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  • 4.8/5

Get transparent, precise de-essing in real time with your UA Audio Interface.

Developed by Sonnox for UAD hardware and UA Audio Interfaces, the Oxford SuprEsser DS plug-in gives you transparent, precise linear-phase de-essing with near-zero latency when tracking in real time.

A dynamic, powerful tool, the Oxford SuprEsser DS plug-in's spectral display and intuitive controls makes identifying and surgically eliminating unwanted sibilance or harshness easier than ever.

Easily apply real-time de-essing from 1 kHz to 20 kHz

Sculpt lead vocals with transparent, precise control of aggressive frequencies

Expertly fine tune any source with Sonnox "mastering‑grade" linear‑phase filters

Quickly tame harshness on vocals, strings, guitars, and more

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
A Dynamic De-esser

A Dynamic De-esser

The Oxford SuprEsser DS plug-in's unique "floating" threshold control follows the dynamics of your vocals in real time, easily de-essing soft passages without affecting louder ones. Using this method, you're able to easily dial out the offending frequencies, while leaving the rest of the vocal untouched.

Precise, Transparent, Versatile

Precise, Transparent, Versatile

With three listen modes (Mix, Inside, Outside) and a clear FFT spectral display, you can easily see and hear where to focus the plug-in’s filters before dialing out problem frequencies, or create a unique filtered special effect by leaving them engaged. There’s also a "Simple" mode for quick fixes and "Advanced" mode for increased functionality and deeper fine-tuning. The Oxford SuprEsser DS plug-in also works on sources besides vocals, letting you easily tame string and finger noise on an acoustic guitar track, or harsh cymbal hits on drums.

Key Features:

Easily set the level-tracking threshold for musical de-essing on loud and soft vocal passages

Interactive spectral analyser helps identify and control unwanted harshness

Near-zero latency with UA Audio Interfaces for precise de-essing while tracking and mixing

Variable-slope linear-phase filters for precise, transparent control

Comprehensive Listen and Effect modes for wide and narrow-band detection and processing

Extensive factory preset collection to get you up and running quickly

Dry/wet mix control for built-in parallel processing

Customer Reviews

Sonnox Oxford SuprEsser DS

Overall Rating


D. Caruso

March 7, 2024


Le Sonnox DeEsser est vraiment chirurgical et très transparent

L. Motta

February 1, 2024

Very good!

clean out the harshness not only sibilance

m. corder

January 31, 2024


Had some handy presets to get in the ball park that really helped out

J. Jegu

January 31, 2024

Very good

Very Very good for an old plugin !

L. Motta

January 14, 2024

It's good

So is the precision D-esser

T. Jux

January 10, 2024

Great De-esser...

easy to handle, exceptional results.

D. Matos

October 6, 2023

The best De-ess

Without doubt it is very good.

E. Koch

September 21, 2023

T-Shirt Pop Filters

Sibilance Sally Says, This Is Super !!!

W. Nelson

June 25, 2023

Really is the best for De-ess

Used the trial and was blown away. It either works as a precise tool to zero in on frequencies or across the whole vocal. I have the key to pro quality results is to be sparing and not push it too hard. If you do that, then you get buttery smoothness where once there was harshness.


June 19, 2023

It was about a 1 mn Test before I fell in love with this De-esser !

It was about a 1 mn Test before I fell in love with this De-esser !
I've been using lots of deesser tools before crossing this one at the corner of the street and it's just BAM ! WOW ! Yeeepee !!! Doing Mastering for a couple of years (Ten Years+) I was using de-essing tools in the mix AND sometimes on the final master for several projects... I must say this SPECIAL one is 300% over what I heard before on many tools available on the market.
De-essing my master without altering the global mix has never been so easy, fast and effective ! No Joke, I never used a Mastering deesser so sugically precise and transparent, period.

P. Singh

April 14, 2023

Awesome Product!

Sweet de-esser that can also be used to tame down jumpy freqs. After I used it and heard how much better quality the tracks are meant I had to buy it the first chance I got.

A. Brignone

January 18, 2023

Best de-esser ever!

When I tried this plugin first time, I was surprised how it detects and removes automatically hisses and harsh frequencies, how I can control the amount of intervention and its transparency.
Now it's one of Swiss knives used in my mixes!

E. Kushch

December 5, 2022

this is a discovery for me

my friend showed me this De Esser, I immediately bought it on and deleted all De-Essers on my computer

E. Bureau

November 9, 2022

The best de-esser out there

I've been demoing and using a bunch of de-essers, and this one sounds the best and is really nice to work with. It is also great as a problem solver. Great for gently taming over sibilant sources such as cymbals. Great for surgically removing bad sounds, for example too prominent pick sounds from acoustic guitars.

P. Drube

October 17, 2022

The go to for de essing

This plugin is a must have and standard for deesing or supressing certain frequencies in gerneral. A precise working tool with excellent filters....go get it !

N. Stolz

October 14, 2022

Review Sonnox Oxford SuprEsser ds

For my voice the supresser is working very well and also without latency, but if it would be also Filter the mouth clicks it would be perfect, theoretically it can also do remove mouth clicks, but I miss this function there. The price is ok for this plugin

M. Bernabel

July 11, 2022

Look No Futher

Finally, I'm so happy I've found the best de-esser in the digital domain. By far. It also has the best looking interface for a deesser plugin as well. It just gets the job done anytime I have a sibilance problem.

M. O'Brien

April 14, 2022


Does exactly what it says on the tin. The graphical interface helps big time.

K. Thura

December 8, 2021

good de-esser.

I like it.

A. Essami

November 13, 2021

Nice one

Very good one , unfortunately doesn’t support 192kHz. iTunes already 192 ! So every plug-in has to support 192 as well.