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Volume 2, Number 2, March 2004
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Digi-Talk: New Options for Pro Tools Users

UA is continuing its support of Digidesign DAW systems by adding the Cambridge EQ for TDM Mix|24 & HD Systems to our current lineup of TDM plug-ins. Cambridge will make its debut at the Frankfurt Messe show the end of March and will ship soon after. UA is also working on retrofitting Accel support to the existing TDM plugs and is currently in test phase. We will make more announcements on Accel support plans and compatibility at the end of March.

UAD-1 DSP Card
Cambridge for TDM
For those of you not familiar with the Cambridge EQ, it is a five-band parametric EQ with three types of Q, three types of shelving, and High and Low pass filters with seventeen filter types. UAD-1 users have been using the Cambridge EQ for some time, and it has quickly become the “go to” EQ for many.

The ability to musically use multiple filter types in one EQ is one of the Cambridge’s greatest strengths. Another strength is the design of its filters, which our engineers took great care in design to sound and feel like an analog EQ. While the Cambridge is not an emulation of any particular hardware EQ, as much painstaking detail went into this EQ as any of our hardware emulations.

We’re really just scratching the surface of what Cambridge can do; For the full story check out the Cambridge product page. You can also read more about how this plug-in was created in the “Ask the Doctors” article in the May 2003 Webzine.

The Cambridge EQ is scheduled to make its debut at the Frankfurt Messe at the end of March and will ship soon after and will run on Mix|24 or HD systems, on either Mac OS 9 or OS X.

UAD-1 DSP Card
DreamVerb for TDM
Following Cambridge, DreamVerb will be the next plug-in to be released on the Pro Tools TDM platform. DreamVerb draws on the unparalleled flexibility of RealVerb™ Pro, but with more features an improved algorithm. Its intuitive and powerful interface lets you create a room by combining selections from a huge list of room materials and room shapes. Your acoustic space can be customized further by continuously blending between any two shapes and among any three materials and propagation media. Also featured are a flexible 5-band active EQ and unique level ramping for the early reflections and late field for ultra-realistic dynamic room simulation. And, of course, all parameters can be adjusted in real-time with no “zipper-noise” or audible artifacts.

For more information, please visit the DreamVerb product page. You can read more about how this plug-in was created in the “Ask the Doctors” article in the August 2003 Webzine:

Dreamverb will be available for the TDM platform in late Q2. Due to the intense algorithm we employed in DreamVerb, it most likely will not run on the 24|Mix systems, and will be HD only. We will update you as we get closer to the release date.

As we will not be updating RealVerb Pro, current registered owners of RealVerb Pro on Pro Tools will be able to update to DreamVerb for $149.

--Dave Crane

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