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Customer Reviews

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Overall Rating

1101-1120 of 1350 Results

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O. Khaki

February 17, 2014

the best

It is best that is universal audio as always their both Haridwar and plugs present performs best gain on the market can beat the

B. Williams

February 14, 2014

1176 Collection

Really pleased with these comps. A noticeable step up from the legacy version. Between the three of them it's easy to find something that does most jobs to a really high standard. The silver face is amazing for smashing drums. To my ears they capture the vibe of the hardware units really well. Wether they are a 'perfect' recreation or not doesn't really bother me, they sound great.

L. Pimentel

February 12, 2014

I'm speechless!

Being an UREI 1176 owner for years I finally decided to give the UAD family a chance. This collection was worth every single penny. Its a must have.

C. Dornan

February 12, 2014


I love these compressors. Very versatile and easy to use once you wrap your head around how to use them on different material. Great for adding crunch to drums, bass and instruments. I also like these for parallel compression, and for catching peaks in a vox signal chain before compressing it again with a slower compressor.

C. Kazmier

February 11, 2014

Love these guys!

Have the original UAD-1 version and use it all the time. Gave the demo's a try and I just bought them. Can't go wrong.

J. Bell

February 10, 2014

1176 classic collection

I guess..perfection is not an accident love the sound,Great Company and keep up the good work P.S.try working on getting the 160xt as a plugin with attack an release added Thanks

K. Velcsev

February 10, 2014

Great product!

Really helpful plugin, easy to use. I compared last night with the 6176's 1176 unit on a reamped Bass Track and they are really close.
The only thing is the line distortion effect what I have in the hardware but can't make with the software.

J. Tornay

February 7, 2014

Best compressors out there

You won't go wrong with these. Absolute fidelity and similarity to the hardware device, to the point that you won't difference each other in a blind test. You can easily get the famous CLA with these plugins easier and more accurately than with other manufacturer's plug-ins.

Totally recommended.

R. Boyce

January 28, 2014

Best 1176 plug in made

My most used plug in, this emulation is better than any of the other 1176 plug in I've tried!

V. Andreev

January 28, 2014

I like, as this works.

Very worthy emulation. Helps to dispose of ensemble analog instrument, under ditto result, from big amount of the switchings, which costs much. Else if the price will be more reasonable, I think, UAD best on quality of the result.

R. Sheridan

January 24, 2014


i was skeptical at first as how different can the versions really be from the legacy version???

i was wrong they all have a different sound and all sound great!!!

will definitely be upgrading my other legacy versions to the new ones if they all sound as good as these

J. Carmo

January 15, 2014

Best Emulation ever made...

The legacy series are ok , but the new 1176 series are the Best Emulations
in the market. The first time i run these new plugs, i fall in love...really smooth
and Punchy. If you want better, just the original hardware !!! Thanks UAD team...

B. Jovanovac

January 14, 2014

Base of any recording

For me 1176 is one of basic keys for making any good recording. But, when you have a collection of them... there is no fear for any sound... 1176 bring it to exactly the right place..

L. Jakubczak

January 14, 2014

Like the real thing

Great plugins that don't sound like plugins - they sound like a real thing!!!!

J. Mckinley

January 13, 2014

Classic Limiter

I am very impressed of the quality these compressors sound and behave .
Three totally different vibes going on with these.
Thanks UA for a great product

F. Andres

January 13, 2014

1176 update

muy cálidos, total control de la manipulabilidad en el ataque y el release de la compresión, muy versátiles, apto para ser insertado en cualquier canal de instrumento y para cualquier instrumento ya sea percusión, cuerdas, voces, etc, también puede agregar un color especial en buses de grupo o canal maestro aprovechando su excelente compresión lenta

R. Harchol

January 12, 2014

1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection

Warm and fat! I know I'll use these plug-ins a lot - a big part of why I bought Apollo in the first place. Well worth it.

J. Lemaire

January 12, 2014


This collection works perfectly !

Very Warm, very precise, very colorful

S. Hope

January 11, 2014

Essential UAD plugins!

Basically the main reason I have my uad cards. Nothing else I have sounds like this. Hard to get a bad sound from these compressors. Highly recommended.

C. Weingarten

January 10, 2014

Truly the best

best plug-in compressors I have. They are truly lifelike. They respond without sacrificing any of the audio's original power in any frequency range. Some similar plugs will mask over the true low freq energy or boost mids when just placed on the track.

1101-1120 of 1350 Results