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Apollo Artist Sessions Vol. II: Michael Romanowski & Lia Rose

Michael Romanowski & Lia Rose

Title “In Your Place”
Writer Lia Rose
Recorded and Mixed by Michael Romanowski
Talent Lia Rose & Ban
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Session Notes

This short video lets you see and hear engineer Michael Romanowski (Third Eye Blind, America) recording Lia Rose's "In Your Place" exclusively through the first generation Apollo Interface with Realtime UAD Processing and a UA 4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp.

Upright bass, room mics, drum overheads, and electric guitar through went through the 4-710d’s preamps. Rose’s vocal and the pedal steel were each tracked through Apollo’s premium onboard mic preamps, while the electric bass went direct into Apollo’s front-panel Hi-Z input.

For microphones, Romanowski set up two Josephson C617s for room mics, and Lucas CS-1 mics for the lead vocal, pedal steel, and drum overheads. On the drum kit, he employed a Josephson C42 (snare) and a Shure SM7 (kick). A Royer SF-24 was used on the acoustic guitar.

— Mason Hicks

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