6176 Vintage Channel Strip

6176 Vintage Channel Strip

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A. Moore

August 19, 2015

I needed two after have one

i love my M610 and now love my 6170. I was building and and wanted the LA compressor so I won won 6170 and got plugin interface thunderbolt unit for free plus a demo unit . I won

D. Wincott

July 3, 2015

This thing just rocks!

I can honestly say this is the best £1800 I have ever spent on a channel strip.
You can get so many tones from it and the compression is second to none.

The build quality is rugged and when you play with the dials it feels solid.
I use it on everything.

Only down side is I wish I had another.

Well done UA :)

G. Myklebust

June 12, 2015


This is exactly what I was hoping for.
Warm and tube(y)sound. Full in character.
Makes everything come to life.
Brilliant on vocals and acoustic instruments,
but with a little bit of tweaking, you can make it work all over.

The 6176 actually adds that magic touch ...

S. Yanyali

April 9, 2015

has character, attitude...

as expected it has character and attitude. one of my go to pre for vocals but not only for recording also at mixdown i am routing some guitars, vocals or snare through the pre or compressor...split function is great so u can use the pre and comp independently.

i had the spl channel one mkII premium, was never really happy. the 6176 is a great match with my sony c37a tube mic.

S. Yanyali

April 4, 2015

character / attitude

love this channel strip, had a spl channel one before and the uad matches my sony c38a much better.

R. Lima

January 30, 2015

My Rating is 10 not just 5.

It's my favorite preamp in the studio, good pre with some valve distortion, for acoustic guitars and vocal is just perfect. That's why we can hear Chris Martin's vocal and Adele's vocal with so softness sound.

Ricardo Lima - Brazil

B. Williams

June 10, 2014

6176 Channel strip

Wow what a machine every thing just sounds great recorded through it Its the best of both worlds Fantastic Preamp and excellent Compressor. Love it love it

B. Williams

April 16, 2014

6176 Wow

Wow what a machine it changed every thing I do its definitely NO: 1

M. Maradei

December 8, 2013

Awesome pristine sound!

I need to be honest… i picked up this gear because i read that Adele uses it. At the beginning i had some troubles doing the setup connecting the 6176 with my apollo. After the help of the people from support i understood that i was needing a microphone that could help to get the best of this gear. The people from support really kindly suggested me the Josephson and since then the results of my recordings are blowing me away. Really amazing. I think that this is an amazing piece of gear, but your really need to have the right tools. Not for the aficionado…. for the one trying to become a pro!

S. Leamon

May 24, 2013


I've used these for years in the studio. Several times in the their separate incarnations (the 610 and the 1176).

This is the real deal. You just have two classic pieces in one unit!

It will add life to any source its fed.

S. Leamon

May 22, 2013

What can I say?

It lives up to its legend and then some. Every studio big and small should have this piece. I've used it for several applications and its never failed to impress.

You don't have one? Just buy it. Now!

P. Weisenburger

April 20, 2013

6176 Vintage Channel Strip

This unit would be an asset to anyone's sonic arsenal. There are channel strips with tube based overtones (which this has in spades), channel strips with transformer based overtones, and channel strips that pacify those who desire a pristine uncolored path. No one unit does it all, but this amazingly three dimensional tube preamp also has the benefit of being chained with THE desert island compressor, the 1176. If you are unfamiliar with this glorious piece of magic, just read any article about its fans who have used it on countless recordings, in all genres. I personally have used this unit for: vocals, guitars (acoust/elect) drum room, DI for bass-very delicious, dobro, mandolin, banjo, horn sections. It never disappoints. Enjoy!

R. Ryda

February 20, 2013

My precious! Needs time to get used to, but absolutely great!

A bit muddy as a PRE, but this can be fixed by replacing stock tubes, especially that guitar JJ one. Great fast attack/release compressor! Fabulous for anything if you feel the device and set all the levels right! Much quicker than LA-610, but also requires you to have minimum attack/release understanding to start using it properly. It has a very musical tone and when coupled with the right microphone/converter gives a great result! I love the join/split feature and it has one of the biggest displays of all similar units. I love it and I dont want to let it go ever!

R. Ketchem

January 24, 2013

Creamy Vocal Pre!

The 6176 has been my go-to vocal recording box since my original purchase in 2003 (I have serial number 349). It's clean, but not pristine or boring. The 1176 portion is classic and helps when tracking as well as mixing. I may add other favors, but I'll never, ever stop using my favorite vocal recording pre amp, the 6176.

K. Qafoku

November 5, 2012

Perfect Sound

I use this wonderful channel strip, its so cool, I like it very much in my recording

G. Nespoli

May 29, 2012

just amazing! what's in your head comes out through it, with more effort and character, things that you normally don't get from a machine, 'coz the 6176 is a human way of thinking, well I'd say ...of sounding!

D. Skoglund

May 12, 2012

Wow, what sonic joy! I recorded a Strat direct to a track using the 6176. I sent that out to a Rivera Quiana, tweaked the sound at the amp, set up an AT 4033 in the sweet spot, plugged the mic into the 6176 then recorded that to another track. Great sound and so much fun! I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Thanks UA for making great products.

J. Cottini

November 25, 2011

Chaleur / efficacité / Gros sons & qualité sont aux rendez-vous !

Sur voix comme instruments

J'adore le 6176 !!!


T. Rivers

September 18, 2011

I love it ! Anything i record through it sounds amazing ! Cant wait to buy another 6176
and a 2-1176. Universal Audio makes the best gear ! Also i love my UAD-2 Quad !
Thank you UA.

C. Harris

June 26, 2011

Dear Uaudio,
I purchased the 6176 as part of the deal which included the UAD-2 Quad card. I use a Mindprint DTC and Vintech X73i for audio tracking at present. The 6176 is just better as a single channel. I love the EQs on the Mindprint and the X73i, but the combination of the mic pre and 1176 compressor on the 6176 just is better for a class sound and fast workflow when tracking. That said, I can take the outs from the other strips into the compressor of the 6176 with ease.
The 6176 is top top class sound equipment- a make everything sound better box. A Rolls Royce in my project studio. Result!

61-80 of 89 Results