SPL® TwinTube Processor

SPL® TwinTube Processor


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Easily add warm tube saturation, harmonics, and presence to your sources.

Professional mix engineers have long employed the SPL TwinTube hardware for its ability to make vocals and instruments pop, emphasizing select harmonics to add presence and dimension without impacting dynamic range. The SPL TwinTube Processor plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces brings the distinctive features, sound, and character of the the original high-end SPL hardware directly to your DAW.

The SPL TwinTube Processor plug-in expertly combines two essential tube effects, Saturation and Harmonics, in a single processor. Its designed as two fully independent stages — which can be run together or separately — each providing its own unique character. The result is an exceptionally wide-ranging palette of sonic shaping, from smooth and creamy overdrive to deep, growling saturation, with a range of harmonic overtones to add warmth.

Now you can:

Boost presence and spatial imaging without increasing overall dynamic range

Add analog tube warmth, saturation, and rich harmonics to instruments and vocals

Easily beef up soft synths while adding air and imaging

Shape and define signals way beyond traditional EQ and compression

Key Features

Authentic plug-in version of the world-class SPL TwinTube tube effects processor
Adds analog tube warmth, saturation and harmonic distortion to instruments and vocals
Boosts presence and spatial imaging without increasing overall dynamic range
Easy, intuitive interface and simple workflow
Developed for the UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform by SPL

Customer Reviews

SPL® TwinTube Processor

Overall Rating

(59 reviews)

C. Hoyer

July 10, 2014

Awesome character

This is one of my favorite plug-ins. The double tube emulation does wonders for weak or thin sounds. A great use for this one is to beef up VSTi synth leads that need a bit of body, and to remove that "digital" sound in the top end by giving it a bit of saturation and moving the focal point down out of the top end and into the mid/high range with the harmonics. Instantly sounds more "real".
The only downside I can think of is that I wish there was more of a color difference between the different harmonic frequency settings, but that's not enough by far to knock a star off my review. Full marks.

K. Wayte

June 21, 2014

The handy magic touch

I picked up this plugin with the intention of using it for that "magic touch" of tube sound when I wanted it. Sure, you can try to use some of the old preamp plugins to attempt this, but I found them too subtle in the cases where I wanted that real fine rasp and those airy harmonics to be more obvious. The TTP not only does it perfectly, but it has the range of barely-there-subtle to outright overdriven. The complete control over frequency sweet spot, harmonics, and saturation, not only make it brain dead easy - but fast. You'll find you'll get what you want within seconds. It's like adding the perfect sauce on your already perfect steak.

T. Colontonio

November 29, 2013


This unit does a fantastic job of making things pop out of your mix... love using it on vocals!

T. Crystal

June 3, 2013

Makes The Average Special!

A few ago, we had a chance to hear the hardware version add character and life to a vocal take. We couldn't wait to check out UA's version. It actually gave us goose bumps. The SPL TT made everything (piano, guitar, hats, vocals) sound so sweet. A very natural harmonic presence is infused with the original sound. Awesome!!!

R. Kulikov

June 1, 2013

Very useful

I think its power is in subtle usage..i am currently working on a project it really helped to imporove the bass line to cut even better through the mix..just a little touch as if there is nothing..but when you bypass it, you realize you need it!

T. Urban

November 30, 2015

I didn't need it, but I still bought it!

This is one of those plugins that I really feel I already had all the tools to achieve the same sound. However, its simplicity led to me making the purchase. On a guitar track, I can add a little harmonic distortion and find the right frequency to bring out picking, crunch, or overtones. It is easier than an eq, though it has many similarities. I wouldn't make this my first UAD purchase, but would definitely look at it if you already have a few great eqs and tone shaping plugs. FYI, I have a short tutorial demoing the UAD vs Native versions:


S. Renius

June 1, 2013

Stephan Renius


the Twin Tube is better than the original from SPL and sounds warmer.
I've been waiting a long time for your tool !!!
Iam very happy about it.
A good price for a super tool for all!!!!


P. Thurian

May 29, 2013

Super Sound

Wenn etwas fehlt, und EQ oder Compressor nicht helfen, rettet SPL TwinTube den Track. Er setzt Glanzlichter. Ein Tool welches mit wenigen Handgriffen den Sound auf eine höhere Ebene bringt.

M. Sch?tz

May 14, 2013

Who is going to buy this???

Who needs this plugin for the UAD platform??? It is already running in native for a few years and can'treally mess with the qualtiy like e.g. the Wavearts Tube Saturator VST...... The SPL native version doesn't need a lot of cpu - not to say that it is super low... i'm running constantly out of power of my 3 uad 2 cards, why the hell should i buy this??? For me this development for the uad platform is absolutely useless! Also the quality of this plugin doesn't correspond with the usual high standard of UA....

J. Kervinen

December 23, 2016

Excellent for many sources

I'm personally using this for Basses. I don't know why, but it gives the magical character I have always been looking for. Subtle roughness and pushes the edges if you want so. I also have the native version, but somehow I always turn to the UAD version.

G. Hout

December 4, 2016

Awesome on sampled keyboard sounds

For keyboards I use only stereo samples (electric and acoustic piano) and I was surprised how much life and shine this little plugin can bring to the sampled sounds. Helps them to cut through when the mix is getting a little cluttererd.

M. Sylvin

November 6, 2016

Vocals without SPL Twintube? No thanks

Perfect. pick a preset & tweek it a bit...or go from zero to 100 on your own. You can not go wrong. I am trying not to use it everywhere:-)

p. desgreniers

October 11, 2016

808 wow

This on a Tr-808 will do magic. Snare, Bass Drum, etc.

R. Trinabhametr

June 24, 2016

The most beautiful harmonic enhancer ever heard

The saturation is warm and easily to manipulate, two types of harmonic sequences is well balanced in musical way. The overload detector is more useful than one might think, a little of unwanted distortion or bad noise may make a mix bad undetectably, but it's possible to forget about them, if using this plugin in the right manner. Worth expense!!

V. Azevedo

June 3, 2016

Natural and harmonical

Will be my next plugin from UA.
I tried it on a Mix and on a Master. It's the kind of plugin that we don't need to spend much time to hear the purpose.
It gives Life to the Vocals, Acoustics, Brass, Strings, almost everything, because it's harmonical, natural, musical.
Try it before finish your mixes.

S. Tib

June 1, 2016

Great for vocal, bass and electric piano !

Twintube is an easy solution to add warm and harmonics distortion, to vocal, bass, and electric keys.
It's easy to use, the presets are pretty good for a starting point if you don't want to fiddle !

R. Olivier

April 5, 2016

Chaosthetic Cosmos premastering

Sound engineer for CrossAngel:The album "Chaosthetic Cosmos" has been fully treated with UAD2 in 2014.
Neve 88RS channel strip for the mix then Studer A800, SPL TwinTube and Precision Equalizer for the premastering.
Effective tools that helped keep the analog sound throughout the project.Thanks!

UAD User

March 18, 2016

Great for adding some bite to cut through mix

I saw a video with a high profile engineer/mixer (might have been Warren Huart) using this on a bass track to get it to cut through the mix better. I have a lot of UAD plugs and never considered this one, but it looked like it made it really easy to add some sizzle and life to an otherwise dull track in a way not possible with simple EQ. Well, it does. I'm loving it so far. I can imagine using it on more than just bass, maybe even guitars, vocals. Might be one of those things I want to use a lot, but need to be careful not to overdo it.

F. PdC

February 12, 2016


A great tool for popping up any element on a mix or if You want to crush things just a little bit.
I've compared It with an AU version owned by a colleague and the UAD version sounds much better.
Besides It's great on vocals, try It on horns and harmonica too.

UAD User

February 7, 2016


A great tool for popping up any element on a mix or if You want to crush things just a little bit.
I've compared It with an AU version owned by a colleague and the UAD version sounds much better.
Besides It's great on vocals, try It on horns and harmonica too.