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Apollo FireWire

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E. Marutha

August 9, 2023

Incredible unit

I am happy with absolutely everything I get from my Apollo 8 especially the fact that it is so easy to daisy chain it to my Apollo 8 and monitor from there whilst expanding my unison enabled mic pres!

P. Smerda

August 1, 2023

Apollo Quad for Prema Studio

We bought this unit used as a Quad with 4 unison preamps and just inserted a TB3 option card and for a very reasonable price we have another studio worker to our beloved Apollo x6, thanks so much Universal Audio for the great units you make...

c. biel

July 13, 2023

very happy chappy

like the quality of the unison pres
like quality and tones of the plugins
like the versality of the appollo - whether through console or whichever DAW of choice.

A. Cambon

March 15, 2023


C'est ma deuxième Apollo firewire, mais je les utilise avec un mac, la première a une carte Thunderbolt 2 et la seconde une carte Thunderbolt 3 et ça fonctionne très bien. La latence est plus qu'acceptable même pour une utilisation en temps réel.
Je n'ai pas trouvé opportun de mettre beaucoup plus d'argent dans les modèles plus récents qui certes mieux, mais à mon avis la différence ne justifie pas l'écart de prix.

D. Smith

December 26, 2022

Apollo FireWire

I use this product for my live sound shows along with studio stuff. The ability to take my studio plugins and pre amps into the live world so easy is what makes this product really amazing.

M. Rector

September 27, 2022

Great clean spacious sound!

Love the clarity of these interfaces. Thank you for making such a great product!

S. Connor

August 2, 2022

Marshall Heaven

I bought recently my Apollo 8 and must say I am delighted with the zero latency electric guitar emulations. My tones directly into console through the unison pre are first class - the rest of the features that this unit offer are in my world absolutely correct. I also have a satellite and a 2012 Mac mini running pro tools - no issues

J. Pineiro

June 9, 2022

Apollo Quad

Absolutely love it… had an Apogee I/O for years and was hesitant to change. Best change I’ve made

F. Baldrich

April 21, 2022

Great Audio interface

Great interface and plug-ins, just have a little issue, which I believe UA should have a video to switch from FireWire to Thunderbolt.

J. De Sedas

April 20, 2022


I went from RME to Prism Sound and now into the UA... and I gotta tell you the Apollo has nothing to ask other Hi end and more expensive brands. Very versatile, nice preamps and of course, Plugins are awesome!


April 2, 2022

Excellent interface

I love this piece of gear. Makes my sonic dreams come true!

J. Monxhwedey

March 29, 2022

Love this gear

I have been wanting one of these for a long time and finally got it. I love the fact that I can now run my 500 series rack into it and get some analog mixing done. So dope!!


March 18, 2022

Apollo firewire

Very nice!

F. Loyo

February 22, 2022

Great deal

Great value for you money.


February 18, 2022

Apollo the best❤️

Amazing preamps

s. braho

January 20, 2022

Love you universal audio

The best in the world Universal Audio love you

s. braho

January 20, 2022

The best universal audio love you

♥️Universal audio the best ♥️

L. Chacòn

January 16, 2022

Nice and detailed preamps

Nice preamps !

L. Chacòn

November 17, 2021

Trasnparent audio

Amazing clear and detail preamps

L. Chacòn

November 15, 2021

Transparent and smooth

Transparents preamps, nice and smooth , easy software use, helpfull unison plugins to print sound as you want!

1-20 of 876 Results

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