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1176 Classic Limiter Collection

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J. Antonetty

April 6, 2013

No longer depressed

I have been playing music for over 40years and have been in recording for over 30years and I must confess that UAD has the best of all plugins. I play professionally, the piano, the Bass, the guitar, drums, sax, flute and all percussion.

How sweet the sound that saved my mixes. What a great buy and an indispensable
Plugin that makes everything sound like heaven, I will not be able to record with them. These are truly the music limiters that brings in every loose part and unites them together without damaging the mix. Thank you UAD family once more for a great plugin that works wonders.

A pleased owner of two Octo cards and looking to buy more.

Your friend and family

LPM Recording Studio

Jeremias Antonetty

D. Saada

April 6, 2013

Huge sound

One of my favorite compressor, very nice warmth...

P. Oulster

April 5, 2013

What is this technology?

Compared to other emulations, this new UA 1176 collection is hardware. Other companies emulations, including Ua's old 1176n sound like gain staging when stacked up against these 3 beasts! A channel strip with the Trident A Range and any one of the 1176 Collection sounds enormous. I'm blown away....

Great job UA.

D. Holland

April 5, 2013

1176 collection

Anybody willing to give you a two week trial of there products must feel that the products are good !!!!
I have found with all the plugins from this company I have bought are excellent.
I have worked with some of the real products like 1176 , lexicons and studers and truly like the universal audio plugins. Thanks very much

F. Cardoso

April 4, 2013

Doesn't sound like a plug in

These emulations sound like real hardware compressors. Effortlessly gives power and character to vocals. I'm amazed at how far you can push these and still have them sound great.

V. Rossi

April 3, 2013

1176 collection

Really top plugins from UA ! Still didn't have much time to test in deep but all the times I relied on them my mix got immediately what I was looking for .
I still wanna test accurately but I can say that UA did an amazing job this time, amazing on vocals , bass and parallel comp !
Thanks UA !

M. Reategui

April 2, 2013

Great Sound

Great sound and easy to use!
I wanted some quality compression on some bass and vocals, this gets it done!

D. Jahnig

April 1, 2013

Flavor country

I have some hardware and have used several other 1176 plugins, but I keep coming back to the UAD emulations. Now, I've got a new arsenal of tonal and dynamic options to play with.

J. Allen

April 1, 2013

Worth it's weight in gold!

If you can only afford one comp plugin, this is the one! Incredible value!

A. Di

March 28, 2013

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

I love how they work and they sound really really good! Compared to the real stuff you can hardly hear any difference!

P. Mccosh

March 23, 2013

Smooth, warm & fuzzy

very impressed with the redesign of the 1176 collection over the original UAD1 1176LN....more more accurate replication of the hardware units, especially when driven hard.....overall much smoother & silkier compression, with a great fuzz when pushed hard, especially on the AE model. Big Thumbs up!

M. Tonkovic

March 23, 2013

Works great on vocals

I'm using the AE version on a dialogue group and it works amazing. 2:1 compression, with slow attack and dialogue is just There, as clear as it can be. It even brings out that hi-middle range so perfectly I don't even use eq for brightening things. Only for cutting the low end and some other frequencies.

Works differently then the old plugin do.

For 99us at the moment this is a really great buy.


J. Sarris

March 21, 2013


My go-to for vocals. Impressed with the sound of these plugs. Also sound incredible on bass and drums. UAD really nailed the sound of the original hardware with this collection.

R. Hartley

March 19, 2013

Think Again...!

I was like, "I already have the 1176LN for my UAD, love it...They're just trying to sell me something I already have." ..uh, no. The Classics are in a different class, clearer, more musical...really it was an 'Oh Wow" moment for me. After that, it was an easy choice.

K. Dietz

March 19, 2013

Love these.

I love these limiters. I use both vintage UREI and UA 1176s for tracking on a daily basis. These plugins feel and respond like the hardware, and have all of the subtle character differences found amongst the different hardware revisions. I like the Waves CLA76 "Bluey" plugin a lot, but it sounds a little "harder", whereas the UA 1176 collection sounds much smoother and more accurately matches the input/output gain stages of the hardware. I would love to try tracking a vocal through one of these UA 1176 plugins, I have my reservations, but I use the hardware every day, so let's see what's up!! So great to have these in my mix arsenal! Can't wait to get the LA-2 plugins next!

D. Bose

March 19, 2013

1176 Collection! Yes Please!

I added it to the Guitar Group channel and the guitars came out like wonderful colors hovering in front of me...

sure it takes more DSP but that just makes you use this smarter and more efficiently.



J. Jung

March 19, 2013

A design for music.

This wonderful contraption in it's many transformations gives a beautiful tonality for the hearing man and woman (and sometimes dog). Electronic work of art to form another form of art. Keep doing your good thing.

C. Michel

March 18, 2013

So much like the real thing!

These are just great! I highly recommend them to anyone!

A. Carozzo

March 18, 2013

Very good compressors

Very nice harmonic distortion, very smooth compression, nothing like other plugins...

P. Giacalone

March 15, 2013

Very impressive!

I've had the original UAD 1176 since 2004 and I always liked it. I've also spent a fair amount of time with hardware versions and while I enjoyed the plugin for what it was, never considered it a proper substitute for the real thing. This new package is a lot closer in its emulation. It has a depth to the sound that the original plugin does not. With that in mind, it may actually take a little more work for a novice user to get comfortable with it as it is more flexible and it's very easy to overcompress with this OR the hardware version. I'm still digesting the differences between the 3 versions.

If used it with care, this is an exceptional compressor and no other 1176 emulation comes within a mile of its fidelity to the original.

1001-1020 of 1223 Results