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Recording Hip-Hop Using Apollo Twin X

Recording Hip-Hop Using Apollo Twin X

Learn How to Create a Song from Tracking to Mixing

In this UA Tones & Techniques video, Universal Audio's Ben Lindell and the producers and artists who created Nile Waters' track, "Made for Me," show you how they got killer, professional results using Apollo Twin X interface and tracking in realtime using UAD plug‑ins.

First, learn how to dial-in the Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe amplifier plug‑in for spanky, clean guitar tones, and how the Brigade Chorus plug‑in was used to add subtle movement to the guitar part, without a lot of de‑tuned wobble.

Next, learn how running the drum track through the SSL 4000 E Channel Strip plug‑in enhances the tone and feel, without a ton of tweaking. Plus, learn how to sculpt a bass tone that fits with the low sub kicks of classic 808s using the Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amplifier plug‑in.

Then, watch vocalists Campana and Parisalexa as they track lead vocals and harmonies, and how the producers cleverly use the Auto-Tune Realtime plug‑in to inspire the artist tracking ad libs.

Finally, watch as Lindell details the UAD plug‑in chains used to mix the final track and how he leans on parallel processing to deliver this "hot potato" hip‑hop collaboration.

— Darrin Fox

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