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Customer Reviews

6176 Vintage Channel Strip

Overall Rating

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S. Masarsky

May 30, 2024

So happy!

Of all the plugins that could be introduced this month, a historic UA channel strip tops the list. I’ve had the MkII in my rack for over a decade. To now have the ability to use the 6176 in a digital format is fantastic. I was excited to find the Split/Join switch as well as integration with the LA-2A and 1176 plug ins. To be able to use the 6176 Unison tech is a tube driven analog sounding pleasure. Vocals shine as expected. The compression is extremely versatile, with the ability to use a slow to fast release. The coolest part will be taking it on the go and using multiple instances of the plug in. Like many I imagine, this was the first Universal Audio rack unit I ever bought and holds a special place as my first “real” channel strip. Being able to pull it right up and know every nook and cranny of this baby (with a few digital only surprises) is a treat. As it’s native as well, there are so many options. I hope a new generation of users are as excited to have this emulation as I was when I bought the MkII. Enjoy!


February 17, 2024

supe mic preamp

reliable geret, works for years


May 3, 2023

Spectacular pre, great comp, versatile and never dull

Amazing pre amp, versatile but especially good at capturing vintage (but hi-fi) sounds. The gain staging allows the user to finely tune in the sound they want, at higher gain settings such as +10 the sound becomes softer and fuller. I find this exceptional at taming some of the harsher frequencies of my U87AI. The U87 is a mic I can’t recommend enough as a partner for this pre. The warmth of the 6176 and the clarity of the 87 creates such a full and balanced sound. The addition of the 1176 allows for quick tracking and the separate I/O and split/join modes makes it versatile for mixing. 10/10

M. Alderete

September 21, 2021

They’re all right about one thing. Big, fat, warm sound. Easy dial in, DONE.

This is my first channel strip, and I’m really impressed. It is fairly cheap if you compare unit price if you get them separately. I can’t say the difference between the very original pieces but I can tell, vocals, bass guitar and my stainless steel guitar sound really good through it. Big fat warm yummy sound! If you look for more clarity, this might be a good choice. The the colored sound character is absolutely gorgeous!

T. Jonathan

May 24, 2021

Mic Preamp for Vocals

It's hard to compare with this price range..

J. Harris

February 10, 2021

6176 joy

Works great. I think I may order a 2nd unit. I love the join/split option.

C. Manyame

January 23, 2021

Absolutely lovely

Makes my U87, Rode K2 and NT2 sound amazing!!!!!

C. Manyame

January 23, 2021

Absolutely lovely

Makes my U87, Rode K2 and NT2 sound amazing!!!!!

m. herbert

November 7, 2020

Two year review

After being blown away initially when i got the unit a couple of years back, i've tracked many different sources ranging from vocals, synths, guitars, bass etc through the unit and it still makes me grin from ear to ear every time!
It's the best DI i've used for bass guitar ever!! I generally split the unit and just use the 610b side with a Neve 8803 and La2a clone after for bass, for electric guitar i just put the unit in 'join' mode and it's good to go with any amp sim i care to use.
I quite often track bass synths through an SSL channel but also through this but driven into distortion and blend the results as they sound super phatt!
It pairs brilliantly with ribbon mics for that authentic 'vintage crooner' vocal sound and i'd hate to be without mine now.
Ok it's not for every source on every occasion (unless it's bass guitar) but, it's an extremely versatile and fantastic sounding unit.

N. Nolin

April 22, 2020

6176 mic pre

So I bought one, And I am very disappointed, a little in my self because I feel like I don’t know how to connect it. But then again there is no video L’s for me to find to help with connection, can’t call UA customer service line, thinking about returning it.
Problems I’m having !!!!!
1. I hear clicks and pops when recording, even with gain turn down
2. Meter never reads any movement, no pre gain, no GR, no comp
3. Vocals just always sound overly loud or to quiet.
4. Give any type of gain and noise level is very noisy.
I have played with all the settings, and I have mic connected to back mic in. /Out of 1176 into motu interface,- to pro tools,
Disappointed and most likely going to return. I don’t want to return so if anyone can help me, I would be extremely Appreciative

D. Pitigoi

February 7, 2020

The best ever

I already use the 6176 for a few months and i think is the best

R. Ryda

August 8, 2019

10yrs+ a straight 5-star friend!

I have this amazing unit for more than 10 years and I absolutely love how it works with any microphone I plug into it. However I got my tubes replaces from the very day one I owned it. Thats also a little secret to opening its headroom and decrease input distortion these units are so prone to. Hey it works for me every time and I also reamp solo/mono signals so I get a signal similar to the artists that record at my studio. Universal Audio I love you!

D. Turner V

April 6, 2019

Pass on this one

I just couldn't find anything the preamp sounded good on. It's too slow, and boring. The EQ was a nice addition to the pre-amp. The compressor isn't a real 1176, and doesn't perform like one either. I sold mine after 3 months.

m. herbert

December 31, 2018

Oh Yes!

Got hold of mine about a month ago as i wanted something to compliment my SSL Alpha channel which is ultra clean and has that classic SSL aggression, i was not disappointed!
It sounds completely different to the SSL, even pushed hard it has a smoother distortion as expected and a less 'pinched' sound.... even gives rough vocals just thrown down with an sm57 that 'classy sheen'.
Very pleased with mine!

R. Chirinos

March 3, 2018


Someone please help me or send a video to how hook up my 6176 behind Apollo 8 Guitar Center say one thing and Sweetwater say different thing I can't take anymore

R. Chirinos

February 16, 2018

6176 Vintage Channel Strip

Definitely this is the best decision to buy 6176 Hardware everything is just easy and beautiful color, thank you UA for that great Ideas to creates great product

t. samuel

February 12, 2018

nice one

the next level for my recording setup..

M. Brisset

January 30, 2018

Great Tone

Great tone, beautiful piece of gear

A. Naceta-Susic

January 25, 2018

6176 Vintage it is..

This is my second 6176, so that should say it all. I like this combination a lot.
For guitar and vocals it gives me the silky sheen I was always looking for.
Using "only" a Rode NT1A modded with the RK47 capsule and getting
a Brauner Phantera in addition. I also will try the 1176SA stereo link - just for the Colour of this channel strip (1176's) also on the 2Bus. Get one as early as possible it's worth !

A. Naceta-Susic

January 11, 2018

Warm, pristine and with very high resolution

Just got my 6176 today, using it on my project for acoustic guitar/vocals and I was truly blown away. For me the best sound is without the 1176LN but it is great you can split or join as you like and I will use the 1176 later as insert. Sweet that we can do so!
The EQ section is just perfect for me, smart choice of frequencies.
I need to get a second one for sure!
Now I can hear so much more precise using my Focal Alpha 80 / Yamaha MSP 5 speaker combination. It is all about opinions, and for me that is my match!

1-20 of 83 Results

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