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Customer Reviews

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Overall Rating

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M. Watts

September 12, 2013

1176 plug in revision

I am an owner of an original 1176...this IS by a long stride not only the most accurate replication of the real thing, but it is probably the BEST plug in compressor I've ever heard!!!
Mike Watts
VuDu Studios

L. Chard-maple

September 3, 2013

A massive improvement and nice tonal pallette

I found these plugins much more usable than the old plugins which is still very usable. I compared these against the CLA compressors and they seem to offer a fair bit more depth, they seem less 'processed' sounding than their competitors too. each one has a slightly different texture as well which makes them suited to different applications. been a long time since I played with a hardware version but the transparency (maybe not the right word) and grit feels very familiar.

C. Mateka

August 20, 2013

use them every day

The only reason why I use a standalone computer in my studio and not a laptop, are the UAD plugins - i use the now legacy 1176 compressor on many bd, sd, bass sometimes guitar and even when i use another plugin with the same settings - i prefer the uad .

now that i've got a uad-2 i had to demo the 1176 collection and - i have to admit, i never worked on the "real" one - i noticed a few changes. the 1176 work good for masterbus compression, but not as good for a bd like the old 1176. but maybe i've got to get into that much more. i like them also on vocals, with the slow attack settings.

like all other newer uad plugins, the 1176 eats quite a lot ressources of your card, i wouldn't recommend using it on every source, but on some - IT ROCKS

J. Mower

August 18, 2013

Best Sounding 1176-Style Emulation Available, Period.

While I've never had the pleasure of experiencing the hardware, this collection is far and away the best and most powerful sounding software emulation out there!! There isn't a native alternative that even comes close to this revised collection in terms of not only tone but also clarity, detail and depth. I've put Waves, IK Multimedia and others through their paces, and they are mere toys by comparison. UA's offering is hands-down the most believable sounding 1176-style emulation available, period.

G. Gassert

August 18, 2013

Tight And Punchy Old Friend

I bought a Used Rev G Silver face Urei 1176LN about 24 years ago . I fell in love with that unit even not knowing anything about the Blue stripe or the blackface ,, that unit has a great sound . Now that I have all the revisions in the hardware and the plugins . I can tell the difference now ... That old Rev G has a great Focused mid and Tight character . The Rev D blackface is fatter sounding . The Blue strip Is just nice and aggressive . The Rev F sounds just like my REV G but it has a Transformer input section . I like these plugins Better than the rest . They seem more real sounding to me . The old legacy ones are really good though. I don't have any problem using those when I want to conserve CPU on the UAD 2 card. an 1176 GEEK I am.

D. Tarczewski

August 15, 2013

Back to the future

The world of plug-ins changes. UA is undisputed leader on this field. I have worked with these beautiful sounding plug-ins for a few years now and it always did the job. The new versions of 1176 and LA-2A as well shows that this company never stops on perfecting their products. I can definitely say that this is serious update. Accuracy of these products is awsome. It's been taken to the new level. After the new Pultec (my favorite eq ever from UAD) I can't wait to hear reissued Neve 1073/1081...Absolutely brilliant work guys!

J. Pineda

August 15, 2013


I don't know what they did with this new collections but they sound amazing!!
I used the Rev A and Rev E a lot in the last mix i did, and the whole mix suddenly sounded better.

Thanks UA!!

C. Sampson

August 13, 2013

1176 A+++

The bluestripe is scary close. I havn't used mine since i got this bundle and the AE with 2/4/8 brit mode is one of my new fav buss comps

A. Norris

August 11, 2013

All the Colours

The updated, remodeled collection is excellent. The differing tones, character and distortion aspects of the respective models allows for specific use depending upon the sound being processed but importantly the way you want that sound processed. I love the extra overdrive from the Blue-stripe on vocals but the cleaner punch from the Anniversary version really suits drums, especially in "pump" mode (all buttons down). I love the wider palette of colour choices that comes with the collection. I was already a fan of the original UAD model but now the entire 1176 series are a superb addition to my system.

F. Whitehead

July 27, 2013


Lets just say my Wave's CLA-76 has taken the shelf. I feel like the UA version really colors the audio in a good way! The AE version is my favorite! I find myself using this all the time on my lead vocal.

M. Arias

July 23, 2013

Colors and textures

I always liked the classic 1176 now with three different colors and textures is amazing .... definitely a must for any mix

F. Hansen

July 22, 2013

Sonic update? Yes!

Great update - defo adds extra dirty crunch to the sound. IMHO best 1176 out there (three of them!) Eats a lot more DSP but worth it.

Y. Jin

July 21, 2013

Just great!!

I use.. all my chain ~

it`s very smooth and tight

I love 1176

A. Leeds

July 15, 2013

Amazing package

Love these compressors.. So much depth and character in the sounds of these .. I use on every mix !

M. Buchbinder

July 13, 2013

Great Revisions!

I use the 1176 Classic Limiter quite often. The new revisions are nice This is just super! You gotta have it! Quality, Flexibility and Ease from a great company that never disappoints!

F. Bauersfeld

July 12, 2013

Lovely Compression for a really good price

I just love the 1176 series.

Especially when it comes to drum or drum buss compression - the 1176AE is a real weapon. The superslow attack doesn't kill the dynamics and it makes a real punchy and in-your-face sound.

The 1176 Rev E is a nice tool for compressing piano or guitar sound, to make them more compact and let them fit in the mix.

Thumbs up, for this fine compressor pack :)

F. Marheineke

July 11, 2013

1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection

It's been a while and probaly worth the wait since the first incarnation of the 1176 on the UA platform. The collection offers 3 true emulatios but i tend to use the "SILVER" one the most - it's just the thickest of them all - good on vocals & on beats. The "GREY" offers some use on the bass or when some some dirt and grit is needed. I really enjoy this new coded versions over the classic one, they add just a bit more tone, harmonics and reality!

B. Emerson

July 10, 2013

Best Emulations Available

I've used every other 1176 based plugin. None of them can do what these do in terms of distortion. Very easy to dial in nice grit. With the others it has always been either too little or way too much.

A. Theoret

July 9, 2013

Dozens of 1176s for a few hundred?!

My favorite sounding compressor plug in. Most compressor plugs lose texture and punch when compared to good analog compressors, however these have all of the punch and grit of the hardware original(s). An absolute no brainer, must have plug in.

K. Yanagi

July 8, 2013


1176 Classic Limiter is So Good !! 1176 Classic Limiter is So Good !!

1201-1220 of 1369 Results