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Volume 1, Number 9, December 2003
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Support Report: Mac OS X 3.3.0 Public Beta Info

So glad it is finally here! We know it has been a long wait. There are a couple of issues and fixes we’d like to address moving into OSX and specifically into a public beta.

Adding Cambridge and Dreamverb authorizations
It seems some users are asking themselves; “Hey, now that I’m in OSX, what happened to my authorized Cambridge and Dreamverb plug-ins?” As stated in the email you received from Mackie, the .reg file contained in that email is what you paid for, and is good on any computer that may hold your UAD-1s and any OS you may be running under. Make backups of these files! Simply “unzip” the file, then load the .reg file into your computer by dragging the .reg file on to the UAD-1 Meter icon, or use the “Load Settings File” feature from the UAD-1 Meter pull-down menu found under “File”.
This and other questions related to copy protection were addressed in the August “Support Report article”.

Mailbox for Public Beta Comments and Reports
Comments may be sent to osxbeta@uaudio.com. This new address is primarily for real beta reports, and your participation is encouraged. Please understand this mailbox will not necessarily get a response from UA. If you wish to participate, please use proper beta testing etiquette, and provide clear, simple and complete info. Also please re-read about the known issues for VST or AU prior to submitting a report, to alleviate redundant information. Please cut and paste the following bug report form for bug submission:

UAD-1 OSX Public Beta Report Info
Name =
Email =
Phone =
Subject =
Build version =
VST or AU =
Overview =
Steps to recreate =
Additional info/comments =
Sample rate =
Bit depth =
Buffer size =
Audio track count =
UAD-1 CPU load =
UAD-1 Mem load =
UAD-1 plugin count =
Host CPU load =
Additional project info =
Host application name =
Host RAM allocation =
Host application version =
Other software used =
CPU, Speed, RAM =
Operating System =
UAD-1 card count =
Audio hardware =
Additional system info =

Temporary Fix for Two Known Issues
Two specific known issues can be alleviated with a special application UA has recently made available on the UAD-1 download page:
This handy app called "UAD-1 Driver Utility" performs the following functions:

This "orphaned plugin" situation is indicated when plugins are shown as loaded in the UAD-1 Meter System Information window when no hosts are running, or if a "UAD-1 card is already in use" message appears when loading UAD-1 plugins.We plan to add support to automatically clear orphaned plugins when a host application crashes or does not properly release UAD-1 plugins when quitting.

--Will Shanks

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