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1176 Classic Limiter Collection

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J. Mayer

April 18, 2012

SO AMAZING!!!! Can't stop using it :) Thanks a ton!

Josh / The Glitch Mob

E. Hammett

April 11, 2012

This is something that you have to hear i compared it to the other compressors its hard to explain what goes on but its the right kinda of glue for vocals such a quick attack and release you can understand everything that is coming out... i would shoot this plugin next to some hardware its just that good. I found my go to for a software compressor. I love it. Demo it if you can and just purchase it!!!

A. Judd

April 8, 2012

You have to hear them to believe. Absolute essentials I could not do without, plus some super presets from those very good chaps. Thank you.

S. Smith

April 5, 2012

It's very cool you can bypass compression altogether, and simply run stuff through the analog signal path model. The compression clipping is interesting and there's some fantastic input and output preamp modeling, including clipping if you like to creatively abuse stuff (and don't we all?). The distinct personalities of these three show how much went into the modeling, and I like them all!

J. Piccione

April 5, 2012

Count Me In! I always grab for the 1176, I never owned the hardware or even used it but after using the 1176 LN/SE it made sense to give these classics a whirl.
After purchasing them I went to some mixes that I'm working on and sprinkled them here and there to audition their character - WOW I really love them. Each Revision unique and some great presets as well. You can't go wrong, this is the real deal.
They are a must have. Glad I got them. Thanks UA you guys rock.

E. Portugal

April 5, 2012

In short: unbelievable! I actually got confused with the sound.. It was not only the real deal, it was beautiful.. As the real deal is..

P. Moshay

April 4, 2012

It's now so amazing that UA perfectly emulated all the most revered versions of the 1176's and i can't believe the details that have been captured in the vintage units. The modern Anniversary edition is so stunning and another landmark version of an already classic piece of outboard. Don't think twice about getting these, they are gonna be on everything you do....... Thank you so much for doing these, i can't believe i can have racks full of pristine vintage 1176's now in my mixes. - They're not a 10, They're an 11!

J. Nemitz

April 4, 2012

Just shot it out against all 1176 modeled plugins (you know the ones) ... I also rent a lot of these so i know what to expect.

These plugins are simply the best compressor plugins I've used to date. Like the hardware, your setup is as fast as ever and the tones are true to life. The blue stripe is absolutely a vocal monster. The AE sounds absolutely polished and the updated LN is exactly what you'd expect from a standard kit 1176. The types of tones available with these guys are going to shape the future of digital audio I'll be the first to admit.

The ONLY difference I've ever noticed with certain hardware pieces is the dark character of some of the rentals i've used... not that it was a good thing. However, these are much warmer than any other plugs you can try so you simply won't have any harshness to worry about.

These are exciting times for young producers/mixers and a well deserved congrats for the developer.

J. Nemitz

April 4, 2012

This is the first plugin I bough without knowing anything about it. I have other UAD and when I saw the possibility to have 3 more versions of the already fantastic 1176 plugin I already use on just about everything, I jumped.

1181-1189 of 1189 Results