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Unison Enabled

Customer Reviews

Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

Overall Rating

21-40 of 1013 Results

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A. Zerbi

December 7, 2023

For serious fun

Well balance presets. What I needed to have a good tone out of the box.

G. Johannessen

December 4, 2023

Perfect Ampeg emulatiion

Finally I got this on sale. I use it together with Toontrack EZ-bass When composing. Gives an instant good sound and vibe as I stribe to make arrangements that consist of a regular pop/rock band.

A. Giroux

December 3, 2023

Hard to beat

This is my new go to plug-in for my fender jazz bass. I was looking for a clean bass sound to lay the bottom end on some old time instrumentals I recorded and within a minute I had this dialed exactly to where I wanted. Going to remix several previous recorded bass tracks with plugin because the difference is to noticeable. I’m glad I took the jump on this while it was on sale.

E. Luke

December 1, 2023

Amazing b15 Emulation.

All 3 plugins are great. B15 is the star. Desert island bass amp.

j. paredes

November 28, 2023

Una gran emulación

Una gran emulación con un tono increíble

J. Payne

November 27, 2023

Fabulous spongy bass tones

Tube amps give a certain sag and bounciness to bass that's hard to replicate, but this amp sim DOES IT. I'm a big P-bass + flats kinda guy, and for that sound, this amp just kills. I like the VR for bigger modern tones, but the B15N is something special.

As with all the UAD amp sims, make sure it's on a unison preamp spot, it actually makes the sim feel real.

B. Duvall

November 24, 2023

wow. just wow.

today for the first time ever i decided i was going to buy the most unfairly priced plugin in the whole UAD system: a tuner that should be free but costs what like 60 bucks usually? cant remember. probably more. but i was ready to buy it. NOW, its not even available to buy by itself? i have to buy a whole bundle to TUNE A GUITAR OR BASS? thats plugged into UAD? i mean come ON! that is ridiculous. glad it gave me a reason not to purchase.

J. Sutherland

November 18, 2023

Fat Bass Tone

Really love the way this sounds. Nice bass tone that sits great in the mix.

R. Yamamoto

November 4, 2023



R. Grabek

October 22, 2023

Ampeg SVT-3 PRO

you have to check it out yourself

M. Kozlowsky

October 15, 2023

Good plugin

j. Hudes

September 17, 2023

Massive bass saturation!

I've used the SVT VR on literally every rock record I produced for the last few years. It's a wild bass tone but it has character! And that's what everyone wants. It really does it's job!
The B15 sounds fantastic to my ears but is yet to make it onto a record.
The SVT 3pro sounds a bit boring and lifeless in comparison but maybe I'll find a use for it one day. I definitely can't give that one 5 stars I'm afraid.

J. de la Torre

August 25, 2023

A tuner should be included

So sad you have to buy a 200€ pack for this, there should be a UAD tuner

T. Poe

August 9, 2023

THE Bass Amp for Studio Sessions

Fender Precision Bass + Flatwounds + this plug-in gives you all the Motown mojo. Absolutely clinical application for studio sessions. I have a p bass with rounds, a p bass with flats, and all you need is this + your favorite pedals for grit. Outstanding.

B. Straburzynski

August 2, 2023


its grate !!!

R. Schudel

June 21, 2023

Great sounding Amp

With awesome overdriven tone !!

K. Linnik

May 29, 2023

cannot buy it separately?

UA, that's is so, erm, strange I cannot buy only this plugin (needless to say maybe that one should be for free?)

J. Cloud

May 28, 2023

Should be included for free

As all have said, not including at least a basic tuner isn't a good look for UA.

T. Toews

May 6, 2023

UA needs a free tuner

I will never ever pay money for this or be excited because it is included for free in a bundle

S. Vakis

March 27, 2023

Should be free or available as a stand alone plugin

Agreeing with everyone else here. Either make this free with console, or at least sell it as a stand alone 30$ plugin. DSP is slowly dying anyway, but a DSP tuner before your chain is a perfectly fine usage for it.

21-40 of 1013 Results