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Using Auto-Tune with Apollo Interfaces

How to Record Auto-Tune without Latency

With Apollo interfaces, you can get the modern sound of modern pop and hip-hop vocals in realtime, live or in the studio.

Auto-Tune is the sound of popular music, from hip-hop to country to Latin pop. And when you pair it with an Apollo audio interface, you’ll get the most versatile, latency-free Auto-Tune solution in the world. So you can sound like your favorite artists anywhere you go.

Record your Vocals in Realtime

When you're tracking a live vocal, 20-30 milliseconds of latency can be annoying, and at worst, a deal breaker. Only Apollo interfaces give you nearly imperceptible sub-2ms latency thanks to its onboard DSP. Reap the rewards of low-latency tracking by putting Auto-Tune Realtime in a channel slot in Console. Prepare to be inspired.

Quick Tips for Professional Auto-Tune Sound

Know What Key you're Singing In

Setting the Key and Range correctly is crucial to getting Auto-Tune to sound like you want. To find the key of the song, ask the producer/musicians on the track, or use a piano to find the tune's root note. You can also use an app like Mixed In Key.

Get Hit-Making Sounds with Retune Speed and Flex-Tune

If you want “The Auto-Tune” sound popular in modern hip-hop and rap (Future, Migos, T-Pain), you’ll want Retune and Flex-Tune at their lowest settings.

Going for a more natural, subtle sound like Justin Bieber or Post Malone? Slow your roll – aim for a slightly higher retune speed and add a touch of Flex-Tune to loosen Auto-Tune's grip on your pitch.

Add Subtle "Humanizing" for Organic Pitch Correction

While the sound of modern music relies on heavy usage of Auto-Tune, for more natural-sounding performances, adjust the Humanize control to leave more soul and slight imperfections in the tuning.

If you want vocals that sound like today’s hits, Auto-Tune is your ticket. And recording Auto-Tune in realtime with Apollo interfaces with near-zero latency, you’ll find inspiration quicker and be more creative than tweaking settings later in the mix.

– Darrin Fox

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