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Volume 2, Number 9, October/November (AES) 2004
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Software Update: New Plug-Ins for UAD-1 and UA Plug-Ins on Pro Tools for PC

Name change! To avoid any possible confusion that "Digi-Talk" may only be for Pro Tools users, we are changing the name of "Digi-Talk" to the much more lucid "Software Update". Visit "Software Update" to get up on Universal Audios latest software offerings whether for the UAD-1, Pro Tools, or for the Roland AS Series. [-Ed.]

The digital minds at UA have been quite busy, and we've got a few cool products to introduce. Universal Audio is proud to announce two new plug-ins for the UAD-1: The Plate 140, and the Precision Limiter. The Precision Limiter has been available since UAD 3.6 software hit the streets in early October, but the Plate 140 is the new kid on the block, and it is the reverb the world has been waiting for. Currently in beta, the Plate 140 will be shown at AES 2004 in San Francisco. We've also happy to announce that we've ported our award-winning vintage audio plug-ins to Pro Tools TDM for Windows.

"The Plate 140 replicates the sonic signature of three uniquely different EMT 140 plate reverbs found at the world-renowned studios at The Plant in Sausalito, California."

Plate 140
Nothing is quite like the wonderfully lush sound of a plate reverb, and that sound still endures as part of the fabric of modern music. German company EMT made a breakthrough in 1957 with the release of the EMT 140, which utilized a resonating metal plate to create ambience. However, plate reverb systems are expensive, bulky, and need to be isolated from vibration and maintained regularly--therefore plates are usually found only in major studios.

UAD Plate 140

Universal Audio faithfully recreates that unmistakable sound with the Plate 140 Plug-In. The Plate 140 replicates the sonic signature of three uniquely different EMT 140 plate reverbs found at the world-renowned studios at The Plant in Sausalito, California.

EMT 140 Damper Control

The controls for the original EMT 140 Plate are extremely simple. The main control is a damper to adjust decay time. This control essentially moves a pad that is the same size as the plate closer to the plate, thus decreasing the reverb time. The Plate 140 plug-in has three damper controls, one for each plate. We recreated these three EMT 140 plates at numerous damper settings, since damping not only affected the reverb time, but the EQ and amplitude of the reverb as well. UA thoughtfully combined the look of various elements from the EMT 140 system into one convenient panel, replicating the original damper controls for decay, and adding additional controls for the convenience of the modern DAW user.

Features include:
  • Highly prized smooth and natural plate sound
  • Stunningly accurate models based on plates from The Plant Studios
  • Three plates to choose from--each with a unique sound
  • Look and feel based on original EMT 140 reverb system
  • Controls for Decay, Two-Band Shelving EQ, Predelay, Balance and Wet/Dry
  • Analog Style VU output metering

UA TDM Plug-ins for Windows
Universal Audio is proud to announce that we will be releasing our TDM plug-in line for Pro Tools on Windows systems. Due to ship in November, these plug-ins sound and behave exactly like their Mac counterparts, and will be compatible with sample rates 44.1k through 192k, on Mix, HD, and Accel cards. All instance counts are the same as on the Mac. If you use Pro Tools on Windows, be sure to check back on our website in late November and download a demo of these amazing plug-ins!

UA Plug-ins for Pro Tools TDM on Windows

Precision Limiter

UAD Precision Limiter

Like the Cambridge EQ, when UA set out to make a mastering limiter plug-in, there was no room for compromise, and it had to live up to the sonic excellence of our other plug ins. It also had to have professional features found in the best limiters.

We went to reputable mastering houses and listened to their favorite limiters, and then went to work on our own. We then compared our plug-in to other hardware and software limiters, and we were quite happy with the results.

That result is the Universal Audio Precision Limiter, a single-band, look-ahead, brick-wall limiter. Colorless and transparent, the Precision Limiter is primarily for use with program material, but can add life to any mono or stereo track.

- Dave Crane

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