damn helpful!!

C. Azarcon

May 17, 2021

Awesome plug-in!

I use it for my drums, piano, and synths!

P. Matejicek

January 16, 2021

Secret weapon

This is best on market . Easy guy- great results.its chameleon of dynamics !!!

UAD User

January 15, 2021

Surprised By the Results

I used this plug-in on drums to tame transients. I was amazed by the results. Nothing else has done the job like the Oxford Evolution! Great tool to have in your tool belt.

R. Walsh

January 14, 2021

Great on Midi Drums

The best thing I have ever tried to make midi drums sound real. I use Groove Agent since it is part of Cubase. I use Envotution on all my snares, kicks and hats. The difference in night and day. Works well on other instruments put for drums it is a must

R. Marant

January 14, 2021


Tengo varios diseñadores de transientes y me resignaba a no adquirir este. Pero como tal es el más completo de todos y no me arrepiento de tenerlo entre mis principales herramientas.

F. Stoica

January 14, 2021

Oxford Envolution my go to transient designer

Envolution is by far the best transient designer I have ever used. Works magic on everything related to drums. May be used as a creative tool for Dance music. All in all, excellent.

U. Khan

January 12, 2021

Simply the best transient designer in the business

Sonnox Oxford does it again. This is the best transient shaper in the business. extensive control over attack and sustain with visual representation of what the processing is doing to the wave shape. The most perfect percussive sculpting tool.

R. Gonzalez Yanel

January 6, 2021

Control total

Perfecto para producir y esculpir tus sonidos. Ofrece un gran control sobre la envolvente.

E. Kruse

December 25, 2020


Ein absolut fantastischer Transienten Designer mit vielen speziellen Möglichkeiten.

R. Cote

December 18, 2020

Here is some new blood for your sound

If you want to experiment with original software, which you certainly don't have in your plugins library, this is probably the one to get you thrilled. I haven't worked much with it yet at the time of my review, but I plan to experiment with this software with different instruments. I'm sure you'll be surprised with the results playing around with the settings. If you want new blood in your sound, you're going to be served. A +

Y. Kim

December 15, 2020

kick is this

The end of transient control!!!!

r. stepan

August 7, 2020

Great for lead guitar tracks !

Instead of the ubiquitous compression in a guitar track...this baby yields
some fat guitar lead that sound unique and rich.
My secret weapon....

A. Divinsky

June 27, 2020

Next level of dense sound!!!

I don't regret a single cent spent! This unique instrument takes drum sounds to a new level. I would call it "hard clipper" in a good way! I write electronic music, particularly psytrance. Working with Sonnox Oxford Evolution in conjunction with the equalizer, you synthesize an incredibly clear and very dense sound! It's also magic for drop bassline Thank you UAD!

UAD User

June 14, 2020

Tight & Controllable

Using this type of transient designer has really shaped my drum bus and bass tracks. if your looking for something tight and still get that punch and clarity...look no further. This will get the job done!

UAD User

January 12, 2020

it works ....

Works Perfect on many categories... best for my kickdrum and Percussion.. Love it !!

1-20 of 71 Results

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