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Ten retro-futuristic tone machines, packed with analog magic.

Give your recordings the colorful saturation and effects heard on countless hip‑hop, lo‑fi, electronic, rock, and experimental tracks. Designed for the modern musician, beatmaker, and producer — Verve Analog Machines puts playful analog sounds right in your DAW.

Included Version

UAD Native
Runs on your Mac or PC without UA hardware.

UAD Native plug-ins run on both macOS 10.15 Catalina or newer and Windows 10 and 11. Go to our UA Support page for system requirements.

  • Add analog sound to your recordings with 10 easy-to-use machines
  • Shape tones quickly with simple controls like drive, tone, and tape warble
  • Give kicks, snares, and synths gritty tape textures or add tube warmth to vocals, guitar, bass, or your entire mix
  • Make mixes sound instantly more expressive and alive with retro-futuristic analog sounds crafted by UA

Meet the Machines
Meet the Machines

Meet the Machines

Dive deep into all of Verve’s machines and uncover the sounds and settings that unlock magical analog tone for your mixes.

Unleash Your Creativity with 10 Magical Machines

Unleash Your Creativity with 10 Magical Machines

Verve Analog Machines puts vintage sound at the ready. Giving you 10 colorful UA‑designed effects with settings that are super easy to dial in, it’s like a sandbox full of analog toys right in your DAW.

Add Some Energy to Your Modern Mixes

Add Some Energy to Your Modern Mixes

Need to energize drums, guitars, vocals, synths, or your whole mix? From gluey tape warmth and hi‑fi tube saturation to all‑out distorted mayhem, Verve Analog Machines makes your in‑the‑box productions sound instantly more expressive and alive.

Get Vintage Tone That’s All Your Own

Get Vintage Tone That’s All Your Own

Whether you seek the strange sound of thrift store tape machines, that tiny speaker effect from a vintage guitar amp, or the big-studio luster of a premium tube channel strip – Verve Analog Machines instantly levels up any mix with vibey analog color.

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  • Machines Included: 4
  • Ways to Buy: Free Download
  • Controls: Drive
  • UAD Analog Modeling: Yes
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  • Machines Included: 10
  • Ways to Buy: Buy to Own or Subscription
  • Controls: Drive, Tone, Warble
  • UAD Analog Modeling: Yes
  • $199 $99: Offer extended through 7/31!
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Included Machines



Add warmth to anything with classic reel-to-reel sound that can be gently overdriven.

Great for: Getting studio-grade tape sound on vocals, instruments, or your entire mix.



Get the effect of driving up the gain on an analog console to energize your recordings with crunchy saturation.

Great for: Bringing dull recordings to life.



Make tracks blush with rich harmonics, like the sound you get when plugging into a high-end tube preamp or channel strip.

Great for: Warming up bright or thin-sounding tracks.



An older and bolder tape machine. It’s similar to Sweeten, but with a deeper warmth and warble.

Great for: Getting tape sound with added movement.



Hop in your time machine and explore gritty lo-fi textures from half a century ago.

Great for: Giving any track some added vibe and dimension.



Need a tone that’s all your own? Score thriftstore tape machine sound that’s older than your grandparents.

Great for: Making modern recordings sound old.



Get tube sound that’s been pushed to the edge, similar to driving an analog preamp a bit too hard.

Great for: Getting tracks to sound bold and exciting.



Tape tone like Thicken and Vintagize, but it grinds and roars even more.

Great for: Adding fuzzy tape tone to synths, guitars, drums, and more.



It’s that searing analog sound, like pouring liquid hot magma onto your track.

Great for: Adding texture to vocals and instruments.



Need your recordings to sound broken, but in a cool way? Sputter gives you over-the-edge distorted mayhem.

Great for: Pushing tracks past their limits.

Customer Reviews

Verve Analog Machines

Overall Rating


M. Schneider

July 2, 2024

Brings you coloue

Colour to the track

G. Büttner

July 2, 2024


Have only the essential version - after trying that and the trial version I found it doesn't add anything I would like to have in my mix (ambient music). Too few options to tweak the sound; i found I rather don't use it.

C. Mansfield

June 24, 2024

The Past Is Future And Fun Again

When CDs first appeared, they were lauded as so clean, and would stay clean for ages, without hum, pops, or scratches unlike records, and with unchanging sound, unlike cassettes. But we soon felt there was something* just out of our perception of sand that was missing.... Some very smart people got on the case and over the years, discovered that the very reason we bought CDs in the first place was one of the elements missing from the experience of music. Not hiss or rumble, but subtle distortions and interference that made the sound *rich* to our ears. They called it warmth and they were right. Verve Analog Machines help bring that warmth in subtle -- and not so subltle ways. Good one, UAD!

S. B

June 19, 2024

1 plugin, many flavours. no wet/dry knob

my DAW has wet/dry knob for every fx, so no problem for me.
i used this plugin almost on everything and happy to have it in my arsenal.
strange GUI? maybe, i do not care


June 18, 2024


Love it, the simple way it works is perfect for my workflow without needing to stay a lot tweaking knobs

A. Portillo

June 12, 2024

My new go to sweeteners

I was wondering why some people have given bad reviews on this plugin. It is actually really good. in the beginning, I almost fell into the thought that "this funny looking things" cannot be any good. But I could not contain myself to give it a try; and i did! to my surprice, this is now an actual asset to my arsenal. Who would have though....!


June 7, 2024

You can easily choose the tape effect.

Although detailed settings are not available, you can easily find a tape effect that suits you from a wide variety of presets.
For me, this effect is very useful.

J. MacDonald

June 3, 2024

Using prolifically

These little machines are an unexpected secret sauce. I insert them immediately after an instrument before any other effect and they make for a simple way to add life to most sounds. Verve has become a go-to when I want to diversify the character of an arrangement.

J. Vallander

May 18, 2024

Love it

Sounds great on everything

S. Chahley

May 14, 2024

Nice flavours

Been enjoying using this plugin a lot! It's a real character machine, easy to use, and the results always seem to sit well in a mix. Sometimes you don't need a lot of tweakable options to be a really useful tool, case in point.....the LA 2A. Not much to play with, it just works....really well!

R. Morris

May 13, 2024

Amazing sounds made easy.

Personally I love the sounds I am getting out of this. But being an old analogue freak I would have loved a great retro design, and the producer in me would have loved to be able to dial in more, getting more into the nitty of things.

This is made for kids, great fun, easy to use, sounds truly amazing but if it is the avenue for someone like UA to take? I am not so sure, it is retro starwars vs. lego, and I would hate to see things going Disney.

l. ramirez

May 6, 2024

Colorful fun.

Instant color and vibe. Easy, fun and simple. It fits my musical style and mixing philosophy.

F. Narcisse

May 1, 2024

I like it but

So I like it actually but not having a dry/wet knob and a mix knob is what is killing me. I have found away around it but using a bus and for me it gives some control. If it had this knob it would be perfect. Overall it sounds great. Simple not a lot going on I love that I don’t have to overthink

F. Narcisse

May 1, 2024

I like it but

So I like it actually but not having a dry/wet knob and a mix knob is what is killing me. I have found away around it but using a bus and for me it gives some control. If it had this knob it would be perfect. Overall it sounds great. Simple not a lot going on I love that I don’t have to overthink

D. Silberman

April 30, 2024

Needs a wet/dry blend

Don’t waste your money on the upgraded version. Sounds are fine, some even good, but offers very little flexibility for professionals. This is an ameuter hour release from a company that should know better. If the advanced model was free I’d have less issue but to pay $99 or $199 when promo ends is laughable. Do better UA, this is laziness.

S. Saied

April 29, 2024

Very nice

Pretty awesome plug-in just plain and simple. I applied this to bass guitar and it really thickened and beefed up the bass. It’s hard to describe honestly, but it’s sonically warmer and thicker. I’ve also use this on drums and my synthesizers and again it really does take the coldness out of the mix. I find that I want to use it on every track, buses and main because it’s so simple and quick to use.

T. Osborne

April 26, 2024

Underrated plugin (Essentials version)

Based on the reviews I've seen on here, it appears Verve is getting alot of bad press and I think it's painting an inaccurate picture of how useful this plugin is.

I've seen that most complaints are to do with lack of a wet/dry mix knob and also a lack of control in general. Both these factors are true and are fair comments. However, lack of a mix knob can be compensated for by placing this plugin on a send/return track in your DAW - or you could even duplicate the instrument track you wish to use it on, place Verve on the duplicate and then blend the two using the faders on your mixer. So this isn't the end of the world.

As far as a lack of tweak-ability goes, I completely agree... but we need to understand what UA were going for when they created this plugin. Clearly, the plugin is designed to be simple and streamlined in terms of usage and interface; each machine in Verve is essentially the same as having a list of presets to flick through until you get the flavor you want. They've gone for speed and convenience over complexity and the ability to customise the sound. So I guess you just have to ask yourself, is that what you want?

Most importantly, don't let the above factors get in the way of the QUALITY of the plugin - i.e. the quality of the sound it creates, or rather how well it affects the sound source you are using it on. Tonally, this machine sounds absolutely fantastic, it is absolute quality and whoever made it at UA did an awesome job... As 'Manipulators of sound' surely that is the most important aspect to us, right?

The quality is as such that, although the interface is simple and streamlined, there is obviously alot going on under the hood of this thing that we can't see.
Bottom line: Verve sounds great and is extremely useful. Additionally, the kind folks at UA are giving the Essentials version of this baby away for free until April 30th - companies rarely do that - and so what have you got to lose? Ignore all the naysayers and try it for yourself, I can pretty much guarantee you will find it useful for something!

Thanks UA for an awesome, free product of top quality. You have my full support!

N. Brooks

April 25, 2024

Fast and Sounds Great

Bought the full version. It's super fast to dial in great sounding saturation and color. The plugin does what it says and sounds great.

D. Farnham

April 23, 2024

Good - Fun Distortion/Audio degradation Tool, needs update

This plugin is a lot of fun, and I’ve gotten some cool sounds from it, but I agree with a few other people here that this plugin needs a mix knob. While there other ways/workarounds this should be default in my opinion.

A. Petty

April 23, 2024

I have the essentials version, not much value added

While I am only using the essentials version, I can say there is not much value added here if you already own all of the real UA plugins. This is a light weight toy for people just getting started I think.