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Customer Reviews

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Overall Rating

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A. Muntner

November 19, 2013

One of my go-tos

I've never had the real hardware, but these 1176 emulations do everything their namesakes are reputed for - pinning a sound down. Depending on which one you use and how, it can really give a sound some serious edge or make it smooth as silk. It's a go-to for me, on every track.

T. Gee

November 13, 2013

i'm very impressed !

Amazing fact it almost feels wrong using the word plug-in :-) It's THAT good !!!

G. Berry

November 12, 2013

Use these all the time

Whether I'm using these for bus compressors or on individual tracks, I use these all the time. They have great punch and definition, and each unit has a unique sound. Best $149 I could have spent!

J. Cabrera

November 8, 2013

A Great Compressor Collection!

These compressors are among the best UAD plugins, and 1176 emulations on the market. Plus you'll have a classic sound palette in your tool box. Get this, the LA-2A Classic Collection and the SSL G Bus Compressor, and you won't need another compressor (or so we tell ourselves, lol). I can guarantee you won't regret this buy though.

A. Lawson

November 7, 2013

1176 Classic Plugins

After spending half an hour comparing my hardware 1176 against the plug-in, i was sold.. These emulation really are that close. Love the three different sounds for different jobs too. The Black 1176 is clean and classic, the Blue stripe is full of mid grit and distortion if you push the attack and release fast with all btn's in and the AE 1176 to get some extra punch.. loving them....

E. L'insalata

October 26, 2013

Compress with character.

I personally really like the character this collection gives to your sources.
I've no direct comparison with the hardware units, but I tested these plugins on different sources in different contexts and the results have always left me pleased.
I found very useful the 1176 AE due to its "2:1" ratio and "slow" attack features.
If you want THAT TONE and you know how to set these machines up, you will find the entire collection useful.

In my chain, one instance of this plugin takes 13,1% on DSP1 (Satellite Quad), 17,9% PGM, 3% on total DSP meter and 4% on total PGM meter on UAD control panel.
1088 samples (24,67 ms) latency at 44,1 kHz. [PT10 shows 1143 samples].

Hope this helps.

A. Eriksmoen

October 26, 2013

1176 bundle

Really useful compressors. They all sound different. Great to give different colors to vocals.

D. Artis

October 22, 2013


This was suggested to me by an engineering friend who uses it a lot when doing mixes.

I purchased it and have been using it on a bunch of tracks to help control and mold them.

Great set of limiters for almost any occasion when the needs arise.

Highly recommend.

J. Tompkins

October 17, 2013


I was mixing this Hip Hop song that had Three Snares and one Clap, and it seemed no matter what I tried I just couldn't Get them all to hit the way I wanted. So after trying five different compressors, including an outboard API compressor. I decided to Bus them all out to one Mono Aux, put the UAD Neve 1073 on the whole bus, and after that throw the Revision E 1176 with a faster attack and a 4and8 ratio and it was magic. I have used the Vintage Neve 1073 and 1066's as well as the vintage Urei 1176s and these capture that magic. It was incredible.

V. Halász

October 16, 2013

agressive tone and control

Perfect control of peaks with natural musicality and vintage agressiveness. Great color. Worth buying, much better than legacy version. Do not hesitate, buy now and thank me later....

G. Noteris

October 10, 2013

A must have collection

Surely one of the plug collection i couldn't pass on when choosing how to fill my bundle.

What a great improvment over the "old" but still loved legacy 1176 !

"A" version is my favorite whenever i'm compressing or just using it for coloring.

"AE" is great if i need a cleaner compression.

As i already said in the title : There is no way you can't buy this !

E. Rafael

October 5, 2013


This plug-in 1176 and really identical to the hardware, the sound quality impressionanet it in the ... already worked with hardware and comprarando the second one minimal difference almost zero.

P. Studio

September 28, 2013

Great Sound

Wonderful Sound, firm compression to KK, Bass and Snare

Y. Harvey

September 28, 2013

Very happy with this product and thankful for this tool.

I have a vintage blackface hardware unit and before i had the uad card and plugs, i would bounce drum tracks back through the hardware - it was time consuming, clunky, and an iffy process because of adding more d/a, a/d conversion on the track. I always felt like i was losing something, but it was worth it when i needed that sound. The 1176 plugs i had were nowhere near as good as my hardware. I finally got a uad card and a bunch of plug-ins including this set, and have never looked back. I just insert it on a track and go. My workflow has greatly improved. I did some blind testing in my room where i'm used to the way things sound and many times couldn't tell the hardware from the software. Stunning plug-in!!

J. Hyung

September 22, 2013

Great 1176

What a great compressor!
I love this 1176 collection

P. Donnelly

September 21, 2013

great upgrade

I think this is a great upgrade to the original really impressed

T. Devine-king

September 20, 2013

This should be an upgrade

When I bought the UAD package it came with a number of these plugins. Buying the 1176 and LA2 was part of the deal when I parted with my money. Ok fair enough they have managed to improve it but really this means it should be a free upgrade not a whole new purchase. If I do buy the new improved version what do I do with the old versions. I guess I'll never use them which essentially means it's been a waste of money.

B. Elliott

September 18, 2013

Total game changer.

There's no other word to describe these plugins besides "hardware."

S. Blackburn

September 16, 2013

1176 Instant Big

I tried the LN RevE "For Everything" preset across a stereo mix of a song I was working on and almost applauded. This plugin seemed to love the music. Good move for UAD to keep the technology improving their own brand.

R. Comitz

September 13, 2013

1176 collection

such a great set. couldn't be happier with this purchase! thanks ua

1181-1200 of 1369 Results