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Customer Reviews

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Overall Rating

681-700 of 1350 Results

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V. Lluch Fuentes

December 11, 2016

Great Upgrade!!

These compressors are amazing and you can use it litterally on everything, just a perfect emulation of the great hardware. And so much better than the legacy-version of the plug-in.

n. lynn

December 10, 2016


love it

W. Sutton

December 6, 2016


this stuff just sounds great!! inserted on bass and drums.... creates that lovely space... worth the cash..

N. Crockett

December 3, 2016

Great update from UAD

This latest version of the 1176 collection is one of the best i've heard. The blue stripe is my go-to for vocals. Helping them sit right up front in the mix. Awesome work yet again Universal Audio.

E. Zorgman

December 2, 2016


Very happy with this edition. Nothing going wrong and the quality is !!!

a. vt

December 2, 2016

forget about the rest!!!

this is it, look no further, upgraded from the legacy version , my go to compressor plug in for bass, vocals, drums

R. Khoury

November 25, 2016

Analog Feel, Digital Ease

I've used tons of 1176 emulations throughout the years but nothing compares to UA's own. Those plugs breath musicality unlike others in the digital domain... sometimes you just put them in your mix for the vibe and warmth, and when you compress with them they are bad ass!


November 25, 2016

These emulations sound like real hardware compressors.

These emulations sound like real hardware compressors.It is a wonderful item

b. martial

November 23, 2016

trés bien ! simplement trés bien !

comment dire, ca sonne! simplement cela sonne, c'est tout mais c'est déjà beaucoup, superbe sur les drums, snare et kick, beaucoup plus efficace que la version legacy, mais aussi plus gourmand ! c'est la rançon


November 22, 2016

great item

It's punchy, clean, true and in your face! The "All Button Mode" is simply astonishing!

O. Us

November 20, 2016

I see this as a hardware addition to my studio

I loved AE's low ratio and slow attack modes. All button for powerfully colored and no attack for soft coloration take me away. I use it on almost all busses even if they don't need dynamic squeeze
i use no compression. I got great results combine with LA2A. A totally must have couple. On drums and bass A and AE is my favorite, LN could be used with low DSP load, for vocals Rec AE is still gets the top and A is perfect, hard to decide. All button mode recommended for rock songs. Rev E for linear response, i used on guitars and keys. Great on pop, great on EDM, great on house, great on epic symphonic instruments and chorus.. Totally recommend the taste and i could give more stars if i could.

j. murawski

November 19, 2016

1176 classic limited collection

with its character and analog punch the 1176 is the last compressor you will ever need , just get to know it and you'll be able to do all kinds of magic on all of your trucks not only drums and bass

A. Bromke

November 18, 2016

sounds good

Much better than Waves 1176

E. Maccoppi

November 17, 2016


Higher distortion and unique characteristics, use without moderation!

D. Hampton

November 16, 2016


Love this compressor I had to cop it, very smooth and easier to understand and use. The choice that you get makes it easy to have at your disposal. Thanks UAD!

E. Toussaint

November 15, 2016

Still the best!

Nothing compares to UAD's 1176, this takes it that much further. Probably my favorite plugin period.

O. Ramirez

November 15, 2016

What can I say?

These 1176 plugins sound so much better than any other 1176 emulation on the market. If you enjoy the sound of the hardware you will definitely enjoy the sound of the plugin. Great Job, UA!

S. Lehman

October 30, 2016


Parallel rev a on vox, slam it and that's close to done. Spitty in your face compression when you want and ..... blah blah blah we all like the 1176, this one is great.

E. Kurttekin

October 30, 2016

Might sell my original Urei 1176!

Those sound so good and close to their originals, I find myself reaching out for them instead of my Urei Rev. D when I'm recording. Couldn't be more happier!

K. Salter

October 14, 2016

Just like the hardware

I have the Warm Audio hardware version of the 1176 which is supposed to be pretty close the the actual 1176 if the reviews are accurate. I wanted to use it in more than 1 instance at a time and tried the Demo of the 1176 and was floored. The plugin is virtually identical to the hardware.For a fraction of the price this is a great deal and you get 3 different versions of it to boot.
I am very happy with this plugin. Thanks UAD

681-700 of 1350 Results