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AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb

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K. Dietz

August 26, 2015

New Go-To!

Loving the BX 20 reverb! It's very vibey, easy to dial in, very rich decay. This one is quickly becoming a go-to verb for vocals, guitars, ambient effects and sound it!!!

H. Zwarts

August 26, 2015

Best Software Spring Reverb available

Simple to use, awesome sound !
This plug in really adds something special to your mixes.

J. Roger

August 26, 2015

Super Cool

This reverb sounds really great. Previously I was not satisfied with any software spring emulations, but this one's not tacky like the others that really overdo the "boing" kind of effect. It has great depth, and can be really unobtrusive when you want it to be. If you like spring reverbs, which everyone should...then it's worth checking out.

S. Woolgar

August 26, 2015

Another arrow in my reverb quiver...

This is distinctly different the many other reverbs I have in my toolbox. I love the dark and useful sounds I can get out of this. This is easy to recommend.

J. Pinto

August 25, 2015


This has very quickly become my go-to reverb. Just beautiful!!!

J. Rutter

August 25, 2015

Last review wasn't fair

My last review wasn't based on the plug, more the different pricing for UK residents. This reverb is truly amazing and hands down a 5 star product, it can instantly transform dry sounds into a deep rich atmosphere and to have the ability to manipulate both sides of the stereo makes this a very unique and creative tool, automation with this plug is a dream. Please delete my last review from here so the plugin gets it's true 5 star worth across the board. And please get back to me about the difference in pricing for UK residents.

Kindest regards


August 24, 2015

Just what I needed

I am still using this in demo mode but will be buying as soon as I get some checks in the mail. First let me tell you I was mixing 3 tracks that I couldn't make it gel. Rare case but i put this on the guitar with a tremolo on the reverb and BAM it was there. It was the only thing that would work to make it come together. Yet another great job by UA. you guys are making me sell more and more outboard gear.LOL

J. Michaels

August 22, 2015


I've been praying for something like this for years and now the wait is over. When I heard the demo, I knew I had to get it immediately. The BX 20 is by far the most musical reverb i have ever used and now it's back on my mixes. I would even go further and almost call it an instrument. The thing has a soul of it's own, just like the hardware units I was lucky to use decades ago. No other reverb unit has ever come close to what the BX 20 can deliver. Thank you UA for this awesomeness!

T. Wettstein

August 21, 2015


I own the most of UAD's reverbs. Lexicon, EMT 140, EMT 250, Dreamverb... I thought, I will need no more reverbs. Till now. The richness and deepness, the wood sound and the timbre of this reverb is unbelievable. Sometimes I have the impression of smelling a fresh sliced tree... Just a joke, but this plugin is worth every cent.

R. Arafat

August 20, 2015

Amazing tail

It's too good to be true ;) nice wide smooth sound image give any track a very good space in the mix

B. Williams

August 19, 2015

BX 20 is Made of Magic

Hands down one of the best reverb plugins UAD has put out to date. Luckily, I had just started mixing some country songs when the BX20 was 1st released. I decided to demo it on Pedal steel because I wasn't liking the sounds I was getting from other reverbs. It officially blew my mind. Then I immediately put it on lead vocals, baritone guitar & block hits... The whole mix came to life. This is now going to be one of my go to reverbs. Finally a spring reverb that sounds great on almost everything.

N. Brooks

August 18, 2015

Don't Fear The Reverb

There are only one or two plugins that I've purchased within literal seconds of hearing them, and UAD's AKG BX20 is one of them. Not only is this an amazingly realistic emulation plugin (I cannot tell that it is a plugin. It sounds exactly like the BX20 I used for many years), it is rich with options that were not available on the hardware - such as the mixing of tanks, the option of "direct" signal in/out, etc... Also worth noting are the absolutely stellar presets which are included. Generally, presets are viewed by me as a "starting point", but in several instances, the preset on offer was absolutely perfect without any tweaking! Amazing product, Universal Audio!! By far and away, the best reverb plugin I've ever heard!!

R. Virili

August 14, 2015

This one it's wonderfull

All your plugin and all your emulations from now on must be of this quality... fantastic :-)
and if the price is good, even better...
Great job.

S. Chahley

August 14, 2015

Absolutely magical....

I own a large portion of the UAD plug in collection, and am a huge supporter - but this is the first time I've ever felt I needed to jump on here and review a plug in immediately after trying it out....I don't even own it (YET!)...

I was using my usual spring verb plugin stand-by on a pedal steel last night, and got the urge to put this guy into demo mode and see what the difference was.....

WOW!!! I can honestly say I almost cried! Suddenly the steel jumped to life in the mix, the emotion in the playing seemed so much more sounded like the part was floating in a lush dreamy 3D soundscape. My jaw literally hit the floor! You've outdone yourselves, UAD emulation ninjas. Congratulations - this thing is next level....

J. Klein

August 14, 2015

Stunning !

Never used the hardware but : Since now my alltime favourite reverb plugin was the EMT 140. Now UA brought me a new favourite, this is the kind of plugin I long for : it has a character, a unque fingerprint, and it´s easy to handle. Instant mojo. Really well done.

A. Link

August 14, 2015

Demo it against the EMT 140 and be amazed... "Spongey" indeed

The most vibey and wide reverb there is in the plugin world. Just enter a different time for L and R and add more gain to the channel with the shorter time. I've experimented with some ducking on the RVB bus (from the kick) and it sounds incredible. The modern additions to this plugin are very welcome and it's fantastic to have two tanks to choose from. You really have to try this one because the sound is very unique. It is pretty slanted to the mid-range but not in an annoying way, quite dark, and spongey. If you are working on moody rock or rnb I feel like you would probably want to get this one. Compare it to the EMT140 and choose, I'd go for the BX20 if I had to pick one. Just wish they'd put another coupon in my cart :)

M. Puigserver Barceló

August 14, 2015


Uad guys have done an amazing job. This reverb is wonderful! I've tried it in a couple of mixes with guitars and the space it creates is so natural that you really believe it was done with the hardware unit. A must have.

B. Schulz

August 13, 2015

The big deal

I love this reverb. This reverb is the only one I got to know so far that does not only sound very well.
This one you can feel. And believe me it feels fantastic.

My favourite reverb for vocals on ballads.

M. Hoomans

August 13, 2015

Finally a spring reverb plugin I like!

I have been playing with this reverb for a few days now, using it on guitar, drums, vocals and much more and every time it manages to add such a lovely warm space around the sound in such an unique way. I'm not going to say it will be my one and only reverb from now on, but it will be a very valuable addition to my reverb collection for sure, I can't wait to use it more often!

s. othniel

August 11, 2015

AKG BX 20 Spings of Smooooooothhhhhh........

Well I demo tested this baby along side the Lexicon 224 and the EMT 140 ( i have both ) and my question was, do I need another reverb plugin? Well the answer is yes, this one, I need the AKG BX 20. It's very different from the others, smoother, richer, definitely for vocals. This is like the LL Cool J of plugins......... worth the money, i have to buy it.

361-380 of 389 Results