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Learn to Use Console

Learn to Use Console

The Console application is the key to unlocking UA Audio Interface's unique Realtime UAD Processing capabilities. It enables you to insert and control UAD plug-ins as well as route and monitor audio. This three-part video series by UA’s Technical Marketing Guru, Gannon Kashiwa, shows you how to get up-and-running with the powerful Console application, and how to get the most out of your UA Audio Interface.

Console Part 1 (Getting Started)

Here, you can learn the basic concepts behind Console, and how its realtime analog workflow can greatly enhance your productions.

Console Part 2 (Console Sections)

This video takes a deeper dive into Console’s channel strip, monitoring, aux/send, and Control Room sections, as well as tracking in real time with UAD plug-ins and saving Channel Presets.

Console Part 3 (Expanded Systems, Flex, Driver)

In this in-depth video, learn about Console’s powerful Mixed Multi-Unit features and how to set up multiple units using Console’s Flex Driver.

— Gannon Kashiwa

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