Neve® Preamp

Neve® Preamp

Unison Enabled

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The authentic Neve preamp sound, right at your fingertips.

The Neve mic preamp is an undisputed audio masterpiece, adding genuine Neve sheen, richness, and thick musical detail to any signal that passes through it. The pinnacle of Neve preamp design is the classic 1073® module with EQ, but Neve also briefly produced the 1290TM module — a rare, preamp-only version of the 1073.

Now, you can get the clarity, grit, and harmonically complex class‑A saturation of this amazing mic preamplifier in a simple two-knob plug-in that’s perfect for UA Audio Interface owners.

Now You Can:

Get the world’s only authentic plug-in emulation of the legendary class-A, Neve mic preamp

Record "through" the iconic Neve preamp in real time using UA Audio Interfaces, with low DSP use

Color your tracks with musical saturation and complex nonlinear circuit behaviors

Control UA Audio Interface mic preamp gain staging and impedance directly from the Neve Preamp plug-in via Unison technology

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
The Neve Preamp — Simplified

The Neve Preamp — Simplified

The Neve Preamp plug-in combines sonic attributes of both the 1073 and 1290 designs and provides all the bandwidth and attitude of Neve's original hardware, as heard on countless classic recordings. By thoroughly modeling the dual-stage "Red Knob" preamp and output amplifier with obsessive detail, the Neve Preamp plug-in replicates the sound and behavior of the original preamp with stunning accuracy.

Give Your Tracks the Sound of Your Favorite Albums

Give Your Tracks the Sound of Your Favorite Albums

Like the original hardware, the Neve Preamp plug-in adds characteristic color and grit. Just drop it into the Unison slot of your UA Audio Interface’s Console software to add instant character to vocals and acoustic guitars, or treat synths, drums, and bass with the complex, dynamic clipping behavior that can only come from Neve.

Unison Technology for UA Audio Interfaces

Unison Technology for UA Audio Interfaces

Harnessing UA’s Unison technology, the Neve Preamp plug-in blurs the lines between analog and digital, giving you all of the legendary hardware’s impedance, gain staging “sweet spots,” and circuit behaviors. The secret is Unison’s bi-directional control and communication from the Neve Preamp plug-in to the digitally controlled mic preamps in UA Audio Interfaces.

Add Clarity and Color to Any Source

Add Clarity and Color to Any Source

Of course, the Neve Preamp plug-in isn’t just for UA Audio Interface owners. UAD-2 hardware owners can employ the Neve Preamp plug-in for mixing and tone shaping — without ever leaving the box. Thanks to its lower DSP usage, you can easily place Neve Preamp plug-in instances across multiple channels, turning your favorite DAW into a classic Neve console.

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      Key Features

      Exclusively Neve licensed plug-in emulation of the world’s favorite mic preamp

      Combines sonic attributes and features of both the coveted 1073 and 1290 designs

      Models entire Neve class-A transformer/transistor circuit path, including preamp, output amplifier, nonlinearities, and clipping

      Variable, physical input impedance and front panel control of gain staging and other preamp parameters via Unison™ mic preamp technology

      Requires a UA Audio Interface or UAD DSP Accelerator Card available from authorized dealers worldwide

      Customer Reviews

      Neve Preamp

      Overall Rating

      H. Lechterbeck

      April 10, 2021

      Easy Going

      Easy zu bedienen, großer Sound, super Monitoring - in der Praxis schnell und unkompliziert einsetzbar - ich habe es nicht bereut, darin zu investieren

      m. shankle

      April 9, 2021

      Neve Preamp

      This is my go to plugin, its easy to use and great

      m. shankle

      April 9, 2021

      my go to

      simple and great

      P. Lange

      March 31, 2021

      Neve Preamp

      My go-to Unison Plugin

      T. Fuxa

      March 27, 2021

      One step into the new world

      I love gears which gives to my sound some character and color and this was why I wanted to have Neve Preamp. My projects are more colored and solid now.

      G. Perez

      March 26, 2021

      The nevepre

      Learning litle by litle and getting my sound nice and simple preamp

      L. Cordova

      March 22, 2021


      Simple y eficas

      M. Tourian

      March 13, 2021


      Just getting started with my UA setup and new apollo, but so far very happy with the performance and the plugins. I'm in the middle of an editing project, and this Neve preamp has been totally useful for giving almost any track I put it on better transients and clarity. I also used it to record a couple of overdubs and was quite pleased. And at half price for $75 it's a steal. Hoping this project will bring lots more work my way so I can buy more plugins!

      J. OConnor

      March 7, 2021

      A Dream Come True

      Always wanted My Personal Neve Sound When Tracking
      Now I Can Take it up A Notch or Three

      D. Long

      March 6, 2021

      Love the tone

      Used it on my vocal track immediately after purchasing it. I love the tone and it suits the characteristics of my voice which I find hard to achieve on many of the other pre-amps.

      s. sisti

      February 26, 2021

      Top unison pre

      Use always this plug for vocal ad acoustic guitar recordings!

      S. El Hammami

      February 20, 2021


      Nice but I've switched to neve 1084 for preamp and EQ

      D. Cope

      February 19, 2021

      Great sound

      Got this for an absolute bargain in the sale and with vouchers, very subtle to extreme saturation is achievable with this very simple to use plugin. I have it placed first in the signal path on every channel now

      L. Pacheco

      February 14, 2021

      Great for everything

      I didn’t know what was the difference with this and the 1073 and then I took a chance and don’t regret it, mi SM7b sounds amazing and very different from the 1073 so I totally recommend this !! You need this for some stuff and the 1073 for other let your ears be the judge for me on acoustic guitars piezo, bass and the SM7b sound amazing !!

      D. Nelson-Ashley

      February 11, 2021

      Sound's great. Low CPU.

      Sound's great. Low CPU.

      H. Nakanishi

      February 9, 2021

      Always great!

      It's so simple, light and great!!

      b. zucchetti

      February 3, 2021


      Clear and Natural , low dsp , i will have everything of Uaudio!

      D. Baker

      January 31, 2021


      Lovely sounding, low DSP, no nonsense preamp to strap across multiple channels.

      C. Isidoro

      January 31, 2021

      O melhor Neve UAD

      É impressionante a forma de como mudas a característica do preamp da tua interface, as gravações são limpas e claras e após a gravação o que mais adoro é como a voz praticamente já fica preparada, a seguir com dois ou três pormenores o áudio fica preparado... perfeito

      A. Hall

      January 27, 2021

      A little bit of soul

      This is a really great product. It gives everything a bit of soulful sheen without overdoing it