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Unison Enabled

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Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

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M. Lueck

October 30, 2016

Sounds ways better then the Softube amp simulation, but with gain bug

Unfortunately this Unison Amp got a big gain stage bug in the Unison slot. After starting the Mac with the apollo the amp work how it should, but if you switch the plugin off and on again in the console it receive 10db less input gain. Only restart the mac and switching off the apollo helps to get the gain back.

Thats the bad side. The good thing is that its sounds really good for a bass amp simulation. Of course this smooth fuzzy sustain you get only by real speakers, but as long you don't play bass solos nobody will hear it.
Good sound job, bad programmer job.

E. Kurttekin

October 30, 2016

Jaw-dropping !

I'm a seasoned bass player and I've always preferred recording DI... Until I demoed the SVT-VR just for fun!
Now I'm hooked. This one is so good... Going to buy this. I am DEFINITELY going to buy this.

A. Horne

October 24, 2016

With or Without You

Written with a little homage to U2 in mind. (With or Without You in the mix) So I was a little sceptical about buying a bass amp simulator, having played Ampeg real kit for years. You know what its like. Does it sound ANYTHING like what the real one does. Warm creamy tubes and overdrive with real harmonic delights. Well, folks after playing with it now for a week, the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES. Please don't over look the not documented feature on this Unison plug in that allows you set up separate gain stages by holding in the main knob on your control and then having direct control of the Pad, Volume and Power Controls direct on device. The pre sets are very thoughtfully created and a great starting point. Audition the cab/mic settings!

B. beckwith

October 15, 2016

Best Bass Amp Ever!

This amp is extremely fat and sits very well in the mix. This will probably be the only amp I ever use from now on. Also the emulation is spot on as you would expect from UAD.

N. Dettenbach

October 14, 2016

Nice smooth Bass Amp sim

A punchy and "clean" bass amp sim . excellent for (at least my) studio works.

B. Chapman

October 12, 2016

Sigh. Had to buy.

I didn't want to like this. I've been fine with the Bass Amp Room stuff, along with my REDDI on the way in. But, a friend said I should check it out.. and it just crushed. I love it. The EQ curve really sits in the mix in a nice way, without having to reign in the low end with extra EQ after tracking. The presets are good.

I haven't really been a fan of Brainworx GUIs and have not bought any of their amp models because of it. This one sold me.

D. Knight

October 10, 2016

B15 Brings the funk..

The Ampeg B15 is awesome! My Fender Jazz bass comes out punchy, clean, tight bottom and more. It's outstanding and keeps the "funk poppin!"

J. Stuart

October 9, 2016

Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

Really, really good. The B-15 is exceptional, using the Unison technology. Just hope UA update the SVT-VR and SVT 3 PRO to unison as well. Better than Amplitude 4. Better than my Kemper!

J. Arielly

October 8, 2016

Awesome plugin!

I've been playing bass for over 20 years. It's always hard to get a great bass sound at my home studio, so when I saw the bundle of Ampeg amps, I was eager to try them all. I was sure that the SVT will be my obvious choice, but the B-15 actually sounded better to me. If you're looking for a big bass sound, use a DI box to split the bass signal and record two bass tracks into the Apollo, one real DI sound, and the second through the B-15, there's no phasing and the sound is unbelievable!

J. Stuart

October 6, 2016

Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

I spent quite some time trying out demos of all the various Bass amps available. I contemplated buying the real hardware amps, but when I tried these out, there was no point. I have a few Kemper profiles as well and have tried them through my Kemper Profiler.

I settled on the UA Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle because it just sounds so good, and you get so much! The B-15 is a work of art with it's outrageously good Unison option. The SVT-VR and the SVT-3 PRO are exemplary also, although I can't help thinking how good it would be to have these 2 amps using Unison as well. I can but dream. These are my go to Bass amps, hands down, the best.

UAD User

October 5, 2016

Never thought I could get bass sounds this good...

This plugin is amazing!!! Here is my signal chain:Mexi Jazz Bass, 1073 (unison), raw, svt, la2a, studer 800, and I am commuting everything. I barely have to do anything in the mix stage, and the sound is huge, fat, and smooth. People who have not tried this need to, and don't be afraid to commit! You will love it guaranteed!

E. Grote

September 30, 2016

Rock it

This amp is my first choice for rock bass sounds and it inspires me to create many new bass-lines.
The crunchy and distorted sounds are the best and i use them a lot of times.
In combination with Galaxy Tape Echo, Studio D Chorus and Roland CE-1 Chorus i have a great sound for chords and solo.

C. Schwarz

September 29, 2016

The best, so far.

So far, this is the best bass amp emulation plug-in in my arsenal. Classic tone.

M. Daley

September 23, 2016


Sounds so great! Can't believe it lol!

K. Babic

September 19, 2016

Deep and Warm

This is really a good Plug, good control in the deep and very warm sound. great work

C. Gale

September 15, 2016


Been using modelled amps for a while (guitar and bass), but it hasn't been till I ran a track through this that I've that thought that it sounded like a real amp. SO much more realistic and genuine-sounding than what I'd been using. Very impressed!

C. Gale

September 15, 2016


Been using modelled amps for a while (guitar and bass), but it hasn't been till I ran a track through this that I've that thought that it sounded like a real amp. SO much more realistic and genuine-sounding than what I'd been using. Very impressed!

J. Ivarsson Björklund

September 15, 2016

The first..

... bass amp plugin I can play through without thinking of it as a plugin. It feels and sounds superb!

T. Hosoki

September 15, 2016

5.0 out of 5 starsThe best you can get

Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier is a POWERHOUSE! There is good reason so many musicians use this in concert. The cost may seem high, but as with anything, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!.
It has TONS of features and nearly everything can be accessed or bypassed with the push of a button. If you're a serious musician, then this is a must have!

C. Conner

September 13, 2016

Makes me sound like a real bass player...

Really... Great product. It's so nice just to dial in a sound and know that it is going to sit well in the mix.

721-740 of 974 Results