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Unmatched Authentic Vintage and Modern Delay Effects.

Fasten your seatbelts for sonic time travel with UAFX Starlight Echo Station, featuring jaw‑dropping emulations of classic tape echo, bucket-brigade, and digital delay units in a single, uber‑powerful stompbox.

Built upon futuristic UAFX dual‑engine processing and unflinching sonic accuracy, Starlight sets a new benchmark in delay effects, beautifully crafted to travel the farthest reaches of your imagination for decades to come.

Create with stunning emulations of iconic tape echo hardware, with selectable New, Used, and Worn tape machines

Craft legendary bucket-brigade analog delay effects with the color, texture, modulation, and haze of the original hardware

Play pristine, studio-grade digital delays with dynamic and inspiring modulation textures

Quickly access sounds with Live/Preset modes, and play with silent switching, spillover, optional preamp coloration, tap tempo, and true or buffered/trails bypass*

Download additional vintage Cooper Time Cube delay effect at product registration

Build your pedalboard around timeless UA design and robust craftsmanship, built to last decades


Tape EP-III: Perfectly Captured Tape Delay and Preamp

Tape EP-III: Perfectly Captured Tape Delay and Preamp

A glorious system of motors and tape, vintage early‑'70s tape echo units are beyond legend — and Starlight Echo Station's Tape EP‑III is, soup‑to‑nuts, the most complete circuit emulation of the classic hardware. From its wow/flutter randomness to the sound of the tape splice, every eccentric trait of the hardware is here, including its incredibly musical preamp circuit. Plus, you can tweak your repeats with New, Used, and Worn tape machines for tons of color and texture.

Analog DMM: Iconic Bucket‑Brigade Effects

Analog DMM: Iconic Bucket‑Brigade Effects

Syrupy repeats, thick modulation, and mind-bending sci‑fi effects are calling cards of this vintage American bucket‑brigade delay. Starlight Echo Station captures the best characteristics of multiple handpicked units from the late‑'70s/early‑’80s, modeling the entire circuit — right down to the colorful preamp and unpredictable clock rate dumping — giving you startling "whoosh" effects, astonishing vibrato and chorus textures, and all the hazy zaniness of the original.

Precision: Hi-Fi Delays, Inspired Modulation

Precision: Hi-Fi Delays, Inspired Modulation

Featuring pristine, mirror‑image repeats with dynamic, shimmering modulation effects, the Precision effect is a goldmine of modern delays. Easily craft with hi‑fi studio‑grade flange and chorusing textures and pepper your creations with ping‑ponging repeats, adding movement and interest to your parts.

Dual Stereo Delay Engines for Endless Creativity

Dual Stereo Delay Engines for Endless Creativity

Starlight's UAFX engine powers separate stereo instances of each delay effect, thanks to its unique dual‑engine processing. It's like having two tape or bucket-brigade hardware units running simultaneously, giving you a full stereo spread of complex, awe‑inspiring spatial textures, and seamless delay effect transitions with trails.

A State-of-the-Art Stompbox

A State-of-the-Art Stompbox

With modern, high‑powered features like studio-grade conversion, dual‑processing engines, additional downloadable effects at registration, Live/Preset modes, true/buffered bypass* with silent switching, effect trails/spillover, tap tempo, and analog dry through, Starlight Echo Station is your interstellar delay navigator — from here to the never‑ending beyond.

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      UAFX Control App & Owner's Manual

      Note that Starlight Echo Station requires a modern 400 mA isolated power supply (sold separately). Go here for power supply recommendations.


      Flagship, no-compromise stompbox offering the most authentic tape, bucket-brigade, and digital delays ever captured in an effects pedal

      Definitive emulation of iconic tape echo units, with New, Used, and Worn tape machines

      Legendary bucket-brigade analog delay effects with the color, texture, and tone of the original hardware

      Pristine, studio-grade digital delays with dynamic and inspiring modulation textures

      Store and recall your favorite preset, silent switching, spillover, tap tempo, true/buffered bypass, and trails*

      Analog dry through, stereo/dual mono operation, and available modulation on each effect

      Free Cooper Time Cube delay effect, downloadable at registration

      Customer Reviews

      Starlight Echo Station

      Overall Rating


      W. Taylor

      June 1, 2023

      Software is GARBAGE

      Starlight echo station..great pedal, but the UAFX control app is complete garbage...won't connect no matter what I do, am unable to access the control app, won't connect to the pedal and UA has ZERO answers or's a shame..won't be buying anymore of these so-called "great pedals" that you can't even use as intended and as they say they work....Zero stars....

      H. Toledo

      March 23, 2023

      Not buy if you have put some money in your tone

      I have invested some money in pickups, cables, amp and Pedals, so I can have the tone that I want. Just get starlight and put it in my effects loop, the first thing O notice is that the starlight removes some frecuencies of my tone even if the pedal is off and in true bypass setting

      A. Delaplane

      March 22, 2023

      The BEST delay I've ever used!

      I have owned a lot of delay pedals and modeling units over the years, but this one is by far the best. The pedal itself is solidly build and the sounds are incredible! Each model has been expertly crafted and the attention to detail is truly incredible. I have been an avid fan of the Deluxe Memory Man for years and this is the best emulation of it that I have ever heard: the preamp, the modulation, the warmth it's all there. I agree with one of the other reviewers, adding UA's Kord SDD-3000 plugin to the pedal would be amazing. The Precision delay is cool, but it's the least exciting of the three and having the Korg SDD would give another flavor of preamp with the digital delay and the Korg's unique modulation. Also a reverse delay would be icing on the cake. This is already a tremendous pedal for the price, but those new models would push it over the top. Either way thank you!

      D. Barrington

      March 11, 2023

      Superb Delays!

      UA delays are top notch. Can nail Electro-Hamonix, too. Read my Golden reverb for these pedals details. Bottom line: great set-and-forget. Only 1 preset favorite. Other settings must be memorized. Buggy setup for updates using one software and control app being different and over bluetooth. Connections sometimes wonky. I do not like the blinking delay led. Give you epilepsy and I can’t really tell if Im using the preset of the pedal is OFF. Too cheap for $300+ to use another switch. Or LCD. Or combine like H9 so you can save on board space and looking for a ton of 500 mA connections! They give you no cords. Their instructions are worse than those on Sweetwaters page who finally got me figuring out registration, update, etc. But if you can deal with frustration for a superior delay sound, this is your baby. It works for me. Thank goodness I don’t need many presets for live gigging. They need to create a multi-effect floor unit. They’re profiting from insanely expensive single pedals that require too much space & power. And now they are silent on support/updates. Makes me think they will abandon this for something else bc they just dropped the prices by a lot.

      P. Lambert

      March 4, 2023

      Good idea but poor execution.

      The sounds are all quite thin sounding and the functionality is limited. The fact that they still haven't implemented the ability to dial in a specific BPM on the uafx is ridiculous. I love the plugin versions but this effect unit in no way sounds like the plugins.

      s. Pfeiffer

      January 6, 2023

      Korg SDD-3000 Next

      Korg SDD-3000 next. Cooper Time Cube is mind-boggling; dont stop there! And btw, the EP-8 pre is delicious! So get another sublime pre in the SDD-3000 (if Korg will License!) Brian Eno, Daniel, Lanois, Flood, The Edge can't be wrong Beautiful filter section too... First Programmable Digital Delay-A wopping 10 presets! Somebody needed more than me to break into in a storage unit in Reno! Thanks for bringing it back!

      P. Pino

      October 5, 2022

      Why emulate the limitations?

      Starlight is a great delay. It perfectly reproduces the delay sounds of yesteryear. And perhaps it is in that perfection that lie the greatest limitations of this pedal. Why not extend all emulations to 2.5 seconds? Why not equip all emulations with low-pass and high-pass filters? Why not allow Tape and Analog to not go into self-oscillation? Why not increase the possibility of ping-pong to all divisions? Why, put simply, emulate all the limitations of those machines you are trying to emulate and not create something truly innovative? The audio quality of this pedal is indeed remarkable, but it lacks these very important little things, as well as midi support, which for a delay is almost indispensable.

      C. Jones

      June 15, 2022


      The first 2 algorithms are it. The tape echo and memory man are so good. I wish the precision delay had been a more interesting classic digital delay emulation, but the tape and dmm are worth the price of the pedal.

      T. Curtis

      December 30, 2021

      Totally SICK!

      If they will only add a Binson to this it would be my all time fav pedal.

      D. Marais

      October 10, 2021

      Sweet glory

      Just a stunning pedal to have at one’s feet. Excellent, warm, gooey echoes in spades. Congrats.

      J. Ojeda Tello

      July 24, 2021


      Me encanta este Delay en sus 4 modos y esta construido como un tanque. Así todo me estaría faltando la opción de Tener un Preset almacenado sin tener que prescindir del switch y la luz del TAP. Sería fundamental que sigan sumando diferentes delays y/o la posibilidad de hacer algún trabajo de edición en profundidad desde la App del movil o la PC

      I. Guyer

      July 23, 2021

      This is a star

      I just followed up purchasing the Golden by buying the Starlight. This has just made my day. These are stunning. If you only ever buy two pedals, then these are the ones. Playing with two amps in stereo the sounds are inspiring. I am finding tones and songs from my fingers and guitar that I did not know were there. Thanks UA

      M. Gamble

      June 18, 2021


      Absolutely love this pedal I have been waiting like a kid that can't wait to see what Santa left under the Christmas tree for me. I have been turning knobs and playing for hours and hours. I really hope that UA update the UAFX app for naming and storing presets good job guys !!

      G. Vogelsang

      May 13, 2021

      Amazing Delay

      All four modes are incredible, each different but equally amazing. Would be 5 stars but on a stage its going to be really hard to see what effect you're on as they all have the same colour led - strange oversight.
      But the sound is truly incredible, look no further.

      F. Conway

      April 22, 2021

      The UAFX Starlight is a delay-full delight!

      What a find! A tape, DMM and Digital all in one pedal. UA knocks it out of the park. Fresh out of the box you’ll get great tones... highly recommend!

      R. K***

      April 9, 2021

      Sounds better than any of the UA plugins it is based on

      Got my UA Starlight Delay pedal  from Sweetwater today after a 3 month wait. But the good news it was worth the wait.

      PROs: Excellent! Sounds way better than any of the UA plugins  it is based on. Not sure why that is. The EP3 Echo Plex model is incredible. Sounds like the real thing. The whole signal is juiced up, thicker. The UA EP3 software plugin is just not as good. Would like to see a software editor for mac or iphone to store presets

      CONs: Instructions are kind of sparse. UA should post a complete walkthru video. For now, its unclear if only one preset can be stored? Why
      not a few? Also unclear how the stereo outs work if you plug in a mono guitar. So you take a stereo Y splitter cable to from the guitar so you have 2 inputs?

      Way to go UA, James and Drew!

      G. Gedrich

      March 23, 2021


      Ok. Let me say that this delay is stunning... and it hasn't stopped impressing me since the moment I had it!