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Customer Reviews

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Overall Rating

781-800 of 1350 Results

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June 13, 2016

excellent 1176 collection

This collection pack is a real step up from the 'legacy' version.
I hesitated, until the recent price drop, and took the plunge.
Huge on character, much crisper than the legacy version. more dynamic definition when pushed.
Really changes how a sound fits in a mix.
It can radically alter level for more control in mixdown.
Can't compare to hardware, but nor can 99% of punters....
Used on an apollo quad, with great monitors in the studio, this plug-in can spank your speaker-cones to their limits !


June 12, 2016

Great Compressor

Just great! For vocals, drum, bass, guitars and anything else! My favorite compressor in three different variants!

J. Raper

June 5, 2016

Couldn't have asked for better

Have been using the Rev A for tracking vocals this week and it has been incredible. I have loved every second using these and they add something I haven't gotten with other competitor's products.

R. Mehta

June 4, 2016


When i heard the Legacy version itself, i was blown away and i thought that i do not need to listen to the new collection version. But i was wrong. UAD has taken this forward to a whole new level. It sounds exactly like the hardware and my particular favourite is the 1176 LN Rev E. Strongly recommended.


June 4, 2016

Amazing Compressor!

This compressor is now one of my favourite compressors!
Works wonders on vocals

K. Miller

June 3, 2016

Great plugin - pissed I bought it before the sale

As everyone said great sound emulation works on just about everything .
Bought it on5/20 and used a 100.00 coupon from my Apollo 8 purchase .
Got the email about the half year sale and it feels like a slap on the cheek.
Oh well -

S. Simmons

May 30, 2016


The 1176 Classic Limiter Plug-in Collection is a like having the best wrench & screw driver set for your tool box. Are there others out there? Sure; but as far as quality, color, tone and sound no other software limiters come close. I was so impressed with the Legacy Versions of these that actually came with my UAD-1 & UAD-2 devices I had to go ahead & get them all. I haves uses for them on EVERYTHING! Listen to a vocal, snare, kick, bass, overhead, or guitar track with one of these units & you will literally hear the whole track come alive in ways you can't imagine! Universal Audio does it again, Thanks!

A. Booty

May 16, 2016

1176 is why I am still here!

I own the real UA 1176 & Urei 1178 hardware & its never fail to give that great feeling every time. And as long as I can remember, since the 1st time I was introduced to UAD1 back in the days, 1176 is the go-to compressor for me & its sounded almost perfect like the hardware. But then came the new 1176 upgrade & once again Uad blew my roof away! The blue version really glue my vocal tracks. Thanks Uad team!


May 7, 2016


I'd read so much about the UAD platform and especially about these plugins. Blown away!! Incredible character and depth. Dialing in a good sound is extremely easy. Instantly rendered all other emulations of this plugins I had useless. Now I want to record real drums just to be able to use the Rev E on the OH bus!! Excellent purchase!!!

J. Swan

April 29, 2016


Love this! I previously purchased the Waves CLA-76, but that doesn't sound as natural and warm as the UAD version that I just purchased.

r. roth

April 28, 2016

sounds great!

great color and great response

D. Gianesello

April 27, 2016

Realistic and very useful

I have the UA 1176LN new bundle and the UA 1176LN hardware, and I can say that difference is very small. I use the 1176LN plugin expecially for the lead voice, snare and toms, to get punch and colour, and I'm very satisfied. Reccomended

D. Torwesten

April 24, 2016

I like it and its useful for everything

I never had the chance to work on a real 1176, so I can't say anything about the emulation. But this plug in sounds great on everything. There is also no latency on the input and it is great to use it with my u87.

m. wan

April 23, 2016

1176 AE Great compressor on Bass and drums

i wasn't really impressed by the the 1176 LN or SE but when I tried the 1176 AE, I understood why so many studio are using it. It just works so nicely I can only recommend you to test it and forget the LN and SE version.
On bass I combine it to the LA2-A + pulteq EQ-1A + Bx Saturato

C. Albright

April 20, 2016

essential to all UAD owners

this is the desert island compressor that every UAD system needs. It wont have the most character, but it will handle all types of material in a predictable manner.

A. Vehring

April 19, 2016

THE 1176

First solid state peak limiter, whats more to say?!
All button mode rocks, by the way.
Swiss army knife compressor!
And the collection has definitely one for everything...

S. Ahn

April 16, 2016

good sound

Amazing sound~!!!! good~!!~!~!

H. Hagenauer

April 13, 2016

Awesome Plug-In Collection! Worth every Penny!

Guitars, Bass, Vocals,... there is a 1176 for every situation! Awesome Plug-in Collection! Works like the real one!!!

C. Soto

April 13, 2016

Lord of The 1176 World

After trying out so many clones by so many manufacturers, it is a pleasure to own the definitive 1176. Although I've never used the hardware unit, from the software angle Ivan tell it blows the competition by far.

S. Swanson

April 12, 2016

A must have

I have the 1176 in waves and t rex as well as UAD
UAD kills it!

781-800 of 1350 Results