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Customer Reviews

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Overall Rating

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T. Steinkuhle

May 5, 2012

I waited for new emulations of 1176. Two month ago i told my friend that the possibilities of UA are grown up and a new emulation should be on the agenda. And here it is!
More "In your face" than ever before!! And the choice of three ages of a classic you make your sound your sound the way you want. Great!
Now I'm waiting for the new LA2-A :-)

One thing disturbs, the new size of GUI. I needs nearly a third space of screen size...

S. Hurtow

May 4, 2012

Well, it's almost like a ritual. UA puts out a new plug-in, you activate the 14-day trial and as soon as you run it through your mixes, it does something no other plug-in could ever do. Case in point: the 1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection.

I ran each Limiter through a drum track, and here's what I got:

The 'Blue Stripe' Rev A gave the track a very characteristic grit that allowed the drums to distort in a very musical way.

The Rev E had a smoother and more controlled sound, but still very musical and full of character.

The Rev AE, apart from the new 2:1 ratio, possessed such tremendous versatility, strength and sweetness, that it pushed the 1176s legendary status to a new frontier.

One word for all three: Quintessential

G. Diaz

May 4, 2012

LOve Love Love it

There is no other emulation that sounds this accurate... the distortion and character of the AE 1176 is exceptionally astonishing! These are now my go to Guys.... Control the peaks but keep the Transients! Thank You UA!

M. Olsson

May 4, 2012

Tried the demo first and immediately "fell in love". REV A Bluestripe is killer on vocals, make them sound like a record instantly. All buttons in works great and to my ears, the Bluestripe push up some low mids when working hard, making the source sound beefy and in your face

REV AE is to my ears the most transparent of the bunch. The option to select ratio 2:1 is useful for bus duties, where 4:1 sometimes can be to "grabby".

REV E is pure rock n´roll, great for drums, guitars, anything basically. Compared to the old 1176LN, these new ones sound more realistic, 3D and compared to a hardware 1176, I had a hard time in hearing any difference.

When the demo expired, I paniced and had to buy them. Nice work, UAD!

L. Café

May 3, 2012

Sou Luiz Café moro em Rio de janeiro BRASIL.

1176 hoje é indispensavel até em minhas RoughMix, parabens UA, e muito obrigado por disponibilizar plug ins tao eficiente e ótimos!!

P. Mygind

May 3, 2012

After using the "old" 1176 emulations, for some years now, I thought it was about time to get a hardware 1176. But after demoing the new 1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection, there was no doubt: The new emulation sounded so good and added that extra "something" to my mixes. So I upgraded and cant see the need for a hardware unit at the moment. -Now I even got many good sounding software instances instead of just one hardware 1176.

R. Dolabella

May 2, 2012

Universal Audio you are simply exceptional.

Well, I had contact with a 1176 hardware only once, but I use the 1176LN plugin since last year, and when I tested the hardware 1176 and compared with the 1176LN plugin I saw that something was missing in the plugin.
In April 2012 I got the 1176 Collection, and when I tested the plugin, it was something incredible. Harmonics rang true, the compression smooth and really worked. My guitars, drums and vocals are now others, the 1176 Collection and SSL E Series together make a powerful sound, is incredible.

Thank UA team, I could never have so many 1176 hardware, but now I have the sound of them in my mixes.

* The 1176 Collection and SSL E could have an SE version as in eq NEVE and Harrison.

R. Dolabella

May 2, 2012

Olá equipe Universal Audio, vocês são simplesmente excepcionais.
Bem, eu tive contato com um hardware 1176 somente uma única vez, mas eu uso o plugin 1176LN desde o ano passado, e quando eu testei o hardware 1176 e comparei com o plugin 1176LN eu ví que faltava algo no plugin.
Em abril de 2012 eu adquiri o 1176 Classic Limiter e quando eu testei os plugins foi algo incrível. Os harmônicos soaram verdadeiros, a compressão macia e realmente funcionava. Minhas guitarras e vocais agora são outros, e na Drums o 1176 e o SSL E Series juntos deixam o som poderoso, é incrível.
Obrigado equipe UA, eu nunca poderia ter tantos hardware 1176, mas agora eu tenho o som deles nas minhas mixagens.
* O 1176 Classic Limiter e o SSL E Series poderia ter uma

C. Rosenlund

May 2, 2012

I have liked the 1176 LN from the time I started using UAD plugins, and have used it extensively on acoustic guitars, and generally: things that needed a little more "bite".
This is still the case with the new edition, but thanks to the greater transparancy of the new emulations (espicially the "E" version) I find, it is now possible to use it in areas, where I used to pick a more transparent plugin !
I find that I increasingly end up, preferring the "AE" version on vocals ! ... and It is great to have the possibility to use just the "colour" of the1176 to open / brigthen up an instrument in certain cases.
The new emulations have quickly placed the 1176 in the small bundle of my "top favourite" compressors !
Best, Carsten Rosenlund

W. Frederick

May 1, 2012

I have never used a hardware 1176, so I can't speak to how authentic these plug-ins are. These plugs, however, have tons of character above and beyond the already awesome character plugs like the Fairchild. I run almost everything through these. Good job. Worth every cent.

P. Haas

May 1, 2012

Excellent plugin(s) with excellent and unique sound.
Great for drums, guitars, vocals ... I like it!

P. Holz

April 29, 2012

They work great and sound killer.
Small point but I would love to be able to select the 20 and 4 ratio buttons simultaneously as this is how I usually use an 1176.
That combination doesn't seem to be available?

K. Jones

April 29, 2012

Having been considering purchasing a 2-1176 previously I was keen to hear the new 1176 collection. I have been working on some childrens choirs recently and my other compressors just weren't doing it for me. Until I demo'd the 1176 (silver) plug. I have to say the sheen it added with minimal effort was most impressive. Having always been underwhelmed by the previous classic 1176 plugins, this was a pleasant surprise. I can highly recommend these new versions, so far good results with choirs and vocals. Recommended.

G. Thierry

April 26, 2012

Hi There,

These new versions of 3 Classics 1176 are just the best sounding soft emulations of 1176 i've ever use... :) What else...?
With the models of the input and output stages of the original hardware, these softs are very close to the hardware in the sound and in the dynamic response.

I'm a French music Producer and i use a lot of 1176 hardware when mixing. Now i can use both Hardware and Software models and it really works great.

Thank you UA !
Best Regards

R. Szafranski

April 25, 2012

The new 1176 classic compressor plug in was tried out after the software update was installed, I was immediately moved by the signature of these emulations both sonically and visually.

The original 1176 shipped with my Dual card was sort of mediocre, not really all that responsive, unless driven fairly hard, used them on drums, they worked with really hot drums but sort of tame with lower level waves, whether the gain was increased or not.

The classic series is nice to have three to choose from, depending on what compression characteristics you are aiming for.

I wasn’t hesitant upon the licensing, sure winner in my project studio

F. Raybuck

April 25, 2012

Quite a dramatic improvement to my ears anyway.I would rate these right up there with the Fairchild,Pultec and Massive passive. Thank you UAD for making this upgrade affordable for so many of us. Frank.

K. Astakhov

April 25, 2012

Honestly speaking, I never was a big fan of old 1176LN UA plug, but this new collection really makes me feel like I'm using a hardware unit. I really love what that new plugins do with the sound and I use them almost in every project that I'm working on. Hope to see an LA2A reincarnation soon! :-)))) Thank you, UA!

J. Park

April 24, 2012

Awesome Quality. better than legendary old 1176LN UA Plug-in.

K. Sheikh

April 24, 2012

These three plugs really do improve on the already great 1176LN emulator. I've really enjoyed hearing these on my recordings. The effects are a big grainier, or dirtier than the original plug-in, but in a good way. They sound more "alive", for want of a better phrase. I've never used the original hardware, so I'm only able to compare the new collection with the original plug and I love the new versions! From this example, if UA are refreshing their older plugs and offering upgrades at this price point, then this should only be good news for UAD2 users.

D. Carter

April 24, 2012

the old 1176 plugin was great but the new one is crazy sweet. been using ua plugins since 2001. all the plugins ua has are superior to the other brands. don't let anyone talk you into anything else. their worth the price.

1401-1420 of 1453 Results