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S.E.A.Vertrieb and Consulting - Germany ...more than just distribution.
By Terry Hardin

S.E.A. founders Katharina & Uwe Kirchfeld
Universal Audio is pleased to feature S.E.A.Vertrieb, GmbH of Emsburen, Germany in this edition of "The Channel". S.E.A. has been a loyal and extremely productive member of Universal Audio's international distributor team for over 3 years.

After more than 10 years in the European pro audio market, S.E.A. has established itself as a future-oriented distributor of professional audio technology products for the German, Austrian, and Swiss markets. S.E.A. has developed the competence and flexibility required to supply the products and services in high demand by the varied and eclectic sectors of the professional audio world. S.E.A. has among its prestigious list of dealers numerous well-known German companies selling Musical Instruments, Broadcast Technology, Professional Audio, Event Technology as well as Fixed Installations. S.E.A.'s network of dealers has come to rely on the service and support the S.E.A team has consistently provided.
S.E.A provides an extensive distribution program of hand-selected brands that proudly includes the complete line of Universal Audio professional audio tools, which fits well with their primary focus of only distributing top-quality products.

After long and careful study of the Pro Audio market, S.E.A became aware that many innovative developments, especially in recording studio technology, generated a growing need for a more specialized consultive approach to selling to their dealer network and their dealers' customers. In an effort to provide more than just product distribution, S.E.A assists dealers and end users with after market advice and service. This service oriented approach to pro audio technology product distribution provides S.E.A.'s dealers and their customers the advantage of not only having access to the best Pro
Torsten Roeger - Sales/Marketing Manager and Tobias Lampe "The UA sales guy" at the recent AES convention in San Francisco
Audio Technology in the world, but the knowledge of how it all integrates into a working system. S.E.A provides a team of technical support experts who are available for consultation and on-sight product demonstrations.

Customer satisfaction is the number one goal of S.E.A. In striving to consistently achieve this goal, S.E.A. builds customer relations through its creation of customized, complete solutions to meet individual client's needs and supply after market support. From the club PA to the huge festival sound system, from the home studio to the hi-end mastering studio, from the audio computer system for beginners to fully optimized computer system for audio recording professionals - S.E.A provides the proper equipment for all purposes.

S.E.A. Vertrieb & Consulting GmbH
Auf dem Diek 6
48488 Emsbüren
Tel. +49 (0) 5903 9388 0
Fax. +49 (0) 5903 1463

The S.E.A. Team
Standing left to right: Karolina Bensch, Stefan Mackrodt, Christian Batzer
sitting left to right: Christine Hartelt, Sebastian Mertens, Kai Sowka

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